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Difference Between Myeloid and Lymphoid

Myeloid vs Lymphoid

Myeloid and lymphoid, though they have the same suffix “-oid,” do not usually mean that they are related to each other. These two terms are not really alike though both are structures that can be found inside the body.

Myeloid and lymphoid are components of certain organs and structures in our body. To start off, “myeloid” is defined as a structure that originated in the bone marrow. As we can remember, our bone marrow produces our RBC or red blood cells. Our red blood cells are responsible for oxygenation of our body. How? Red blood cells bind to oxygen, and they circulate it around our body particularly in our heart and lungs to keep us alive. We can also remember that lack of RBC may lead to anemia, and a severe lack of RBC can be attributed to cancers of the bone marrow.

Lymphoid, on the other hand, is a component in our body that refers to the lymph or lymphatic system. Our lymphatic system has one of the main responsibilities for our immune protection. Through our lymph nodes and the lymph, which is a fluid, it helps people understand why illnesses such as cancer can be spread throughout the body through metastasis. This is because our lymph nodes are responsible for draining certain body and cellular fluids in which the cancer cells also circulate.

Myeloid is a term also used in cancerous illnesses relating to the bone marrow and blood. The myeloid cell is used in the classification of blood disorders such as leukemia. Lymphoid is also used in such terms when describing this cancer disease which is called lymphoid leukemia. This debilitating disease has an abnormality in the lymphatic tissues plus an abnormality in the bone marrow. It’s a disease of two body organs.

Myeloid and lymphoid are two names that refer to either a structure or disease originating from the bone marrow or lymphatic system respectively. We should not interchange them by this fact of nature. These two names in medicine are important in physicians for diagnosing a disease. It’s also important for them to study these structures because the illnesses that can arise from these structures can be deadly if not treated.


1.Myeloid is a word denoting a derivation of body structure from the bone marrow while lymphoid is a word which is used to refer to the lymph and lymphatic system.
2.Myeloid can also refer to an illness referring to the origin of bone marrow structures while lymphoid is a term denoting illness from the lymphatic system.

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