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Difference Between Metamucil Tablets and Metamucil Powder

Constipation remains one of the most prevalent health issues. While most people often run to home-based treatments, others need to take medication to relieve constipation. Metamucil is one of the most common medications used to treat constipation. It makes the stool softer hence easier to pass by increasing the amount of fluid in the stool. However, it is available in 2 forms, tablets and powder. What is the difference between these two forms? 

Metamucil Tablets

This is Metamucil available in tablet form. The tablet form delivers soluble fibre of about 1.8 g per serving. It is deemed an easy to-go option compared to the powder form. If self-treating, you are advised to stick to the prescription on the product description. Also, ensure you swallow the tablet with water or other liquids. Please note that it 1-3 days for the medication to start working. 

Metamucil Powder

This is Metamucil in powder form. It delivers soluble fibre of about 2.4 g per serving. Users are advised to follow the directions on the package or take it as per the doctor’s recommendations. Also, this powder form is taken with a full glass of water. It can also be taken with a full glass of any liquid. 

If you are taking Metamucil in powder form, do not breathe the powder as it can cause an allergic reaction. Dosage is based on medical condition, age and response to treatment. 

Similarities between Metamucil tablets and Metamucil powder

  • Both are Metamucil forms

Differences between Metamucil tablets and Metamucil powder


Metamucil tablets are available in tablet forms. On the other hand, Metamucil powder is available in powder form. 

Soluble fibre content

Metamucil tablets deliver soluble fibre of about 1.8 g per serving. On the other hand, Metamucil Powder delivers soluble fibre of about 2.4 g per serving. 

Metamucil Tablets and Metamucil Powder: Comparison Table

Summary of Metamucil tablets vs. Metamucil Powder

While both Metamucil tablets and powder contain Metamucil, Metamucil tablets are available in tablet form and deliver soluble fibre of about 1.8g per serving. On the other hand, Metamucil powder is available in powder form and delivers soluble fibre of about 2.4g per serving.

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  1. Just 2 tablets work fine for me. Any more than that and I get really sick. Is this normal? The bottle says to take 5 tablets 3 times a day.

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