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Difference Between Oxycontin and Oxycodone

Oxycontin is an extended-release form of oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opioid used to treat pain.

In other words, OxyContin is a brand name for an extended-release formulation of oxycodone, created for extended pain relief over 12 hours. Whereas Oxycodone is an active ingredient in OxyContin, and it is available in different immediate-release formulations for short-term pain relief.

What is Oxycontin?


Oxycontin is the extended-release formulation of oxycodone, which is also known as oxycodone HCl. It is a prescription medication with the active ingredient oxycodone. It is a type of opioid analgesic, mainly for the treatment of moderate to severe pain which may be needed around the clock treatment. 

It’s frequently prescribed for conditions like chronic pain. However, there are risk of addiction or dependence. Therefore, it should be used with caution.

Molecular formula and molecular weight:

The molecular formula for oxycontin is C18 H21 NO4 • HCl. The molecular weight of oxycontin is 351.83 g·mol−1.


Oxycontin is best prescribed for people who are suffering from severe pain. These patients often need pain control around the clock, which is where oxycontin is very useful. Oxycontin has increasingly been used for patients who have pain associated with cancer.

Side effects:

Like other oxycodone products, oxycontin has a high potential for addiction. There are also side effects including the following: nausea, confusion, fainting, and constipation.

What is Oxycodone?


Oxycodone is an opioid medicine that is used to control pain especially moderate to severe pain. It is a potent opioid medication for pain. It binds to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord and reduce the feeling of pain. It is available in various forms such as immediate-release and extended-release formulations. This helps with short-term or long-lasting pain relief. It has been also prescribed for other conditions such post-op pain, cancer or other chronic pain. 

Molecular formula and molecular weight:

The molecular formula of oxycodone is C18 H21 NO4, and the molecular weight is 315.369 g·mol−1.


Oxycodone is most often prescribed to people who are suffering from moderate to severe pain. It is not advisable to remain on the medication for too long, and it should not be used to treat mild pain.

Side effects:

Oxycodone, unfortunately, has a high potential for addiction, so patients need to be aware of the risk. Other side effects of using oxycodone include feeling nauseated, having abdominal pain, feeling tired, and suffering from constipation. Some patients have also reported that the medicine gives them a headache.

Difference between Oxycontin and Oxycodone?


Oxycontin is a time-delayed release form of oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opioid medicine that controls pain.

History of development

Oxycontin was developed by Purdue Pharma and approved by the FDA in 1995. Oxycodone was developed in Germany in 1916.

Molecular formula

The molecular formula of oxycontin is C18 H21 NO4 • HCl. The molecular formula of oxycodone is C18 H21 NO4.

Molecular weight

The molecular weight of oxycontin is 351.83 g·mol−1. The molecular weight of oxycodone is 315.369 g·mol−1.


The possible doses you can find with oxycontin are 10, 20, 40, 80, and 160 mg. The doses you can get with oxycodone include 5, 10, or 20 mg.


Oxycontin comes as a tablet or a capsule that can be swallowed. Oxycodone is formulated as a liquid but also as a capsule or tablet.


Oxycontin is best used for people who need relief from severe pain. Oxycodone can be used to treat people who have moderate to severe pain and discomfort.

Side effects

The side effects of oxycontin include the following: addiction, nausea, confusion, fainting, and constipation. The side effects of oxycodone include addiction, headache, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, and constipation.

Table comparing Oxycontin and Oxycodone

Summary of Oxycontin and Oxycodone

  • Oxycontin is a form of oxycodone that is on a time release so is best used for patients experiencing severe pain.
  • Oxycodone is an opioid medication that can be used to treat patients who have moderate to severe pain.
  • Oxycontin and oxycodone have a high potential for abuse because they are addictive substances.
  • The use of oxycodone and oxycontin should be carefully monitored by a physician to prevent addiction and abuse of these medications.


Is OxyContin the same as oxycodone?

Oxycontin is not exactly the same as oxycodone as it is formulated with HCl and is designed for delivery over time. It is an extended-release medicine that is available in a higher dosage than regular oxycodone. Oxycontin is designed more for patients who have severe pain and who, thus, need pain relief that is constant.

How addictive is OxyContin?

Oxycontin is a very addictive medication and there are reports of at least 8% of people abusing this medicine. The United States has an opioid crisis with numerous people being addicted to opioids such as oxycodone and oxycontin.

Can you take Tylenol and oxycodone together?

Since Tylenol is acetaminophen, you can take that along with taking oxycodone. However, never take any medicine along with oxycodone unless you have checked this with your doctor first. Even if you want to combine oxycodone and Tylenol, you should first check with your doctor that this is safe for your situation.

What pain killer is the strongest?

Fentanyl is the most powerful pain killer, being 100 times stronger than morphine. Since fentanyl is so strong it is important that it only be given under careful supervision by a doctor. It is normally a medication that is given while a person is in a medical facility where they can be carefully monitored.

Is Tramadol stronger than oxycodone?

No, oxycodone is stronger than Tramadol. However, Tramadol is a good medicine to use for less severe pain.

Is Percocet the same as oxycodone?

Percocet is not the same as oxycodone. Instead, it is a medicine that combines both oxycodone and acetaminophen.

What is the safest pain medication for long term use?

Acetaminophen is considered a safe medicine but at high doses it can damage the liver, so you still need to be aware and careful when using it.

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  1. Hi. I too found this site very helpful and easy to understand. I just had knee surgery, May, 8th 2013. Got 25% of my Mencius
    removed and a patella cartilage clean out. I’ve been prescribed 10 MG of Oxycotin and 10 MG of oxycodone. To be honest, I feel more pain relief with the oxycodone than the Oxycotin and can’t even understand how it can be so addictive. My surgeon wants me to take the Oxycotin first thing in the morning and even though it lasts 12 hours, I only take one in a 24 hour period. What I think is the best thing patients should do to control becoming addicted is to start off with less than the recommended dosage, this is what I’ve done, so I still feel pain, but it’s manageable. I only take the Oxycodone in between my dose of Oxycotin after my physical therapy sessions which leave my knee feeling not so happy, and to sleep at night. I only take one 10 mg of Oxycodone when I do take it. I definitely do not want to become dependant on these pills, especially because it’s my first time using them. Also, gauging pain levels, one day you may feel more or less pain than the previous day. We as adults are responsible for monitoring not just our medication, but also our pain and taking the medication according to it.

    I only have the itching and crazy heat flashes with the Oxycodone, not the Oxycotin. One of the best things you can also do for pain management is to seek alternative treatments in addition to taking medication. This will help in reducing the amount of medication you need, believe me that is what I’ve been doing and yes it really helps. 🙂
    I wish everyone the best of luck with your pain management and surgeries! 🙂

    • You people need to really get a clue! Oxycontin and Oxycodone are the exact same drug. The end. Oxycontin is extended release oxycodone that releases into the bloodstream in a biphasic patter{about 1/2 dose in first hour the second 1/2 at the 6 hour mark} over 12 hours. If you are not taking 10mg oxycontin because you think it is more harmful then the 10 mg oxycodone you have it completely bass ackwards because the entire 10 mg of oxycodone is released immediately. Also the hot flashes and itching you feel on oxycodone is because of that instant release. Please do your due diligence people Oxycontin has gotten a bad wrap but it is nothing more{if not abused} than oxycodone extended release.

      • I’ll be dilligent and let you know, you are full of yourself, not to mention a BIG WASS OLE!
        Quit picking on those you don’t even know and get a life!

        • Ha love it! Hate when people come on sites and act like they are some kind of f**** expert. Please …. i would like to avoid addiction because I’m not naive, I’ve been there and it sucks. But I have severe pain. I’ve noticed hard core users love to get on high horse about substances. Look I came on here bc the OxyContin is not helping pain like the Oxycodone used to. But I know about opiates and I could say I’m proud but I’m not, because I only know because of past addiction. Yes it’s the same drug. But you are asking the right questions. It makes a difference how the medications are delivered to a person’s system,it also related to side effects and quantity … so you are so right.

      • I’ll be dilligent and let you know, you are full of yourself, not to mention a BIG HASS OLE!
        Quit picking on those you don’t even know and get a life!

      • I never understood how people get addicted to oxycodone, if they take the proper dosage. In 2014, I took oxycodone 10mg-325 tylenol for 7 monthsand I took it 4 times a day for pain relief.
        This was before I had my hip replaced. One day after the surgery, I went off of the oxy and was not the least bit addicted.
        I believe the people who become addicted simply take too high a dosage and too many times a day. Whatever the instructions say, they think more is better and take too much.

        • Well people with chronic pain can get addicted when they are told to take it everyday It’s a physical dependency. I know because I was an idiot and it happened to me. Lol I didn’t even like it. But I had to go to detox. I would never take it everyday now. But people don’t always get addicted bc they want to feel it. As a matter of fact now that I would NEVER take it every day, I do get a bit of a weird high from it. But that’s because I don’t use it much. Yea, idiots like me can get addicted

      • Very well explained! Completely accurate. They are the same thing. I think people confuse Oxy from the 80’s with these pills because they sound similar. My question is that when I watch the news, all I hear about is the horrible stories about addiction and over dose. I don’t completely understand how this happens because I don’t seem to have a problem with taking these pills. Am I doing something wrong?

        • Sounds like you are doing exactly what you are suppose to! It’s the ones who take too much and like the high feeling and keep taking more and more.
          I have been on Percocet for chronic pain for over a year. I have stopped for a week or 2 for various reasons and I have no withdrawal. Just a lot of pain from my injury.

        • Just don’t take them every day and only take them when you have pain and you won’t be addicted. But I honestly had no clue I was addicted when I took it every day. I took it as prescribed(which was everyday) I didn’t abuse it. But you will (a person I mean) become physically addicted if you take it everyday ,there is no getting around that. A person finds out if they stop lol but if you just take it for pain and not daily, you are safe

          • I have pain 24/7 I have osteoarthritis, bone spurs, bulging discs all in my lower back. The bones are deteriorating and in the morning I can’t walk I’m in so much pain
            I have been on the lowest dose possible for pain and only one every 8 hours. I can’t live like this come on I’m 61 now I need help.

      • They basically said everything you just said in your comment…. they said it’s the exact same drug it’s just ones time released and ones immediate. So your reply wasn’t even a good counter point to their description at all.

      • Causation vs Correlation
        avoiding all of the tit/tat debate, I propose you provide those who are trying to understand the drug, links to “your” knowledge of the drug and its dangers… (just the facts pls). Your comments appear biased, via your attitude, clearly seen in your replies. If you are unable to do this, you are simply preceived as someone with a chip on their shoulder and no one benefits. The human condition, chemically and emtionally, especially when under durress (pain) have as much to do with the drug as the drug itself. I hope you take the time to direct those who want to control thier pain with respect.

      • Jeez. Somebody miss their dose this morning? We are all just trying to figure it out. A lot of us are doing it after surgery. Some minor. Others. Not so much. Be a little patient with us “you people”. I wish all of us good healing, physical and mental.

      • Ok so I have a question. I am a liver transplant recipient and also had multiple surgeries over a period of time. I never had any issues whatsoever when taking Percocet/and or Oxyvodone and was on and off them for years. No addiction or side effects at all. A few years ago I had a knee replacement and was given OxyContin and did not have any pain at all while on it. I took it for 2 weeks and felt great. However, when I stopped the medicine I went nuts for several weeks. It was awful! I assume it was some sort of withdrawal. I told the doctor to never give that to me again. On my chart it lists allergy to oxycodone, but that’s not true. I’ve never had problems with oxycodone, just OxyContin. Can you please explain that?

    • Hi Libby:
      I commend you for having such self control and NOT listening to the Doctors. I was one of the unlucky ones and did get addicted to pain pills years back. It took me years to get off of them and it was not pleasant. Please be careful you seem to have it under control. The Dr. had me on MS Cotin which is Morphin 30 ml and percocet 10 ml, I took them as recommended and I got addicted anyway. I did not abuse them at first I followed the Dr instructions for 2 years he had me on these pills. I blame the Dr. for not weaning me off of them sooner for keeping me on them for so long. He kept me on them for 5 year!!! Good luck to you.

      • Suez,
        It really sounds like your doctor was a pill mill dr. They (pill mill drs) get people addictive so they will keep coming back. Sorry you got addicted, but in my opinion it was drs fault, not yours!!

        • Did the Doctor hold a gun to your head and make you take the pills?

          • @Greta: When you are in a lot of pain you do not need a gun held to your head when you are offered relief, what a ridiculous thing to say.

          • That is the most ridiculous reply I’ve seen and very insensitive! We trust our doctors to know what they are doing. However, they are not infallible and they do make mistakes. But It’s also impossible to know who will become addicted and who won’t. That’s why it’s important for your physician to closely monitor his or her patients taking strong pain meds.

    • Where May I get this help I have a referral for pain ei osteoporosis arthritis on my right hip it’s bone one bone rheumatoid arthritis in both hands I’m currently on Oxicodone 30 mil 2x a day day help most of the time but now it’s getting worse burning sensation up my right toe to m6 groan I’m constantly tripping I have a kart to walk with but I’ve been living like this almost 10/11 yrs a medication called Truvada it’s for HIV Did this to me I currently on a settlement going to coast the pain is crucial can’t do any fun stuff I loved to do and my depression and anxiety is up the roof all these pain management clinics want to solve with injections they used to be a wonderful relief but now it doesn’t last a week if that

  2. I feel for all of you that have found yourselves on the oxy merry-go-round. I too was caught and thank God I found the strength to get off. I am currently taking Suboxone as a step down process and am doing extremely well now. I can’t believe how much better I feel. God bless and my prayers go out to all!!!

