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Difference Between Bone Cancer and Leukemia

Bone Cancer vs Leukemia

If one is thinking of cancer and blood disorders, one already thinks of death or a shortened lifespan. This is especially true with certain types of lethal cancer and leukemia. However, not all are lethal and some are manageable.

Cancer became popular in the 21st century as different types of cancer emerged around the world. From head to toe, cancer has stirred the fate of the young and old. Blood disease, on the other hand, is not new in this planet unlike cancer. However, both diseases or illnesses need prompt, medical interventions.

Bone cancer and leukemia are one of these specific deadly diseases. Let us try to discriminate between both diseases. The general difference in these two illnesses is that leukemia is a type of blood cancer which has major differences with bone cancer.

Bone cancer is a specific type of cancer which occurs in the bones. This is a deadly type of cancer. It is also the most painful type of cancer since it already involves the bones. This type of cancer arises due to the malignant tumor that spreads in the bone tissues. Some of the examples of bone cancer are osteosarcoma and fibrosarcoma. These types of cancer have a poor prognosis. The interventions also poorly respond such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. While amputation can be an option, it cannot totally eradicate the illness if the cancer cells have spread across other bones and organs.

Leukemia, on the other hand, is a type of blood cancer. This type of disease is diagnosed through a bone marrow aspiration biopsy. Leukemia typically affects the white blood cells component of our blood. It does not produce enough of them so patients are immunocompromised and cannot be exposed to other patients since they are the most prone to infections. Leukemia has a better prognosis than cancer depending on at what stage this disease is discovered. The earlier it is diagnosed, the better it will be managed. This disease is usually managed by chemotherapy or bone marrow transplantation.

These two illnesses cannot be prevented as they occur in a percentage of people. Some research says that these diseases can be hereditary or there can be a predisposition due to other factors.


1. Leukemia is a type of blood cancer which has major differences with bone cancer.
2. Bone cancer has a poorer prognosis compared to leukemia.
3. Bone cancer is best treated with surgery or amputation while leukemia is best treated with chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplantation.

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  1. This article was lame. It reads like a badly plagerized middle school science report. “Cancer and blood disorders are one of the most lethal cases of illnesses to date”– how are these two things ONE of the most lethal cases of illness to date? If this first sentence had been written correctly or even less awkwardly, it might be scary enough, but the entire first paragraph seems to exist only to either strip all hope of survival or completely confuse the reader. As a cancer survivor, I am appalled at how little regard the writer has for their audience. Just awful! The remainder of the article is not much better, but I choose not to waste any more of my time critiquing the rest.

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  2. “cancer became popular…” ???

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