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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Leukemia

Acute vs Chronic Leukemia

Cancer is the most debilitating and destructive disease ever known my man. There are so many types of cancer that have been discovered. Most individuals who have cancer undergo either chemotherapy or radiation, or both. Among the many forms of cancer,leukemia may be the most feared.

What is leukemia? Leukemia is a type of cancer that affects the blood or the bone marrow. This is in reference to an abnormality in the blood or an unusual abundance in blood cells. The bone marrow is the common place for malformations of blood cells to occur. In fact, most forms of leukemia are due to abnormalities in the white blood cells, hence, the origin for its name. However, there are also cases wherein the red blood cells and platelets are abnormal. Thus, leukemia is categorized into different subtypes depending on the problem. It is important then that one knows the different types and forms of leukemia in order to accurately discern and address them.

First, we have to know what our white blood cells do. These cells are considered as our defense cells, keeping our body safe from harmful organisms and protecting us from diseases. Red blood cells carry vital oxygen to the different cells of our body without which we would not live. Platelets are responsible for the prevention of bleeding and they have clotting abilities. Any disturbance in the formation and number of these blood cells may indicate the presence of leukemia.

Our bone marrow is the area where blood cells are formed, and any damage to such could well influence the occurrence of leukemia.

Let’s discuss this further. Leukemia is generally categorized into acute leukemia or chronic leukemia. Both have some differences.

In acute leukemia, the abnormalities are due to immature blood cells or ‘blasts’ cells which are cells that are not able to function normally. There is a rapid growth in the number of these useless cells preventing the formation of healthy blood cells. This type of leukemia usually occurs in children, thus prompting immediate intervention.

On the other hand, chronic leukemia is a condition in which blood cells turn into mature ones yet are abnormal in form and still unable to function well. In this situation, there is unwanted accumulation of these blood cells that slowly inhibits the formation of healthy ones. It has a slow progression rate for it to cause serious problems to an individual. It may take months or years before its damaging effects begin to be felt. The most common individuals who are affected are adults.

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