    • Good you are now on a “new merry go round” with a drug that has very limited “long term data” and has been shown in many studies to cause cancer, parkinsons disease, and alzheimers disease just to name a few. But hey if it works for you that’s all that matters right.

      • I don’t know if all that’s true all I know for sure is I can bathe again without crying and screaming throughout the whole shower

      • You are so right about suboxone.

      • Just Wow. The absolute disrespect from some individuals on this site is mind numbing! What makes you think you are better than the next? Usually people lash out because they are deeply conflicted themselves. Sad.

      • Thank you for your comment. I am just reading this thread , I realize this has been posted for some time. I mainly want to say thank you for bringing awareness , can’t agree more with the ugly side of suboxone. I’m currently writing a book and working on collecting the FACTS regarding this billion dollar pharmaceutical addiction that most pain patients are slowly finding themselves steered to by their providers. It’s infuriating , especially for those like myself that are in pain and were not anywhere close to how sick that drug had made me. I’m now living in oncologist , hematologist , and three other specialists just to make a few. It’s exhausting , upsetting and I’ve spent so much since the start of this hell… in 2015. To assist me in “ stopping one pain med” ( the mildest one they make that’s an opiate ). The doses daily where not handfuls , & yet now I’m handcuffed to a drug that pharmaceutical companies salivate to push… Doctors refuse to try billing insurance and demand cash only( at ones I’ve been to). It’s hell and now the hell of stopping a way more addictive drug, so to the Dr in 2015 that felt the need to be bought off by them.. no thank you for selling me to the wolves . I’ve lost more than you’ll even understand and thank you to the person replying above. Sorry I used your reply as my rant platform, but I am heading into my Dr now and can’t do this anymore yet my option is …? C/T ? Ouch . Hell has no limit

        • I would love to read your book. I struggled in the past with the stupidity of drs who knew no better. Now my son has been down this destructive path with drugs and I feel so helpless. The therapist want to put him on suboxsone and he only came up positive 2 times in 3 months for opiods (more for weed). He is court mandated to go to a drug program and he is going to wind up in jail. I feel so hopeless and helpless. He has been using since he is 12 (he is now 20… a 20 year old bum no job, no life) he lives with his dad who does not make him get off his weed smoking ass and do anything. I am so frustrated

        • Marie
          I have been on Percocet for several years, which in my state, is almost impossible to get. And they are making it harder every month!! I am not addicted. I can stop taking it anytime with no withdrawals. What I will have is a lot of pain, that is not necessary. I have read a few comments on here that it really seems like their doctor is to blame for them being addicted.
          I would really be interested in reading your book.
          I know there needs to be a solution to the opioid crisis that we all of a sudden seem to be having, but keeping it from those who use it responsibly is not he answer!!

    • With all due respect, Suboxone and Methadone are just as bad. I was put on Phenabarbitol for a month, no side affects, one in the morning until it was gone, it worked for me. I know we’re all different, but I didn’t even crave caffeine anymore. I pray God blesses you and gets you through the good fight.

      • Well that’s too bad for you. As someone working in healthcare with an addiction, I stayed on suboxone 7 yrs while working, and never used a single narcotic. It was pointless to take a drug to get high, while taking another drug to block that high so I could get clean. Yes I said clean, because I never once abused nor sold my Suboxone, weened from 16mg, to 2mg, and stopped and remain clean 11 yrs now. So tell me more how horrible this drug is.

    • Being on subs short term is fine but I’ve never met a Dr. that’s says okay, you’ll be in this for 2 weeks and taper you off! Subs are a joke! Dr are jokes and only want that money! You shouldn’t be on subs. I longer than two weeks! I went to rehab and was on subs for 5 days taper and I was on heroin for 5 years and the next few days wasn’t bad like that! I went on subs off and on for 2 years and their a lot hard to get off! Hope all the people on subs get the f*** off and find yourself! Anyone can stay clean when taking subs!

    • This article says all OxyContin is time released. This isn’t true. It also comes in immediate release

      • Typo, I meant to say Oxycodone is immediate release in 5, 10, 15, 20 & 30mg. OxyContin is 20, 40, 60, 80. I believe all OxyContins are extended release.

      • That was what OxyContin means. Oxycodone- Continuous release.
        ALL oxycontin IS in fact time release. The word contin comes from the word continuous.
        Now OXYCODONE has been around since 1916. It comes from thebaine which is part of the poppy plant. Same place heroin comes from. It is NOT time release. OxyContin didn’t come out till 1996. It is time release.
        There is also hydrocodone. It came out right after oxycodone. Oxycodone used to made only with Tylenol added. It was called percodan.
        Now they make it without Tylenol.
        Hopes this helps clear up any confusion.

        • Percodan and or Tylox does NOT have Tylenol(acetaminophen) in it, it has Aspirin! Percocet has Tylenol, Combunox(no longer made) was made with Advil(ibuprofen).

      • Not being rude but your wrong..I have 3 types of cancer and my onc has me on 50 mg oxycontin(a 40 and a 10) every 12 hours, This is because they are extended release, and in between these 2 doses I take the Immediate release every 4 hours( 10 mg) which is Oxycodone HCI

        • Sorry,I wrote that comment before you said you made a mistake

        • Yes my point exactly, I have systemic sclerosis, it’s very rare but basically my organs harden randomly and I’m not trying to get high. People tend to assume everyone who needs opiates is an addict. But they were made for those of us who need it, as you well know, after a while it is sometimes hard to get relief, but no one ought to live in pain when there are medications to help. I wish you the best

    • It’s good not to generalize. Some folks here are probably on the merry go round. But don’t assume everyone is. Some have pain and illness where they need occasional opiates. I was on merigoround when I had a doc tell me to take it daily. This was over 5 years ago. Since then I now only take it when my pain is extreme. Once or twice I needed a week script. But that’s it. Bottom line, not everyone is an addict. I have systemic sclerosis. My organs will inflam and harden occasionally, especially my kidney. Yikes! no Advil is going to stop that hell. But yea, it’s not a merigoround if you don’t stay on even for one rotation l. Btw if you are planning to come off of suboxin, that’s cool. I had one doctor six years ago offer to prescribe it for chronic pain. I don’t think that’s your thing if it is, DONT DO IT. I’m so glad I didn’t. You can never get off without withdrawals. However, suboxin was great for me too. Over 5 years ago that’s how I stopped daily prescription opiates and stayed off until I absolutely needed them for emergency short term. I don’t like the feeling, not for everyday . But I get your point. The merigoround is a nightmare, I got depressed and life was awful and for me, I didn’t even know why … love to you

  3. I was in a car accident real bad one had to be cut out of car & a few other things have caused me chronic severe back pain & i then had bacterial meningitis & then was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple

    sclerosis & alot of problems with my m/s including pain in my lower legs this pain is unbearable with out meds , i am not a smoker or drinker i

    also do not have an addictive personality i am not a drug abuser b4 meds or currently . i go through a pain management dr a very conservative 1,

    i also do my best to not let any one new in my life no i take meds sm people i no in the past wld constantly ask for them till i said do not ask again if u need them go to a dr im not a pharmacy , i have ben on meds

    for 12 1/2 years it started with hydrocodone , then 10 mg oxycontin pain dr at the time told my pcp dr to gradually increase it & he didnt need to see me any more so by the 5 years i was on 80 mg 2x a day of

    oxycontin so 160 a day worked great , i changed drs thankfully & he wrote this for me for a few months & then 1 month insurance wld not cover it , so my pcp dr said the only equivalent wld be 100 mg of

    morphine 4x a day so 400 mg a day the only difference to me was oxy made me sleep more , morphine doesnt , i went to new pain

    management & had all the back injections all done again id had 3 epidurals b4 now i had 3 more epidurals & 4 sets of facets & 2 ris radio

    frequencey burning nerves in back none of it worked except the nerve burning worked great except only last 6 mon to 2yrs mayb about 10/12 months for me i want to do it again but my dr requires the facetts be done

    again they dont work & were the most painful he requires u to be awake on all procedures after doing all these he started managing my meds & decreased my morphine to 100 3x day then 80 3x now im at 60 mg 3x

    day & i was on hydrocondone 10/325’s 4x day for break thru pain i was reduced to 3x day & now im on 2x day i really need 3 a day , i never take more medication than prescribed never id be afraid it wld kill me

    morphine works best 4x aday it last about 6 hours oxy lasts 8 hours not 12 , so ever heard of a drug holiday going off meds like a week or 2 with drawls are horrible but wen u do this you need less meds wen bk on them

    wen i started on med ive never had a euphoric feeling like getting high ect never i take my meds for severe pain i belive there is a diffrence between addition & being dependent on them of course my body is dependent on

    them after 12 yrs ive done a 2wk drug holiday so i no what its like if i cldnt have any meds i wldnt worry about being dependent or addicted my worry is the severe pain im in & w/ out meds i have no quality of like i

    cant function at all because of pain im 42 i have a grand daughter 2yes old i cant play & go places w/ her carry her ect / w/ out meds id want body parts cut off its so bad its heart breaking to think im in such severe

    pain at 42 for last 12 1/2 yrs & my body will probably give out early , the oxycontin ruined my teeth they say from dry mouth i dont have dry mouth or any side effects except constipation, i oftrn walk w/ forearm

    crutches due to my m/s b4 starting meds my now ex husband left me & my kids wen i got sick w/ m/s & clnt walk for a year at 1st thought it was

    als lou gerigs changed dx to m/s he left also because he was tired of me saying im in pain i was bed ridden at time i cld not even turn over in bed by myself i am so thankful there are meds to dull the pain id i didnt have

    them id probably commit suicide my pain is so severe i no some people have family that thinks they r junkies because they take these meds but until you have walked a mile in there shoes with chronic debilitating pain


    i hate it wen people complain about pain meds & addiction ect yes u will become dependent people become dependent on anti depressants the body comes to expect its daily does of meds so its not just pain meds that

    you get dependent on & need to taper off wen stopping a med it people that get on pain meds that either have a drug abusing habit in past or they have a an additive personality those 2 things w/ pain meds spells

    DISASTER !! i am so thankful i do not have that issue these people because they have taken every thing under the sun in large quantities to maintain a high or keep adding more & more to get the buzz meaning it

    takes more & more as time goes on to still reach top peak high this is all a deduction from info ive heard & read these peple r the ones pain meds need to be strictly watched & maybe only given 1 wks worth meds at a

    time these people r the ones that if they no longer cld get oxy contin or morphine ect wld go to the streets & start a herion addiction very said but very true in earlier post man said he got his meds refilled every 25 days

    some drs r too liberal w/ pain meds ive been with same pain dr for 6 yrs i am med compliant he doesnt give 2nd chances either on rainy days i hurt more & it wld help if i had hydrocodone 3x day but i dont so i

    manage thru it icy hot helps , i no sm one that was in motorcycle wreck
    & is in bad pain & is now on pain meds & in past b4 this he was drug addicted illegal stuff & non prescribed pills a person thats got an

    addiction will take any thing so he came to see my son i was talking to him & he was on flexiril & hydrocodone he asked his dr for morphine he gave him 30 mg 2x day he ended up w/ empty bottle way too soon

    because he was taking way more than prescribed up to 120 mg a day h & he was having terrible with drawls i was asked if id give him 1 pill & keep in mind he was 7 days to go b4 new script i said for 1 i dont do that

    for 2 if he got 1 pill how does that hill wen he has 7 days to go i said he caused this & he needs to dry out now 3rd i said i never have taken more meds than prescribed its very dangerous & stupid & then you run out &

    have to withdraw not fun i with drew on a supervised drug holiday to get me on a lower dose , 4th if you gave sm one your meds youd then be

    short your self 5th im the type of person that thinks if you caused this your self & took way more than your supposed to then why should sm 1 else help that stupid person im sure people that are drug addicts & who

    have addictive personality’s do not go in to pain dr & r not honest w/ drs which hurts them in long run ive heard sm many stories of people on pain meds that have to have sm one lock their meds up & give them out

    daily to prevent over taking them i cant even imagine that problem
    sm i dated yrs ago had a friend that was a past drug abuser & had gotten ran over by a bus i think & was injured bad had chronic pain ect

    & id known of her for about 5 yrs what we didnt no was apparently she was getting meds from a drug dealer & trading him hydrocodone ect for what she wanted , she took unbeknownst to us a morphine , a oxycontin

    , a sleep medication, hydrocodone , antidepressant & who no’s what else she cldnt get rto sleep so we assumed she took extra every one went to bed , next am getting up she was gonna go to church ect u probably

    guessed it she was dead it was about 8 am medical examiner estimated she died around 12 am , so she was turned over on her side facing the wall

    & she has a small pillow up covering her mouth & nose they ruled it an accidental overdose , i imagine she had fallen in a deep drug induced

    sleep & was unaware of the pillow& also taking oxycontin & morphine together can be a lethal combination w/ out any other meds very sad
    she was a recovering crack addict the man i dated had been trying to help

    her for several years sm x i wonder if she intended to end her life ? we will never no 4 sure

    i imagine ill live rest of my life on pain medication unless a miracle happens !!! b4 starting pain medications on ongoing basis
    wen in hospital for a surgery i was given fental it didnt help , after other

    surgeries going home id been give hydrocodone over yrs & it always made me itch , after a spinal tap for meningitis &severe spinal headache & a failed painful blood patch i was given dilauded for 1st time thru an iv it

    made me so out of it that no one realized i was allergic too it i ended up scratching the skin off my nose & a reaction occurred at iv site , i was given dilauded again in different stay after same thing & same reaction

    ive never had any bad reactions on oxycontine or morphine & wen i started taking hydrocodone for chronic pain itching stopped but i take allergy meds

    id like to no how many people r med compliant vs how many take extra meds ?

    & if any one had their teeth ruined from oxycontine or morphine ?
    soes any one on these meds have severe sweating & hot flashes

    & if any one taking these 3 meds at a given time have any skin redness like Roschea facial redness or redness on neck chest arms ect sm x

    people think ive got a sun burn im like ni its roschea wrong spelling i wish it was a sun burn it wld go away my dr says i have a severe case i noticed

    facial redness wen using hydrocodone years ago ????

    & last what does every one take for constipation ??

    so if any one wld like to respond if you have these symptoms please respond ps i found this site accidentally wanting to no difference between oxycodone & Oxycontin as my neighbor says they r

    completely different according to this site the r same compound except Oxycontin is a time released drug

    he asked dr to stop morphine & give him oxycodone thinking its not as powerful as morphine & will not cause withdraws if he takes 2 much & runs out ???? they all cause withdraws once your dependent on them

    & esp if your prescribed 30 mg & you take 120 or more a day that plain stupidity !!!!! but again people who abused drugs r most likely to abuse opioid meds wen prescribed to them i am so thankful i am not in that

    position ! i wish every one happiness , health & a lot less pain or better yet pain free days for life they wld be a like changer indeed for me !!

    i dont drink or smoke thankfully but my pain dr tests for both & doesnt allow either of them does any one believe hydrocodone will no longer we available at sm point , my dr says that ?? & the pharmacy says it wont

    happen what will be an alternative drug because its whats given for pain after surgery & child birth & accidents , broken bones ect tramadol is a no narcotic non steroid & no dependency issue it is like a super ibuprofen

    any ideas if that will happen or what wld take its place my dr says he’d like to get all pts off of it so wen it is no longer available ?? he says their is no alternative but their has to be because for temporary pain & long term

    its widely prescribed ,once again i hate for people to blame pain meds for their own stupidity & addiction problems

    it just makes it harder for the people whom r med compliant & do well on pain med & basicly have to be on pain meds to even function on a daily basis & many of us wld cease to exist w/ out paim meds

    wld not be able to do daily necessitates / functions & daily tasks period much less even leaving the house so i know many of you on long term pain meds can identify with my words on daily survival

    ps i met sm one on suboxone said she was a recovering from a pain pill acddition after several surgeries this is reason i dont tell others what i take because then its a temptation & it also causes people to ask you for

    meds they dont care that youll be short on meds & in pain addicts care for only them selves dont get sucked down that drain with them because you will they will never stop asking & you have to be vigilant with your

    meds & keep a count because it is a temptation to others

    i sleep w/ my purse on my bed so i no where my meds r long time ago i had meds come up missing so i learned , also if you go to sm ones home thats a stranger or family any one or any place for that fact do not trust

    any one & , never set purse down i did this on a craigs listing for baby items my mother had just died & i was still upset over her death & i was going to pain dr rt after leaving there i went out in garage to look at baby

    stuff the husband stayed inside stupid me i left my purse on table wen i got to dr my 3 hydrocodone were missing morphine untouched i figured they new what the hydro was & not the morphine they were not in bottles

    i was so thankful i didnt have more or id ben doing w/ out for a while so there r many excellent reasons i prefer to not tell others what i take esp pain pills they r for me only to lessen my chronic pain & give me a better

    quality of life , not for others to abuse steal harass beg meds out of you ect

    they were in my medicine tray big time lesson learned also be care ful with your meds

    good nite every one jasmine sorry so long

    • JAS LISTEN, THIS MAY sound not good but smoke marijuana!!! My lady suffers from lupus is on so many meds for so long it not good or right. these doc. will kill u wit persrcips it helps her n no addiction thts unmanageable. take care bless u

      • With no disrespect, nobody needs to SMOKE marijuana when there are ways to ingest it. Not everyone is a smoker. I have never understood why people would want to put smoke inside their bodies, a place that is supposed to be the Temple in which your Spirit resides.
        By ingesting it instead you have the benefit of the chemistry in MJ and you won’t smell like Woodstock or have the reputation of being a “druggie” by rolling your own and preaching that “smoking MJ” is so fabulous.
        Just sayin’ . . .
        David Stephensen, MSW, LCSW
        Medical Social Worker

        • Dude I have an MSW and a psy.d ( I only kept going because the MSW minimizes clinical reality , blames families and was the most judgement educational program I have experienced )

          But my point is this, I believe it is primarily those without much personal experience who would sign in a forum with their God forsaken credentials.

          If you do have personal experience,why Bring your credentials into it? I’m only here for personal experience, but I’m saying only to you, as a professional, were you taught that it’s ethically appropriate to take on a judgemental stance? Were you trained it’s okay to preach about smoking marijuana to a woman with lupus? How much do you know about lupus.
          Do you know how many types there are and the variety of symptoms ? You may.

          Do you know there are benefits to the delivery system of smoking or vaping to those in certain types of pain and they can be more effective than edibles?

          And even if you didn’t know any of this, are you aware that strength based and allowance for an individual includes respect for different choices and not presumption that any therapists knows better.

          I was diagnosed with lupus for years until they figured out it was something more rare and slightly more severe.

          Lupus comes in so many forms. This man has a partner who finds that smoking marijuana is an effective treatment.

          Therapists are not health police.
          But again, leaving credentials says it all.
          It’s such a shame. The best therapists have empathy and you simply can’t learn that in clinical practice.
          Doctor cristi 🙂

    • I’m not trying to come across as rude, but what was the purpose of all that rambling on and on and on in your post? You never made a point? It seems like you might seriously be on too much medication as the spelling and grammar in your post was barely understandable. I say this because I have a sister that has a drug problem, so I know if she’s completely high or “sober” by her texting or emails. That extremely long post was definitely written by somebody that has a serious drug problem.

      • No doubt. Talk about serious run on sentence(s). I had to stop ready her babble. It was giving me a headache.

      • I totally agree, she has been on these meds for a while, even though she says she doesnt abuse her meds (it is possible that she is not even aware that her mediction makes her ‘high’, it is very noticable that she is on them to others), they are definitely effecting her actions such as slurred writing and grammar. Not to mention the rambling that seemed to make no point, that was previously pointed out. EXCEPT, for the fact that she believes ex-addicts can never control their own medication properly. She is dependent/addicted to her meds even if she takes them as prescribed and does not believe she is addicted. I am an ex-addict to opiates, and am now taking pain medication. I do not abuse them. I take my meds as prescribed. I have no desire to “get high” and take more than prescribed. Often, if I am feeling painless I will at times not take a pill, if I do not feel the need for it. Although I will have to take one for the next dose or else I will feel withdrawal symptoms. Btw, addicted and dependent are very similar in meaning. Look it up. I feel the use of the word dependent is just a less tainted word than the word, addicted. I am dependent and addicted to my meds, period. And yes these pharmaceutical drugs do have side effects such as deterioration of teeth etc. I am not a Dr, nor do I think I have the knowledge of one, I am speaking only from personal experience.

        • Yes, addiction and dependant are similar in their meaning, but you need to understand that there is a physical addiction and a psychological addiction. The physical addiction shows itself in your response to the withdrawal of the medication. That is where you will have the nausea and vomiting, tremors, etc. The psychological addiction will show itself when even though the problem that required the medication has resolved, you mentally crave or desire the medication even when you no longer need it.

        • Hey guys Jasmine may be addicted but it seems like she is in real chronic pain. I have pain every day. I have had multiple back procedures and multiple back surgeries. I was on pain meds for 5 years and yes I WAS SEVERELY ADDICTED. I was one of the lucky ones and weaned off the pills. I go to physical therapy 3 x a week and have a TENS machine implanted in my back they help. I now take non addictive pain meds that dont help as much but help. My pain is no where near as severe as Jasmine’s so give her a break guys.

          • I am reading all this and some people really do not know when they are in a bad way with meds . I was in a lot of pain for failed back surgeries since the 1980s . I was drinking a lot of booze and taking Demerol . I thought this was alright . When the drinking became a problem (more for my family than me at the time ), I just up and quit . Believe me it wasn’t easy . Shortly after back pain and other bone pain became very bad . I went to ortho 1 year who said even with multiple surgeries I would always have bad pain . To me this was not acceptable . I didn’t even know there was such a thing as pain management until my doctor told me about it and said it would be my best choice . I went and I liked it . That was 14 years ago . I was up to 200 mgs kadian 3 x per day along with 30 mgs m.s.i.r. 5 x day and 30 mgs oxycodone 4 x day . I should have told you at my first pain man. visit the doctor read aloud ” all I see you have prostate cancer” wow I was beyond words . Then started the costly , time consuming, onset of many test . long story short . I am now in remission but Addicted dependent , and hopelessly broke over some thing I had no control over. Think back 14 years pain meds were alright wasn’t they. I’m up the sh..t creek now with all the new laws . I can barely get enough meds to get out of bed on my own let alone live a full life . I don’t give a sh.t what people want to say about an epidemic, because it was some thing the insurance companies started because I didn’t die . It rates right up there with weapons of mass destruction . How can you argue with such a horrible sounding phase ? Don’t put people with terrible pain in the same category with iv drug users . If most folks don’t agree I really don’t care . I’m just giving everyone something to think about .

      • I agree with your observation. I’ve personally lived that life and my brother and sister would know if I was wasted or sober . Just by what you said .wow and I use to think that they were the one’s tripping. Like really who’s gonna know I’m high just by the way I would text. I’m just saying. Thanks for your honesty I’m glad I have a brother that tells it like it is.

        • I deal with lots of pain,i use two pills in twenty-four hr. I pray ask God for strength. I have fibromyalgia,osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, sciatica,spurs, migraines, just in pain bones ache, but I know God will continue to help me and I pray for you all,too. Take care.

          • Hi Tweety, I just read your post and thought to my self, WOW.. someone else has the same problems and faith I do. God Love You and Bless you. You are NOT alone. I allways feel alone & have been for 5 yrs now. Keeping my faith though. Thank you for your post Tweety.

          • Hope when i read your note its was like a replica of the pains i go through daily. In my case it started after sustaining an injury at work on both knees, shoulder , neck. After these injuries caused by a violent aggressive patient my life has never been the same. i suffer from these pains 24/7. The accident has really stripped off my career as a nurse which i really loved the most and cherished. Its a shame that i will not be able to save a life again. I can hardly kneel to save a life or perform a CPR.
            Thanks Hope, at least i know now that am not alone.

          • What are you taking if you don’t mind me asking? Switched from oxycodone 30mg to Percocet two days ago, vomiting non stop, does NOT take the pain away so I’m heading back to my Dr today to surrender the current script for something else. Too many permanent medical issues to think I’ll never need help, never once have I lost/had stolen/come up short on my meds. If anything my Dr praises how well I utilize them. Just want the stigma off my back as I just moved to AZ and can’t find a Dr to save my life. Oxy is a strict NO!

      • Amen to that! I’ve been a pain patient since before it became “en vogue” (1985). I think I’ve tried more med therapies than most and I’m steady on oxycodone & methadone. Never an addiction problem but I and my doctor agree I am dependent on the meds (HUGE difference). It has never effected my ability to make a coherent sentence, in my opinion nor my ability to communicate verbally with others. I couldn’t wade through that disjointed drivel above either! I feel like the last sane pain patient on the planet, lol. My doctor asks me during every visit if I wish to change or increase my meds or my current dosage. I go for many years without changing a thing simply because I refuse to put myself into an addiction situation. The downside of this is that “all” my pain never goes away… I retain just enough to keep myself real and remind me that there is no such thing as a magic pill. Since 1985 I’ve progressed from two trashed disks to now my entire lumbar plus two disks in my neck. I walk with a cane some days but the tradeoff is quite worth it to me. Keep it real folks because the alternative is unacceptable on any level. I hope this helps at least one person out there struggling between doctor’s orders and a hard place. 🙂

      • I was thinking the exact same thing!! What a hypocrite, this person is most definitely over medicated, and obviously doesn’t need to abuse the meds BC the dose is obviously way to HIGH

      • I agree i suffer with chronic phantom pain which I’ve had for 11 years i take 3x80mg and a 40 mg oxy plus i can take 40 mg of oxynorm up to 6 times a day plus a Lot Of powerful sleeping tablets and I’m still in pain i don’t want to keep going up on my meds I’ve tried all the Other meds which didn’t work at all so I’m stuck on these meds which ain’t good for my organs so if there is a expert who can give me some advice i would appreciate it

        • I now suffer from chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis. It looks like I am going to end up going from regular oxycodone to oxycontin. My second advocation in life is being a professional hypnotist. I have been trained to treat chronic pain and I have been treated with hypnosis for chronic pain. For many people it helps them be able to control their pain, not everyone. If I were not trained to help others with pain, I would be disabled right now.

          For my friend with phantom limb pain, find a very good hypno-therapist that is trained in pain management and give the person a try for 4 or 5 sessions. Phantom limb pain is the result of a memory pathway in the your brain that actually remembers the pain. A very good hypnotherapist can help you with it. Trust me, it is worth a try.

          You can go the National Guild of Hypnotist website (Ngh.net) and ask for a referral for the area you live in. The secret is finding some one that has special training in pain management or a excellent reputation for treating pain.

          Sounds a little crazy, but I have treated people with phantom limb pain. It could help you reduce the pain.

          Thanks to all for the information about taking oxycontin.

        • Barry have you thought about a pain pump. You take less meds and it goes through your spinal fluid so your organs are safe from the meds. Sounds like you would be a great Candidate..

      • Thats what it sounds like. Me? Im in too much pain to be that longwinded.lol

      • Well CJ I have a friend who does edibles everyday and sometimes you can’t even understand what he’s talking about. He called me the other day and we talked about our senior center and then he called me around 6 p.m. that evening. He says in his voice message “did I talk to you today, I don’t remember talking to you” I think he’s taking too much he’s also smoking it.

    • Sound to me that you know to many DOPE head’s, I’d say you need to move, leave all of them behind and don’t contact them at “ALL”, Maybe start going to a Church, find new friend’s, don’t tell them nothing about what you take and what for “BIG TIME” and start a new LIFE elsewhere, I can’t totally tell you how to live but the “Church Of God” turned my live around 180 degrees and helped my face the hard fact’s of my life, in which it helped to show my wife and children I had changed for the better with the Church’s help and all mighty God. So please don’t take this wrong I’m just saying, yesterday my Dr. gave me my first script of OxyContin, which has been filled yet because the place I use has to order them and I’m glad I found this website to find out how they work before take my first pill.
      Please do something for yourself and the loved one’s around you.
      And yes in God’s name I pray for you to help you.
      Ben Tice

    • For constipation, eat lots of fruit. If that does not help go to the drug store and buy a stool softener.

      • For constipation I would try Blueberries.Not only do they work for bowel problems, they also help with cleaning your organs, such as the liver and colon.Miralax is also a good cleaner of the intestins.Try Blueberries first.Add them to cereals and just alone.Whatever you like them with.Muffins,ect.Works for me.( Long term user of Oxycontin).

      • for constipation , take magnesium supplements, really works i suffered for years cause of pain meds, and magnesium really works , you find them where all the vitamins are or online.

    • i know what you mean about your meds and everyone wanting them i had to buy a safe just for mine iv had them stolen from me by the guy that works for a pest controle company and ppl call me all the freekin time knowing i dont give mine out and my wife was even sneeking into them and i was short every month and couldnt figgure it out why cause i take them just how im told to no more and when i am haveing a good day where i can tollerate what pain i have i take less the 1 person i should trust and know is there for me is doing that to me should let u know real quick how others will do u cause she sees every day what i go through i have R.S.D in my right foot and leg i was on morphine 30mg 3x a day and it didnt help any and hydrocodone made me itch too not on them now he put me on a musle relaxer and oxycodone 15mg and i take gabapinten 800mg 1 in the morning 1 in the after noone and 2 at night i dont have a addictive personallity as well my heart goes out to ppl that do iv been going through this for 2 1/2 yrs and im on workers comp so they have me going to diffrent doctors all the time and i will have to go a month sometimes with nothing to help with the pain and i never went through withdraws so i dont know what its like but i hear it is really bad and they can be worse than the pain it self im going in for a spinalcord stimmulator in a couple weeks i hope it will help enough to not have to use cruches or wheelchair anymore and hope to not have to take all these pills every day i know they help but i know they r bad about messing up your organs too my heart goes out to all of u that are going through all your pain and addictions and withdraws i hope god helps each and everyone of you

      • I have been on pain meds for 5 years. A couple of months ago I picked up my prescription from Walgreens, (186 count 30mg oxycodone). After a week I noticed that the bottle seemed a little light. I put a weeks worth from the prescription bottle into a pill box. When I went to refill the pill box after a week I noticed the bottle seemed very low. I counted the pills and I had only about half of the pills I should have had.

        When I called Walgreens to complain they said their count was accurate. I know no one stole from me because I live alone and rarely leave the house. The only explanation I can think of is that an employee of Walgreens decided they needed them more than I did.

        I went through two weeks without my meds, it was an experience I never would care to repeat. Every time I get my oxycodone now I have them count in front of me.

        • Walmart told me they would hold my mothers pain script for her and notify her when she could pick it up because it was to early to fill. When we went to get it they said they never had it. My brother and I saw the young man we gave the prescription to and said “It was him!” He is still working there. We are so shocked that he is still working there. They said “we could call the state somebody or another to tract it down.” That doesn’t help my 90 year old mothers pain for the month. So, I guess what I am saying is I know first hand that pharmacies are not always giving your medication like they are suppose to. Good idea to count your meds when you get them and right in front of them. I have heard of other people being shorted on pain meds before when they pick up there prescriptions. Sadly it happens.

        • if you get a gram scale you can measure the amount of pills you should have. You could get a grand scale from the post office or Harbor Freight. Pharmacist are liable for mistakes as well. It may not be blatant, but everybody makes mistakes. So weigh your medication and you will know instantly if it’s accurate.

        • Andy, Unfortunately, your experience with Walgreens is more common than you’d think. Happened to me and their behavior towards me was so rude and accusatory,as if I hoarded the meds when I didn’t. I require every pill allowed for each day and never experience total pain relief. Am loathe to ask for an increase in dose or frequency because I will have to up the dose at some point and need the meds to do what they do now-blunt the pain. Totally feel for your added pain without your meds. It is quite the nightmare and can be dangerous. Suggest you find a locally owned pharmacy with a long, positive, community history. They depend on their reputation for superlative care to stay in business and won’t treat you inhumanely.
          As others have said, and while not something you mention specifically-don’t tell folks you’re in CPM or divulge what you take-including family members with whom you don’t live. Someone mentions a safe and it is probably a good idea.
          Lost my relationship with my grown daughter because she “borrowed ” some meds from me and after admitting she did relentlessly asked me for my meds. It was as if refusing her was me being cruel and unloving. So, I told her they put me on a Fentanyl patch. She quit asking me for pills but also had no use for me since I was of no value to her. I try not to take it too personally as she shows up when anyone in the family has surgery “to help out” and obsconds with their meds.. but it is heartbreaking. And yes, even hurts when a stranger from Walgreens takes meds from you.

    • OMG this woman, jasmine1971, sounds like she’s high as a kite. Her speech patterns and grammar are atrocious. If someone says they’re not an addict that much most certainly is an addict. Shame on her. Cruising pain medication web sites at four in the morning trying desperately to convince herself that she’s not a junkie. LMAO!

      • RE: Jasmine critics:

        There are many snarky comments here about Jasmine’s addiction denial based on her lack of writing skills. It’s wise to consider variations in education, as well as cultural and language differences among individuals leaving anonymous comments on a site frequented by people taking class II medications.

        There’s nothing wrong with trying to “help” someone with a problem but few here offer non-judgmental help. Looking past the poor writing skills, Jasmine has some serious problems and some of them are shared with other contributors. We all have problems, so why is it necessary for some to dump on a person who may be lacking the skills necessary to communicate her concerns in an ideal manner?

        Denial in many areas of one’s life is the most common problem among addicts. Jasmine isn’t the only contributor who has brought her own problems to this discussion. These comments are supposed to address the differences between Oxycontin and Oxycodone but many instead relate to the unsatisfactory resolution of pain, bad doctors, untrustworthy friends, and people in miserable situations resulting from the above or other situations.

        My impression is that AT LEAST 50% of comments left here are from persons addicted to Class II narcotics for one reason or another. For this reason a bit more empathy for fellow sufferers is in order. Chronic pain patients are said to be less likely to become addicted to their pain medications. For this we should be grateful! More understanding is also in order for pain doctors who are responsible for detecting the differences between drug addicts and pain sufferers and for treating them accordingly. Where do all the drug addicts go when they get older?

        Drug addicts are people too. Legitimate chronic pain sufferers could stand to have some more compassion for those persons who are trying to survive with a problem that’s at least as difficult as dealing with chronic pain 24/7.

        • People who jump on other people have very low morals and only think of there selves your response was dead on.

        • Very well said! I was thinking the same as I stumbled upon so many comments not related to the question at hand, but then it occurred to me that they were doing the same thing as the gal they were making remarks about, the only difference is the gal who shared in great length is much more pleasant and besides no one is forced to read anything they don’t want to and it’s much easier and kinder for everyone just to move on to other comments if it irritates them so badly!
          You are right about having an awful dilemma having pain and then becoming dependent on the only thing that brings you any relief, they need a pain medication other than narcotics and then the problems solved! I wonder why they haven’t!

        • Thank God someone stepped up and said something coherent about compassion! The judgement around addiction instead of compassion is precisely why addiction and pain is such a complicated issue. Either way, pain sufferers nor addiction sufferers are getting the help they need and deserve. In a world where we are supposed to be so advanced and have the ability to communicate with others far and wide we still choose judgement over love and compassion. May God help us all!

    • That is the longest sentence I have ever read. Jasmine needs to be reevaluated by her pain doctor. Jasmine should also seek a good psychologist and a NA meeting. Talking about yourself in third person is a sign of disassociation. Seek help please.

      • It sounds like the people who made nasty, ignorant comments about Jasmine don’t have REAL pain 24/7. Anyone who has REAL pain 24/7 and takes a pain killer does it because they TRULY need relief from something that literally destroys the ability to physically or mentally perform even small daily tasks like showering and sleeping. As studies by REAL doctors have shown, those in chronic pain not only lose their jobs and homes but the very people who are supposed to help as well.. spouses, friends and family leave them because THEY can’t handle seeing and hearing their loved ones in pain. They get to walk away … like you…. instead of seeking to understand, help or just listen. Based on your comments, I imagine the majority of you fall in the category of those who leave because they are not emotionally equipped to show compassion for someone via the simple act of listening. The question is, who is more pathetic?

        As for Jasmine’s points, they were both obvious and clear. Do you know what that means? Perhaps not. To the self righteous, it is obvious that she is not sleeping because of 24/7 pain. When was the last time you went YEARS without sleeping to endure pain that never ceases? What is also clear in her plea, is that she is aware the American govt continues to deregulate availability of these drugs even to those who need them AND has instituted punishments that threaten to ruin doctors for regularly prescribing these drugs — even if their patients are in horrible pain, like those with progressive MS (that being Jasmine) for which there is literally no other help. By the way, do any of the pious pithy who condemned her actually have progressive MS? No. If you did, surely you never would have behaved in such an inexcusable manner. Even CBD doesn’t touch the pain of this disease, although that was a kind recommendation.

        If only there were more regulation or accountability of the ignorant and hateful behavior that most of you have displayed. To deliberately wound the wounded or desparate because of willful ignorance AND arrogance is despicable. Would you be so brave as to condemn any one so clearly in unending systemic pain publicly, say on TV with your face and name for all to see? Better yet, are you confident enough to post your phone number? For those who recommended psyche care, perhaps a medical psyche class, not your college psyche 101, would help your understanding of these pain issues along with your own personal therapy.

        • Thanks for your comment. I, too, have MS,along with trigeminal neuralgia, severe back issues (upper and lower ), and too many other medical issues to list here. I sometimes go for 4 days on an hour or scattered sleep due to the pain I am in. I am at the point with medications and surgeries that there are no other options for me but a pain pump. I have lost my husband due to the fact that he is a callous jerk with no empathy, I’ve lost my ability to work, take care of my home, do anything I enjoy, and I am losing my memory and the person who I once was. It is scary as hell. To those of you putting others down, it could be any of you, and you obviously have not seen hell yet. To those of you kind enough to understand, thank you.

        • This is the first And last forum I’ve ever been on.I was hoping to find people like me who actually Sympathize with other people who Actually Do have pain but instead, You guys are making jokes about Jasmine, REALLY, We’re supposed to bring people up instead of bringing them down, God bless you Jasmine,I wish you the best.I was diagnosed last year with Leukemia, malignant metastatic melanoma, And Lymphoma and take pain meds and was just looking for someone to talk to. But now, I’d rather just keep it inside like always. Not the place for me!!!

        • Well said thank you very much

    • your post was so long I only got through the first sentence I mean come on man nobody’s going to read an entire story or care
      we don’t need to hear personal stories were all in pain if we’re on this forum we want to know an answer to the question what is the difference from oxycontin and oxycodone

    • jasmine , you might want to try methadone to control your pain it is easier to kick and an opiate blocker and one hell of a lot cheaper ,

    • Woman you repeatedly stated that you are not an addict so many times, and that you were never a drug addict or addictice personality so much that it is very apparent, even to a blind person you are in DENIAL!!! With-out-a-doubt- DENIAL!! I dont know who you were trying to convince us or you but lordy you need help. Your med amounts are enough to kill a horse. M.S. ?? Your pain management doctor needs to be jailed. Your comment(small novel), I believe to be nothing but a cry for help. Fire that so-called doctor, get in rehab, try a non narcotic for what you have m.s. like neurontin, and quit believing your lies! You really need help.

    • God bless you, and Im so sorry for your pain and suffering. Im thankful that you get to have some quality of life with the pain meds. I pray I never have to do permanent pain management, but I already made up my mind that I would for the same reasons you have. I had Hep c real bad, and was suffering so I did start pain management until I got my treatment, then for a while after…Only as needed. It was a big decision, and it messed with my head because I have an addictive personality but that was that. Im glad I did, and will do it again if ever I come to that point. Thank God you have to courage to, for your grandkids and yourself!

    • I fell asleep before finishing your post, sorry, it was way to long.
      sorry 4 your pain and suffering, being dependent, addicted all sucks even when you have chronic pain, you are a slave to the doctors and the drug, I have chronic pain and am sick of taking pain medicine whether over the counter or prescribed..but sometimes we don’t have a choice 🙁

    • I can relate to some of your comments.. I started taking OxyContin 80mg 13 years ago because of back problems and three surgeries… I can say that it worked perfectly for me. I never had a high feeling. I was a police officer and could function well. I retired after 20 years of service. I was enjoying the retirement years but like you I never told anyone of my meds because people will judge quickly…
      My story ends with after 13 years of getting my meds from Perdue Pharmacy of St. Louis, they decided I did not need this anymore. Stop sending it to me without notice and override my doctors orders. The new Obama law gives them the authority to do this now. I have not had anything for 12 days now.. I’m in great pain and there is nothing I can do. I did get insurance I can not afford because Obama said I had to…..but the insurance refused to pay for that type of medicines… I can not afford high price insurance…so what does a person do?…I giving it to the Lord to handle and pray relief comes soon..

      • Gary…
        Omg, I am so very sorry. Get an attorney and file for disability. Medicare will pay for it and Obama are can’t touch or do anything about your meds. You do not have to pay the attorney up front.
        I have had 13 vertebrae filled, Vertebral Plasty after a 2 failed back surgeries. No one should have to live in pain, and NO ONE should be able to take you off of any meds without your Dr. giving anew OK.
        Thank you for your service sir.
        I will keep you in my prayers!

      • I am very close to having thus same rule imposed on me. I am SO sorry you have to suffer because of a bunch of suits who are healthy as hell, making determinations for us chronically ill!

    • I can understand your issue with both the pain itself and the drugs to control it. I was diagnosed with Multiple myeloma almost ten years ago, it will be ten years this fall. It was discovered when I broke my back while water skiing on my 48th birthday. There was no accident, the five vertebrate in my Thoracic spine, sternum, five ribs and a cracked collar bone all went at one time. I’ve lost other vertebrate & ribs, etc., over time and the disease eats holes in every bone in your body. A special blood test is the only way to discover if you have it or not. Given the sort of pain you’re describing it certainly doesn’t sound good; however, I truly hope you don’t have it. Best of luck, I just wanted to pass along the info to you so you can get as much of a head start on it as possible. JP

    • Please email me I’m very interested in what you were talking about. The procedures you have had.


    • Lord sweetie, that was painful just to read. You are all jacked up on meds and blabbing away. Take a breather and spell your words out. We can’t understand what you’re saying when you abbreviate (incorrectly) every other word. No one types that much unless they’re ripped. Don’t BS us…you clearly abuse your meds. Get a friend…hell get a hobby and don’t tell your life story on a blog online. Do you think we give a shit about all of that? I stopped reading after the first sentence when the abbreviations started to hurt my brain. Ugh. Go pop another pill sweetie and keep telling yourself you don’t abuse them. SMH

      • Go fuck right off, “Dear Lord”. Have you never been in so much pain you couldn’t sleep? Have you never been in so much pain you couldn’t articulate a perfectly crafted story? Have you never been in so much pain that you HAD to reach out to whomever you can just to keep from breaking down? Lastly (I know how much all of you hate long paragraphs) have you never taken 2 pills at a time for breakthrough pain? Then why don’t you leave jasmine alone and get off this fucking forum, self-righteous dick

    • Jasmine

      Traci… you described my life up to about 95%… you are not alone. I was injured at work in 2004. So I have been given by docs every long acting meds out there….of which I have had unlivable side effects except to Oxy.

      First let me say – I HATE OXYCONTIN HATE IT..yes it is saving my life in some ways but has DESTROYED IT COMPLETELY IN OTHER WAYS.

      I t0o take Norco 10/325 for break through pain..used to get 280 month but we are done to 120 and I am working with that – biggest issue is my p4roductivity level is not as high…because of pain. And like you bc this is A LIFE LONG MEDICAL PROBLEM I DO NOT JACK AROUND WITH MY MEDS NOR OVER TAKE.

      I made the mistake HUGE MISTAKE of letting those i thought were friends know.

      FIRST OFF…VERY FEW CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS HAVE TRUE FRIENDS UNLESS THEY KNEW YOU PRIOR TO THE ONSET. Unfortunately i moved to Dallas from my home town of Houston [pre accident] to have my daughter around family.

      So during these 14 years of chronic pain I have been a single mother who unjustly does not receive child support bc I refused to be taunted with death by my child’s sperm donor….he sued me the same summer i was injured…i was making close to $80,000 per year at that time….. He was allowed to terminate his relationship and not pay child support. I was too afraid to speak up that I was on disability now and needed the support where prior i did not – so the judge oddly and rarely so I hear was relinquished of parental and financial responsibilities.

      I have been ROBBED BY 8-9 OUT OF THE 10 so called friends I mentioned earlier….they steal any of my pain meds and as much as they can. I take xanax for panic disorder – 360 one day where stolen then 180.

      Then all my jewelry $50,000 worth that I had accumulated through my life as i was injured when i was 35. I actually had meet my life and financial goals and bought a house and was in the process of setting new goals.

      I was injured at a insurance carrier – I was the scape goat by approx 5 men above me. I was the marketing mgr….they were the vp of sales marketing, regional sales manager, president, vp of HR that was just in this one subsidiary. I was having dreams of being kidnapped and tied to a chair forced to chew glass and swallow it night after night – so yes I have PTSD.

      Back to drugs……..did I say I hate oxycontin – YES IT DOES DESTROY YOUR TEETH…. no one told me this. I also have Sjodens which is dry everything and it does not help.

      So far I have done a fantastic job at hiding how miserable i am with my life – mainly for my child’s sake who through all of this has turned out to be BEYOND FANTASTICALLY BRILLIANT. Never missed one day of school, straight A’s, been in an MST magnet program since 3rd grade [math science tech]. She is 14 in class of 800. She is beautiful on the inside outside and then add brains – I have warned her about the enemies she will automatically attract merely bc of these 3 traits. Sad…. but true and she must know she is a triple threat. My self esteem will not allow me to acknowledge if I was ever one sadly.

      It has been what 14 years now…….. you would think i would be accustomed to my life. FAR FROM IT. maybe it is age – and that i remained single for the last 15 yrs for my daughters sake – i did not want her to see me shopping per say, heaven help me if I pick a violent one again or pedophile – i would be in jail….so I had sex when needed and privately but no relationships – i ponder if right decision now bc one thing it did do was ensure she DID NOT HAVE A FATHER OR SIBLING…and I dont have a brother….and as of today….not one person besides my family that I trust….

      all because of what i must have to FUNCTION, GET OUT OF BED, MOVE AROUND, TAKE CARE OF MY CHILD AND THIS DAMN HOUSE I BOUGHT 15 YEARS AGO….. i have no routine bc my body is in charge – if it feels good – i keep going…..I have had more sleepless nights the last 14 years than when i was a WILD WILD TEENAGER….. and this even sucks bc i love to sleep – its also when we heal. yet if i am not in pain i cant stop.

      i have wondered am i trying to kill myself bc i am not helping my medical conditions. My house may be cleaner but i am then down for the count for as long as i was up.

      this leads to a vampire non human feeling life bc i am out of sync with the normal daytime people — I GRADUATED IN 11TH GRADE, I PUT MYSELF THROUGH COLLEGE, GRADUATED WITH A 3.68…. did everything not to be where i am at today.

      this is why I replied………..i am at my bottom. It is scary. I literally have lost my ambition passion desire to leave my house communicate with those i know love me except my child.

      I am empty… i am broke – the $80k went to $36k year… and as you know you cant make more than $600 mo even if you are sitting down at home with ability to fall out whenever the Oxy kicks out its time release pattern. I cant risk it and yes i have had those shitty thoughts about breaking every moral ethical loving belief that i have held my entire life….thus far i have not had to .

      worse is i was raised as an independent woman…..so i wont never have let anyone take care of me.

      Girl… I am in trouble – my daughter goes to college in a year and half to be either an astronaut, astrophysicist, astronautical engineer….this last one is her favorite mainly bc she also was hurt at age 2 and given meds that triggered hypothyrodism..so she has to take synthroid daily which she believes ruined her chance to go to MARS…. YES MARS..good god… i cant even get on a coaster without saying every cussword under the sun and this is prior to even starting to move.

      How I managed this well to her my injury created this bc i am a workaholic and she believes that if i was not injured that we would not have the strong relationship we have….the day she told me this – i wept.

      there is that silver lining people speak of you think?

      I believe we have much in common. I did not look at the date of this article but if it is current and you would like to talk to someone who WOULD NOT JUDGE YOU STEAL FROM YOU MAKE FUN OF YOU …ACTUALLY BELIEVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU … not enable and not not call you on your own bullshit…. send me an email.


      doctors – i have had the same one since i was hurt 14 yrs – like i said this is life long they cant fix me bc during all the initial tests they found out I had AS – ankylosing spondylitis..spine could may will who knows fuse on its own….so no doctor will touch me.

      this is my life on drugs – remember the egg and frying pan? and yes bc of people liking to take these meds recreationally there are many more fears i have bc pain is subjective and doctors want to fix and if they cant they dont want to see you again….. sad really. My monthly bill as I take 3 80 m Oxycontin per day and then have 4-6 norco i can take for breakthr0ugh pain yes even on that dose i get it. Yes i still take ibuprofen aleve etc…bc i will not over take my oxy PERIOD. i dont like it but it has the least side effects of which noticeable daily one is fatigue….on top of a myriad of conditions which symptoms include fatigue.

      SUX…… btw I dont drink – gave that up at 27 way before injured THANK GOD…. as well as the occasional doobie bc could not think in college.

      I smoke cigarettes – go figure the one item i knew i would give up – is my best friend…sick but brutally honest. and my dr pepper and chocolate. and of course per doctors THANK GOD YOUR NOT FAT..SONS OF BITCHES….no i am not but you know wtf…..yes it is hard on ones back but that statement could kill a chronic pain person. Just like being called a drug dealer bc I did not want to loose my norco script – back when you could get refills. I was picking up my last refill from prior script and asked them to hold it till next month….. i have 0nly tried to change doctors once bc this is about the hardest thing to do – change pain med doctors…..this pharmacist called EVERYONE SAYING I WANTED 2000 NORCO AND I WAS A DRUG DEALER

      really lady>

      thank god i had been seeing my pain psychiatrist for 7 years at this point and no prob but he and i were trying to transfer me to a group of doctors SW PAIN GROUP DALLAS shoot – i loved my soon to be new doctor he actually was going to help me fight the insurance carrier on the work comp claim;… till this date – have not heard a word and i wrote him a 10 page fax explaining.

      that is my point…unless you have been here for medical reasons not merely addiction…. you will hopefully never know the category of misfits chronic pain persons are placed into and I had the discogram..IT PROVED THE PAIN… it was not merely my statement that i hurt.

      I am not a religious person more a spiritual one….that passage that says God or Jesus will heal the sick and free them of their chains..

      no pun intended BUT BY GOD I HOPE THAT IS TRUE. and those who have looked at us crookedly well – that is called i think blasphomy – we speak the truth…..most others use this stuff to kill their MENTAL PAIN WHICH IS EASILY HEALABLE IF YOUR ANY KIND OF A REAL MAN OR WOMAN.


      HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE …. IF NOT well i hope it helped me.

      mother.of.dragon.69@gmail.com PUT IN SUBJECT LINE – CHRONIC PAIN so i dont ignore you… lol… my desire to be a techie has left as well. BUMMER BC ACCORDING TO STEPHEN HAWKINS SOME SHIT IS ABOUT TO START STIRRING!!!

      • Hi Traci,
        It’s November, 2017 only about a year late! Nonetheless, could almost feel your pain from knowing how similar it is to my own. If your interested and still looking to talk to someone, email me and I will give you my cell number. Take care, Kelly

    • Here’s the most honest and brutal truth that you need to hear;
      -In revealing your life, which is highly uneducated and very frenetic, you give out obvious sugns of danger. Danger to yourself, those around you, and your Doctor’s license.
      You are hanging out with crack-heads and junkies. Typically misery lives company i.e. You yourself are a junkie. Both physically and psychologically dependent, but also emotionally co-dependant as evidenced by your extreme denial of over-use, when in fact you are OVER-PRESCRIBED. Sure you may follow dosage instructions, and leave absurd comments on an article post, but all you are really doing is SELF-JUSTIFYING THE NEED FOR WHAT IS PRESCRIBED IN THOSE AMOUNTS CONSISTENTLY AND YOU FOOL YOURSELF BY JUDGEMENTAL COMPARRISON TO FEEL SUPERIOR TO THOSE AROUND YOU, i.e. The sleepover over-dosed “ex-crackhead” who died in your home where the person who would have been able to stop her would have been you. Her death is your fault. Your death is well on its way by self admitted dosages and the actual truth hiding by reading INTO what you wrote, and not what your content was. This self admission shows strong psychological guilt and subcouncious self aware knowing that you are indeed an over-prescribed pill junkie whose abuse is justified by comparison to “more hardcore junkies” than yourself.
      Bottom line, let your pain doctor and a psychiatrist read that post, and if they change nothing at all I will happily admit to being wrong and being judgemental and not an observationalist myself. However, after they read that I will put $100,000 bet that your prescriptions change immediately, that you are red flagged so ER doctors don’t dose you, and that you are immediately admitted to a psychiatric inpatient facility for a forced wane down, evaluation, and new Psychotrophic regimine to go along with the new 1/10th disages of pain medications you will be on.
      I’m not joking either, you video record both of those doctors reading that statement and then continue to record them not taking action and keeping your meds the same, and post that video I will give $100,000, but if you take the bet and record their reactions as I predicted them to be, you owe me just a $1,000 and half your months RX’s for a year, because somebody that cares needs to step in and help save your life from a bad doctor and self-brainwashing.


      When you wrote this, you were high. I don’t care about grammar, it is obvious in many ways so denial is obviously the core of your problem. Re-read that and have others who take ZERO drugs but know you read it. Those who tell you in some form you were high are people I would maybe trust to help you help yourself. I cried when I read it because I have been you in my lifetime and nobody but the rock I hit at the bottom told me so. Consider me the rock, and this post your bottom. It’s all uphill from here though so focus on that as the challenges come in rapid succession after embracing this. You can make it. You must work hard. You must be brave. You must admit it to yourself. You can overcome this obstacle but you must come clean first, then get cleaned up, then clean up your company kept, then clean out your negatives with seeing the end of the rainbow and the pot of gold waiting there.

      • What are you some kind of expert? You need to watch how you address people. This folks don’t need some know it all degrading them so shut the f**k up.

    • I wish I could write you a helpful reply but with all grammar mistakes, spelling errors and incorrect abbreviations I found I could not understand 84.5% of your rant/post.

    • I have a safe know what you mean

    • I’ll be rude! That’s was so f*** long and uncalled for. She sounds like a women that doesn’t have anyone to talk to about her issues because they can’t talk to her when she’s on her morphine! Stop that s***!

    • hey, Jasmine, I too found this aite by accident trying to figure out the difference between the two medications and is like to say n ro you!!!!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself reading your story was a lot like reading my own autobiography. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you, God bless, and good luck with your struggle with chronic pain I’m sure you’re going to need it I definitely do I suffer every day because my meds are bot quite ENOUGH to control my pain but is rather be I a little pain some of the time than in debilitating pain for days because I took more than i was prescribed!!!!!!!!

    • Jasmine
      Interesting story. A lot sounds just like me.
      I would be curious to know you situation now and how is the ms.

  4. I think anyone in his/her right mind, if they are educated, would not chose an ESI. Most would rather risk dependance than arachnoiditis. Please think about it before having an ESI. Your pain CAN be worse caused by a temporary unapproved by the FDA solution.


  5. Hi. I have been on Oxicontin 20mg twice daily morning and night and when I picked up my prescription yesterday from the pharmacy they gave me Oxycodone and said it was exactly the same medication.

    I took one 20mg tablet last night as I always do for my pain but boy did my body go into physical withdrawal as if I had never taken it. I took it at 8pm before bed as normal and went through hell till 1am the following morning.

    There is obviously something different between Oxicontin and Oxycodone and for me to have to go through what I did last night on top of my chronic pain and servers illness was unjustified.

    Obviously when you take these painkillers for a long period you have to me gradually weaned off them as your body does go into physical withdrawal! And that’s what happened last night – very very scary I must say.

    Should I give my pharmacist a rark up today over the phone? As I assume the same thing is going to happen this morning with the medication.

    Any comments would be appreciated
    Thank you

    • From what I have always been told, oxycontin is time released and oxycodone is instant release. Here is what wiki says.
      “Controlled release oral tablet form is indicated for cancer and other chronic pains and intended to be taken every 12 hours.[9] Immediate release forms are used more commonly for management of moderate pain.”
      And to be honest, the highest strength I have known of Oxcodone is 10mg.

      • Oxycodone comes in strengths of 15, 20 and much much higher

      • im not sure where you heard that 10mg is the highest. They have oxycodone that comes in 5’s, 10’s, 15’s, 20’s, and 30’s. probably even more than that by now

    • I know this is an old post but, I was curious what happened? I was googling to find out what the difference was and came accross this page. From what I see, the person that responded to you is correct. One is extended release (OxyContin) and one is quick release (Oxycodone). My other question is this…I’m confused as to why you’re taking meds before bed for pain relief? Can you explain why this works for you? You’re sleeping and don’t need pain relief IMO. I personally use the fentynal pain patches and I do sleep with them on so, essentially I am doing the same thing but..it’s different. Just curious your theory. Thanks!

      • Legalgirl101… if someone is in Chronic pain, that is means it painful 24/7. I have been awakened by burning pain in my back. And have to take a pain pill. If I take on before I go to bed, the medicine is fighting the pain while I sleep.
        I wish I had thought about asking for a patch when I was at the Dr’s.
        I am so sick of this pain. I am passed crying. I now get mad.
        I hope that answered your question and sorry I went off topic.
        Have a blessed day.

        • I know about pain and not being able to sleep. I have had a couple of surgeries in my lower back and had to have a bone spur dug out in 1984 ever since then I have to take pain meds just to get relef from pain especially when I just sit or lay down aching pain keeps me from sleeping that is why I take pain med before bed to at lease get some sleep FYI about taking meds before bed

      • If it is your opinion that you do not need to take pain meds before bed for pain relief while sleeping, then can you explain to us why you use fentanyl pain patches while your sleeping and explain to us how or why it is any different.

      • Legalgirl101
        I know your post is old as well, but I wanted to let you know I take Percocet almost every night before bed. If not, I can not sleep because of the pain.
        I am not addicted because I have stopped for weeks at a time for one reason or another. Never went into withdraw, just unbearable pain that causes me to have zero quality of life!

    • Oxytocin is timed released

  6. Hello Amanda,

    I hope you’re doing well; at least better than you were doing last night. Amanda, before I go any further, I need to say that, Oxycontin (which you have been taking) and Oxycodone (which the pharmacist gave you yesterday) ARE NOT the same at all. I’m completely shocked that your pharmacist would even give you Oxycodone instead of Oxycontin, because it is illegal and a felony to provide a customer with medication other than the medication which has been prescribed by his/her physician. Furthermore, it brings up suspicion to why the pharmacist would actually do such a thing, when the pharmacist is fully aware of the difference between the two drugs.

    Before you do anything else, go back to the pharmacy and demand to have your original prescription of “Oxycontin” filled! If the pharmacist plays any games, such as saying that he or she cannot fill it at this point or that a new prescription is needed from your physician, or if the pharmacist continues to suggest that the two drugs are the same, then simply tell him/her that you will be contacting the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in order to clear up the mess, which he/she (the pharmacist) has created. The DEA is the primary regulating agency when it comes to ALL and ANY prescription pharmaceuticals.

    Both Oxycontin and Oxycodone are Schedule II (2) drugs, which means that there are very close rules and regulations which the pharmacy must follow when filling the prescription. A very important rule/regulation is that the pharmacy CANNOT alter or change the prescription of a Schedule II (2) drug without a hardcopy of the prescription. Schedule II (2) drugs cannot even be filled by your doctor’s office calling the pharmacy and requesting an “over the phone or fax” prescription to be filled. A hardcopy is ALWAYS required.

    Amanda, I cannot stress the importance of this enough! That is why you received terrible withdrawals last night. Oxycontin is not the same as Oxycodone at all! The similarities between the two is that, Oxycontin is a long acting, Extended Release or Controlled Release drug (Oxycontin ER), whereas Oxycodone is a short acting, Immediate Release drug (Oxycodone IR). Both drugs contain “Oxycodone,” but they are two VERY different drugs. Oxycontin is a potent substance of “Oxycodone,” whereas the Oxycodone you were prescribed yesterday is a far less potent substance of Oxycodone, because it does not contain the same potency or strength of Oxycodone, and it is also mixed with Hydrochloride. Oxycontin is a primary painkiller, whereas Oxycodone is a breakthrough painkiller. Many patients are prescribed both medications to achieve full pain relief, or as close to full pain relief as possible. Oxycontin Extended Release, which you were original prescribed and have been taking for some time now, is released into the bloodstream, where it then releases acting agents into the bloodstream every few hours; thus, only two doses are needed each day. Oxycondone on the other hand is a breakthrough painkiller. Its effects are felt within 10 to 20 minutes after taking the dose, but its effects do not last as long as Oxycontin’s effects.

    As I mentioned, many patients are prescribed both Oxycontin and Oxycodone to achieve full pain relief. Oxycontin is taken once in the morning and once in the evening; then the Oxycodone is taken 2 to 3 times daily in between doses of Oxycontin, when the patient begins to experience pain. Since the patient is allowed a limited dosage of Oxycontin within a 24 hour timeframe, the Oxycodone IR (Immediate Release) provides temporal pain relief of pain symptoms until more Oxycontin ER (Extended Release) agents are automatically released into the bloodstream or until the following dose.

    Amanda, please understand that what your pharmacist has done is illegal, especially since he/she directly told you that they are the same drug, and directly gave you the incorrect drug intentionally. What his or her intentions were? I don’t know. There are many things I can speculate on, but I’d rather not.

    Make sure you make a copy of the current prescription receipt and medication bottle, which was given to you yesterday. Then go back to the pharmacy and demand to have your original prescription filled. In the meantime, call your doctor and let him/her know exactly what the pharmacist did (filling the wrong medication and telling you it’s the same), so this way your doctor is aware of the situation and can call the pharmacy and “put them in line”, in the event the pharmacy continues to give you the runaround.

    Amanda, I wish you the best of luck sorting this out, but with all honesty, you’re not going to need any luck for this situation, because you have every law, rule and regulation backing you on this one. I just hope it is sorted out today, so you experience the withdrawals which you experienced last night. Those withdrawals just show you how less potent Oxycodone is than your original medication, which is Oxycontin. Please let me know how it all went, and if you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. Just post a message or comment, and I will respond as soon as I see the post.

    I wish you the best, Amanda!

    – Calvin

    • Hi Calvin

      First I would like to thank you for your fantastic reply it was
      Amazing and so informative thank you so much! Very supportive of you:)

      I did go down to the pharmacist and demand my proper script for
      OxyContin 20mg and they had none in stock. They had to order it in
      So I had to endure another two days of unbalanced out of
      sequence out of control pain relief. It pretty much laid me flat for
      Three days as I was in so much pain. I nearly went to hospital it got so bad.

      The pharmacist explanation is that Oxicontin is no longer going to be funded by the drug company and Oxcondone is now its replacement! All to do with the dollars. But at what cost?
      The pharmacist said “she’s not surprised that someone has had I reaction to this new drug as there have been no comparison trials done between the two medications” FAR OUT” I don’t like being a Lab rat force to trial new drugs! How dear they.

      I told my doctor what had happened and he didn’t seem surprise at all, and didn’t go blasting in the pharmacy to question what they had done……. Is this a ploy to try and reduce patients abusing the OxyContin because of its addiction capabilities? Doctors need to remember its them putting patients onto the medication in the first place. Anyway I’m lost for words on the whole thing.
      The pharmacy are scrounging around to find OxyContin to fill my scripts and say they don’t know how long they can hold off me going onto Oxycodone and go see my doctor for alternatives! Been there done that and my doctor admitted that not enough trials have been done but pretty much didn’t give a dam.

      I’m in the process of writing a formal complaint on the whole thing thanks to your advice and support Calvin.
      I will keep you posted on any developments.

      Oh and yes got some of my life back now that I’m back on Oxicontin but for how long? I do not know;(


      • Amanda – I’m happy you got that situation taken care of. I’m still a little concerned that your pharmacist is being less than truthful with you. Oxycodone is neither a replacement for Oxycontin, NOR is it new. I have been taking Oxycodone for years. My PM tried to switch me to Oxycontin, but the side effects for me were intolerable. I was a mess. Now happily back to my small, not increasing dosage of oxycodone. You were sick on the oxycodone because it had much less of the active ingredient than the oxycontin. This doesn’t mean it will always be the case. If you and your doctor choose to go this route in the future, you will just need to taper the oxycontin while at the same time adding in the oxycodone.
        Best of luck!

        • What side effects did u have when u switched to OxyContin ?

          • My pharmacist switched my prescription from OxyContin to Oxicodone. It felt like I had an extreme case of the Flu and made me totally bed bound until I told the Pharmacist to put me back on Oxicontin. I sent a letter to pharmaceutical supplier
            telling them of my reaction to the switch. Because of this reaction there is obviously a difference in the way Oxicodone works compared to Oxicontin, but I think it is just at that change over point from one prescription to the other until the old body gets use to Oxicodone. Regards Amanda

        • First off we dont know all the details. If the pharmacy was out they may have called hter dr to give her the oxycodone. Oxycodone is the active ingredient in oxycontin. Oxycontin is just time released where oxycodone is not. I take oxycodone for disk problems, lupus, aps, and chronic joint pain. Hcl is also in oxycodone. My script is one rvery 4 hours so when i have taken 3 over a 12 hour period i have taken the same as someone who took er oxycontin.the point of oxycontin is to gove you the whatever strength we will use 80 mg continuously over 12 hours. Which is why i suspect junkies like them because they get a huge amount of meds in a very short time. So its possible the pharmacist called the dr asked if they could change the script from oxy 80 every 12 hours to oxycodone 80 every 4 hours. There would be no difference. If she didnt realize she was to take it every 4 yea shr wold withdrawl. Many yrs i worked in a pharmacy. So to everyone take your meds as prescribed and that means dont snort or inject in veins..follow the directions on your bottle. We as dr.s, nurses, healthcare associates, pharmacists have heard every excuse in the book. If uou are an addict trust me we know it. Now dont get me wrong people on chronic pain meds if and when u r better and its time to come off. Its normal to wothdrawl. Do not be ashamed. uour dr will ween u off slow and if u are still feeling effects there are other kinds of meds to help with the withdrawl symptoms. Sorry for the book but it angers me when people assume the pharmacist just switcheda drug without checking. He probabky did ask the dr but the instructions would have changed also. Good luck to u

          • Thank you Miasy for finally explaining clearly the difference between the two so basically what you’re saying is 30 mg oxicontin every 12 hours is comparable to 30mg oxicodone every 4 correct?

      • Hi Amanda

        I know the feeling you are experiencing. I have been on Altrum for almost 13 yrs now. I have scoliosis and a herniated disc. To make a long story short, the Dr. gave me a script to go to pain management, so I went and then after a few months I lost my prescription will I was shopping at the mall, was trying on clothes and things, anyway the pain clinic called me in and wanted a count of pills, I told them what had happened. They said you will have to get a police report, so I did and took it in to them. The receptionist came back to me about 10 minutes later and said you are out of here. I said I did what you told me to do and they said to bad we can’t help you. So after that then my primary care Dr. gave me my scripts that I was getting from pain clinic which was Percocet 10 and utram for breaththrough pain. Then they said after a few months that I would have to get the pills from pain management and was rudely told to not come back to their office. So I got a new Dr. and was given Percocet and Ultrum. A few months later I was given a urine test and they told me I didn’t even have Percocet in my system, and one strike and your out.I told them I didn’t like being accused of things that are not true, and they just said I am sorry but we can’t help you, and made the mention that I should be on some sort of pill that mentally ill people take. I could not believe that I was being accused of lying about that urine test. So I go thru the withdraw from not having the Percocet not fun at all. In the meantime I was able to get Utram from PC Dr. Then last month my Dr. tells me I can no longer write for the ultram and that I would have to go to pain management. Well there is no pain clinic that will take me any more because of the urine test. So now I get to look forward to going without any pain meds at all and going thru withdraw and hobbling around trying to walk with herniated disc and the pain shooting down my leg and in back. I am so hurt and feel like I am being treated like I don’t mean anything to the Dr.s and that they are trying everything they can to get rid of me. So I guess at this point I just might have to ride around in a wheelchair, if I survive going thru the withdraw from Utram after all these yrs.

        I am so sorry for your pain and the hurt you are going thru and have gone through. I know what you have gone through. Take care and keep chin up.


    • This is the best understanding between the 2 Oxy’s I have found. Thank you very much Calvin.

  7. Well I read everyone of the stories each one different but yet the same and I would like to say thank you to all I have learnt so much no doctor could ever teach or tell . Just thank you for shareing your pain and suffering your guilt being scared your shame your medication and addictions and withdrawl and in some cases we have came so far but still most medical teams are not getting it..I feel for anyone on the pain journey .. REMEMBER that you have the pain that the pain dose not have you it is easier when your the boss!! stay stronge oxxo

  8. Hi everyone,
    I have some questions and I am really confused about somethings. I currently go to pain management. I had open heart surgery 12 years ago to repair a defect in my heart that i was born with. well after the surgery j started to have pain and burning in my upper back. after going thru numerous doctors. i thought i had
    finally found a doctor that was helping. well just recently my pain doctor discharged me. For about 6 months he has been riding me that im fat that im over weight! I need to loose weight. i tried and tried i couldn’t loose weight. i also have knee problems well just my left knee. it makes it hard to walk and exercise.well anyways he discharged me cuz i was short on my pills when i went for My appt. like a week before my appt i called and ask if they. could refill my ointment i use on my hands cause i have nerve damage in both of my hands also. well when i had asked them to refill the ointment the nurse said no. well that didn’t help me at all. so i didn’t realize that i over took some of my pills. cause the pain in my hands and the pain jn my knee was so bad during the day and just seemed worse when i tried to sleep. well for being 17 pills short. he dismissed me from being my doctor. he lied on my paperwork and now my new pain doctor is treating me like im a pill popper. i have never abused my pills. ever!!!! the nerve pain in my hands is horrible . and my left knee pain at night is omg awful!!! it makes me made cuz the old pain dr didn’t try to do anything to get me out of pain!!! he just me a script for my meds scolded me about being fat. and sent me on my!!! And the new doctor want to just stop my Oxycodone. i currently take 15mgs of Oxycodone every 4 hours. Now she wants to just cold Turkey make me start taking Oxycontin 2xs a day and Lyrica 50mgs at nite. and physical therapy. how is that gonna work. i have been taking Oxycodone 2yrs I am fine with it and it helps me. i dont feel comfortable being switched to Oxycontin. i feel that is gonna be to strong and I think i am fine with the 15mgs of Oxycodone. someone pls give some advice. dont i have a say in what medication i take. or is it what the pain dr says and that’s it. Please I just dont feel comfortable being prescribed a different pain med. please answer my question thanks everyone

    • Hello Christine,

      I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Christine, I completely understand your concern about switching from oxycodone to OxyContin, especially when you’ve been taking oxycodone for 2 years. You may be worried about withdrawal symptoms, pain tolerance, and even dosage strength; however, rest assured that you will be on a far more potent, less dangerous, and more pain reducing medication, once you are switched to OxyContin. In fact, that’s something your previous PM doctor should have decided to do, because oxycodone (which you have been on for 2 years) is a short acting breakthrough medication, which SHOULD NOT be used for long term pain management purposes as a primary pain medication.

      Everything that you haven’t been able to do because of your pain, and all the things you’ve been restricted from doing in your personal and social life,due to your pain, will now change! Though 15mg’s of oxycodone may help reduce your pain, within a few months your body will require double the dose to achieve the same level of pain relief. It’s inevitable, because oxycodone is not designed as a longterm, long lasting pain medication. It’s merely a breakthrough pain medication which should be used in conjunction with a long lasting pain medication such as, OxyContin, methadone, or Kadian (a controlled/extended release morphine capsule).

      The Lyrica will also greatly help/reduce the nerve pain you’re experiencing. Also, I’m sure your new PM doc will also provide you with a breakthrough medication, which may either be oxycodone, Percocet (oxycodone & Tylenol), or Norco (hydrocodone & Tylenol), in order to achieve the highest level of pain relief. If you still suffer from minor pains Once you start taking OxyContin and if she hasn’t prescribed any breakthrough medication, you can ask her to do so, but allow her to select which breakthrough med to prescribe.

      I honestly believe this has been a blessing for you, Christine. Your previous doctor should have placed you on these meds a long time ago, yet failed to do so, and discharged you when you finished your medication earlier than expected, which is inevitable because oxycodone rarely achieves maximum pain relief when used as the sole medication in pain management.

      Don’t worry about OxyContin being “too strong” of an opiate, because your PM doctor will prescribe you a mg based on your current medication, dosage, and level of opiate tolerance. Remember, OxyContin is a far more safer opiate than oxycodone. The process is a careful conversion, which ensures a safe transition from one medication to the next, while achieving maximum pain relief. Don’t be surprised if the new PM doctor wants to see you every 2 weeks for the first few months, and if she increases your dosage. This is absolutely normal and quite important with caring and knowledgeable PM doctors.

      Christine, you’re definitely on the right path in achieving a maximum pain relief life. I believe your switch from oxycodone to OxyContin is a great switch, and I’m sure you will experience much higher pain relief.

      So stop worrying so much and start trusting your new PM doctor 🙂 and have an OPEN DIALOGUE with her concerning EVERYTHING! I wish you the very best, Christine! I’m always here to help as much as I can! Take care!

      • Calvin, I appreciate with your thoughtful and well written responses to the posters here. I do however have to strongly disagree with your claim that oxycontin is “less dangerous” and a “far… safer opiate” than oxycodone. The very fact that it is, as you say, more potent, means it is at least as dangerous.

        You also say that within a few months one will require double the dosage of oxycodone to achieve the same level of pain relief. Why would you think that it would be any different with oxycontin? It’s the same active ingredient. The person wanting twice as much oxycodone will also eventually want twice as much oxycontin.

        I do agree with you, that any form of pain management should be a composite approach. Neither of these medications should be used as the only way of achieving pain relief, nor should anyone expect 100% pain relief from any pain management protocol.

        Christine, as I understand it, oxycontin will be discontinued at some point in the near future. I don’t think it is unreasonable for you to not want to start taking it now. When I took oxycontin for a short time, I found the side effects to be more life altering than the pain. My PM doctor said he was not surprised to hear that, and switched me back to oxycodone.
        Whatever you choose, I hope you find pain relief and are able to live well.

        • Hi, Carol. Can I ask, what do you mean by “as I understand it, Oxycontin will be discontinued at some point in the near future”??? WHERE did you hear that, and WHEN??

          I’ve been taking both oxycodone AND Oxycontin for over 7 years; I sustained a spinal cord injury and was left with a broken back after a serious car accident. Having chronic back pain tends to come with the territory of having a broken back–it’s simply a given. So just the mere thought of no longer having access to one of the two pain meds that have (just barely) made life bearable for the last 7 and a half years is extremely frightening to me… Let me know, okay? — Thanx!!

        • Oxycontin is just changing. Well, has already changed to Opana which cannot be chewed or crushed to be snorted. Oxycontin was a very very dangerous drug in it’s old form in which many drug addicts could manipulate it’s form and the full dose would be released all at once which could cause an overdose.

    • Christine
      I know your post is several years old, just wondering how you are doing on Lyrica.
      I was taking it for almost 3 years and gained over 100lbs in it. Which caused a whole lot of other issues that I am still dealing with.
      I really hope you are still not on Lyrica!!

  9. Reading all of your stories brought back so many memories! I had been on most of the meds mentioned since a car acc “broke” my back @ L5-S1, requiring a lamenectomy/fusion within the year it took them to identify my injury.
    10yrs later, by the year 2000, I was prescribed OxyContin 80mg 2 x day, but being uncomfortable with the controversial drug, I requested it be changed. I then ended up taking 100mg of Morphine 3 x da I’d been on most of the meds mentioned since a car acc “broke” my back @ L5-S1, requiring a lam/fusion within the year it took to identify my injury.
    10yrs later, by 2000, I was prescribed OxyContin 80mg 2x day. But being uncomfortable with the controversial drug, I requested it be changed. I then ended up on 100mg of Morphine 3x day.
    New PM Dr implanted a Morphine Pump last Dec & now I’m on less than 3mg Morphine over a 24hr period!
    It’s so nice to get off the Narcotic Merry Go Round after being on it over 20yrs!
    God Bless each of you on your journey, only some1 who’s been there understands!

  10. OxyContin is just a Name Brand for the time released version of oxycodone. Nothing more. Nothing less. The Non-time released dosage forms will act faster. I have found OxyContin to be superior in managing my pain for several hours. My goal is eventually be OxyContin free. The withdrawal symptoms from either of the drugs are severe.

  11. I have severe back pain and have been prescribed oxycodone. I’ve been reading some of the scary scenarios here about addiction, etc. I’m 75 and wonder if it matters if I get addicted? Oxycodone has allowed me to walk, whereas it was too difficult before. I would appreciate any comments. Thanks.

    • As long as you take it regularly as prescribed and don’t keep increasing your dosage, you should be fine. Oxycodone is an effective pain killer. It works best when you take it on a regular schedule – not “as needed for pain”. While you may have symptoms of physical dependency, that is a different beast than addiction.

    • Enjoy this site I’m 74 have degenerative erosive arthritis I take 60mg oxycodone and 50 mg hydrocodone (10/365) daily recently I’ve been having severe pain in my shoulder it’s a torn ligament due to the arthritis I have an appt with my orth doc in 2weeks. I’m usually very exact taking my pain meds but this month have had to take more consequently I’m almost out of my meds and have 2days until a get a new rx I hate this addiction but I need these pills I just needed to share

  12. Um yeah, difference between Oxycontin and Oxycodone, NONE… Oxycontin is just a trademarked name for time delayed Oxycodone. So instead of getting 20mg all at once, its slowly released into your system over 8-12 hours, depending on your body. Oxycodone is the name of the ingredient in Oxycontin, which makes it a pain reliever. The same ingredient is available in instant release form, with the trademarked names like roxycodone, and a few others, or in a mixed form like percocet, which is oxycodone mixed with Tylenol (another trademarked name). The big reason why people harp on Oxycontin is its available in higher doses than the instant release form, which made it very sought after by street users. Today, Oxycontin is formulated into a digestible polymer resin, that makes it supposedly near impossible for street users to beat the time delayed action. Also, due to lawsuits and continually renewed patents, Oxycontin remains the only time released version of oxycodone.

    Name on the bottle, and how long it takes for the pill to dissolve, those are the only differences.

    • Matt is like the guy that said “I took a lie detector test” “No I didn’t”

      You started out saying there’s no difference. Then you went on to explain what the difference is. And you used phrases like “depending on your body”, “or in a mixed form like ” and then in your closing words..”Name on the bottle, and how long it takes for the pill to dissolve, those are the only difference”

      Can I call you Matt, Matty, Mady, or Matthew —Maybe a recipient of a split personality-seek help God Bless You My Friend

    • u r whacko

  13. Hi all, would like to introduce myself first, im a 40 year young woman an mom to 3 teenager’s, i live and was born in New Zealand.
    Ok i have read most of the stories on this cool website, have been very touched by what you guys are all going through and am interested in sharing my story.
    At present this is rather a coincidence today the 1 of October i have my appointment ive been waiting 3 months for and hope to go on oxycodone an oxycotin for a spine injury, slipped 3 disc, herniated and a bulged one, plus i have arthritis pain i my left knee, can not walk without abit of help. I am coming off fentanyl patches, find them too slow, too fidgety, i have a stoma bag from a cancer opperation last year. I have alot of pain and today is the day i want it sorted out because ive tryed almost every pain pill there is. I will give you guys follow up tonight once i know what my pain Dr. Has decided, if your reading this now i have 2 hrs to drive to my appointment place its in the capital city hospital right at the 12th floor so if your a Christian as i am please say a prayer for me, i need it believe me, pain management doctors have a mind of their own.
    So thats it from me until later tonight, if im not in too much pain i be back on to let you know how our nz pain management drs. Work. Until then hope ya all stay out of pain have a good as day as you can and God bless you ☺

  14. I went to my appointment as i said in my last post. This is what my pain dr. Said, NOPE IM NOT PRESCRIBING OXYCODONE, ITS HILLBILLY HEROIN IN AMERICA BECAUSE I MENTIONED SOME FRIENDS WHO FOUND IT WORKS GREAT.

  15. I usually don’t reply to these but, just read about the experiences of others. I too am a chronic pain patient and I have jumped through hoops to get pain meds for the last 10 years. More is required of pain patients to get their medications than anyone else. At one point I was so disgusted, I told my pharmacist, “I’d have a better chance at getting what I needed by going to the local high school parking lot.” He gave me a crusty look and said he’d advise against that. He had no sense of humor and yet I was the one in pain.

    I have been to 3 different pain clinics over the years and 2 of them had Dr.’s that were of Indian descent. I am an ex nurse and have worked with a handful of Indian Dr.’s over the years and have found most of them to be uncaring. I know this is a generalization but it must be something from their background. The men Dr.’s talk down to women and I was treated with little regard and the women Dr.’s had no sympathy for anyone. I know it’s their way of life. I always felt like I needed to go squat on my WOMAN rug after dealing with them. Imagine having a little medical knowledge and then needing pain meds from them. I did not fare well. If it wasn’t for his assistant I would have left after the 1st visit. I would try to find another Dr. I don’t know why Indian Dr.’s gravitate to pain management. They are not compassionate.
    I am now going to another pain clinic and feel comfortable stating my opinion of what would help me and offer suggestions. Educating yourself is empowering unless you end up with a male Indian Dr. and then you’re a woman who doesn’t know her place. Good luck.

    • hi just got computer.indian dr.s into pain.iwas in so much pain from sciatica.didnt care.mad ididnt have lumbar mri done.so he can give unnecessary so called surgery. have a referral from my primary to a different pain specialist . another indian dr. I don’t care just curious. good luck with your pain. my phone number is 760 942 7468

  16. Hi , I know pain ….haven’t used the Oxys but there are some things that can give you help and hope…I read a lot and go to youtube teaching sites and prayer sites.
    Watercure by Dr. Batmanghelidj , his books are very helpful for reducing agony
    A good mineral supplement with extra magnesium ,plus vitamin D-3 with K-2
    Lotta tips with Dr. John Bergman who was hit by a car and started to study to find a pain cure,now teaches on youtube , really hope inspiring
    Wellness Mamma to heal your teeth , she has an awesome teaching site with lots of bloggers input
    Earth clinic, name your problem and people all over the world give input that helped them ,
    Kefir for digestion enzymes , heal the gut , lemon water for constipation
    Emmanuel T.V. prayer requests site online … amazing for some relief and quick
    700 club is also very helpful , online or call 1-800-759-0700 free 24 hrs a day
    Women should read what your doctor may not tell you books by Dr. John Lee and get hormones in balance and reduce your pain and inflammation
    Bruce Fyfe, coconut cures book has a lot of tips for detox to help your body heal and organs recover from needing to use pain medicine year after year
    Carolyn Deans book on magnesium and how it helps heal pain and health issues
    The miracle of msm by Stanly Jacob for pain management, use with vitamin C
    DMSO haven’t tried but heard a lot of amazing testimonies for pain
    Sit on a core ball part of the day to increase body muscle slowly and the muscle with help your bones and joints as they recover
    WELL… : ) May you have HOPE PEACE AND JOY as you find some solutions your doctor may not have known to help you get free indeed…. blessings HOPE
    Ray Peat site is also intesting !

    • Ohhhh, puhlease!! You should just go to the club the night a hypnotist is on stage. I have tried so many things that i can’t remember them all. As you get older your body won’t heal itself as needed in our extreme cases. The other comment i have is to check bottles of oxycontin for the letters ER and IR. Extended release, instant release. That may clear up a few things. And, ,, amen sista’s to the Indian PM’s. I was so frustrated at the jerk i saw i walked out. He wanted to start with injections again. ….no way am i paying for nothing. But, good isn’t the answer either, I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict and i am extremely careful about my meds and who you talk to about them. I have never run out or short! !! I had to get new meds one time and that was due to our house burning down. I got the meds but was told not to take site to the high heat they had been in. So. ..you can keep your poop in a group, get somewhat effective pain control, IF you follow drs orders. Tall to your pharmacist, if you don’t like that one find another one that will help you with answers. You need to ask the right questions tho. 25 years of chronic pain. Many of those first years it was unknown, totally spine deterioration and fubromyalgia (the unknown). I have severe scoliosis sure to a muscle spam on right side of back. It caused the scolio. Drs won’t touch, I will break again and again and what about discs low back has dissed itself with no discs left, etc. ,etc. . I even laid in the desert and had native American ceremonies, hypnosis, craniosacral therapy, somatoemotional ,on and on. Pain meds have saved my life. I have wanted to not have a life many times sitting my pain and depression. But. ..I am extremely honest with husband and dr.about anything and everything, including the times i don’t want to live like this. Good luck to all. I hope for pain free moments for all and do try marijuana, or is natural, you won’t overdose and you might get a Giggle. I hope this helps. 60 yo female. Worked very hard until age 54(in pain every day). Sincerely, the Jamie
      This was kwik , I apologize for misspelled words. I have dr. Appt.with pain mngmnt.

      • Hope,
        I agree..you are clueless…magnesium for chronic pain?? It may help with minor muscle spasms but you have no chronic pain. Read from the spinal patients like myself, whether it be from work or accidents. Broke 2 vertabrae and cut my chord in half… I have 10 vertebrae tied as disks continually failed due to ones above fused. Nothing works like Oxycodone. And if you do it right and regularly and take it to just “take the edge off” and still live in some pain.. but just less pain, you won’t get addicted to it….your pain will just get unbearable if you stop. I’ve been on it 9 years and have gone from 5 mg 4 times a day to 10 mg 4 times a day, so I would not say that doubling the dosage in 9 years is using more and more and more… to get high yes…or to kill the pain totally, yes,,,. Life is what it is… good luck to everyone. No one understands, but you guys…..by the way, there are 200,000 spinal cord injury patients in the US… I don’t think that they are talking severed. Once severed, there is no pain below the level of injury.. but you carry a bag and you are really in worse shape, maybe not pain wise, but body function wise, which will kill you.

      • I took oxycodone products for over 48 years and took myself off on 2012 no side effects

  17. I never abused, such as curse, beat up, burn, kick, leave out in the cold of any of my meds! I respect them for their ability to keep me sane, lol!!! I was a roadie for 23 yeras and after two heavy accidents at work and on skiing, arthriris and herniated disks upper and lower spine, bad right hip I am grateful for the help I get from the meds!
    trully there are to many peole that over do it, but I guess because of an incredible stamina and very unusual dosages neede to even get me on an operatimg table, I don’t know if it’s fortune or a curse! Last operation I had on my right foot after a DVT flying to Australia from Germany I needed 7 times the normal anasthetic to be operated on, also woke from it just 15 minutes after was palced in post op room!! The Doctors freaked!..lol!!!

  18. I have a quick question for yall hopefully someone will have some answers to help me. I live in Louisiana I’m 28 years old I’m a lead operator on a offshore production platform in the gulf of Mexico. I was recently diagnosed with Lupus, Rumitoid Authorities, and Adult Stills Disease. Some days at work it’s next to imposible to run up and down stairs all day. bending down for long periods time but the standing back up part is the real problem! I normally have to wake up at 4 and my guys don’t have to be up until 5 but most days I’ll get up at 3 . Just to take a hot shower and walk around the platform to loosen up my body before they get up. It’s very seldom I’m able to sleep more than 4 to 5 hours every night my body can’t stay in the same position for any longer than that. I just had a beautiful little boy he will be a year old next month sometimes I can’t pick him to hold him are play with him at all. My wife gets frustrated with me because I’m not the same person she married and I can completely understand why she gets upset it’s putting a big damper on our relationship. Some days I can’t get out of bed at all it’s completely debilitating I can’t walk shit I couldn’t even crawl it hurts to sleep sit are stand. I get Red nodules all over my body like a quarter size swollen red lump it’s feverish to the touch and very very tender. I was in a bad car accident and have metal rods in each Femur and broke the top of my left knee and the bottom of my right knee and my left foot from the ankle to my toes it was close to being amputated. Playing college football I broke my left arm had to put 2 plates and screws in it and my collar bone. My family doctor will write me 10mg OxyContin on occasion it helps but no where near the 12 hours like they say more like 3 to 4 hours for me I would say I know I could go to a pain management clinic but I’m scared of becoming dependent like the rambling woman that’s in a clear state of denial who commented earlier! My rumotoligist will not give me anything for pain I’m not sure his motive are why it is he won’t but I know my family doctor is getting tired of writing the medication and I don’t know what road I should take. Should it be pain management if so what strengths of what medications would be most helpful are should I explain it to my rumotoligist again and if he still says no seek another doctor? But he is the best and most known auto imune dr in my area BY A LONG SHOT! And advice would be greatly appreciated thank you

  19. go back up two posts and read my long list of helps . Start with doctor Batmanghelidj watercure books and get rid of your histamine problem and then work your way through the other helps. I have sufferred long and hard to come across these lovely solutions. Blessings and many , Hope you enjoy your new son and save your marriage .

  20. I love KRATOM. I get it from stores locally most of the time

  21. To be brief I’ll write with choppy sentences. Wife had shoulder injury. Incorrect diagnosis for the pain. A couple of years and three unneeded surgeries. Pain throughout. Phy. thrpy. Pain clinic. After three years finally found broken shoulder. Already developed chronic pain syndrome. Pain relief attempts: minor pain killers, on up to oxy. In order to even function heavy oxy’s which also leave your brain in a fog. When they wear off, too much pain. That cycle of being either in lala land or in terrific pain nearly brought about a suicide.
    By chance, a morphine(slow release) option presented itself. A life saver. It’s not perfect, but much more effective than the oxy. route. None of them are that will allow a somewhat normal existence. So CDC,congressmen and Dr.s, before you get too caught up with trying to save over dose victims, don’t forget about the many veterans and other sufferers of extreme pain, that may either become suicidal or be forced to remain in pain until the trumpet sounds.
    PS: I am on 5mg oxy. as needed for back pain. At least until I’m cut off. Then what?

  22. Sure I know a bunch of prescribed addicts only difference is ur dealer is a doctor not on the street, so get a grip pain is a part of life, u take the shot cause it makeseems u high, get off ur parade float and people hurt that don’t have insurance and then they are hooked, so just cause u got a doc getting ur fix don’t look down on the folks doing the same as you but getting their fix on the street

  23. Hi. I just need help for horrific, chronic pain.

  24. First of all, God has nothing to do with your addiction, so give it a rest. Secondly, I love oxycodone, OxyContin, Percocet you name it. If you can’t handle the drugs stay away from and stop whining!

  25. This ‘blog’ / ‘web’ site is a riot. I hope everyone is getting the help they need. We are all up against the very wealthy doctors’, the Rx/Drug Corporations’, the pharmacists’ and don’t forget the Insurance companies’. Each one is only in the Pain Management business, drug manufacturing business the Pharm business and Insurance business for one thing only, PROFIT. I have experienced the same problems that have been mentioned by all. Just navigating the ‘system’, leaves you worn out, stressed out, ‘cashed out’. Let’s face it, the treatment received or not received, by these so called professional thieves is inhumane. What should be a caring and healing medical function is nothing short of a living hell at every turn. They are only concerned with not loosing their licenses to practice or the FDA sanctioning them. It all comes down to profit. There are a few good professionals out there somewhere, but many of the ‘profit-driven’ professionals have lost their way somewhere. No caring, no bedside manner, no human interaction. Is it any wonder that the U.S. prescibes, develops, dispenses and profits more on Pain Management than any other country. I’m not exactly sure on the stats, but of the billions of fellow humans who inhabit our world, the U.S. has 99.9% of the market. It all comes down to profit. Wishing you a good day to all. Wes

  26. Does anyone know if there is any difference between the generic “Oxycontin” 40mg 2x a daily “oxycodone” 10-325 4x daily “Percocet” also “Gabapentin” 600mg 4x daily ? I have been taking the these for several months now. Was taking 10-325 norco 6+ times a day before for around 2 years. It no longer did anything for me my body unfortunately became close to immune to it… I recently had nerve reconstruction surgery on my left leg & have severe rumatory arthritis arthritis in both arms. Sounds like this is the next step from what I have been reading here. Tried fentanyl patches, Dilaudid & several other pain pills under the strength of what I said I am taking now. None had any relief whatsoever on me. These newer meds I am taking now are helping with the pain, but yet far from feeling being pain free… Any suggestions ?


  27. How long does oxycodone hcl 10 mg say in your system and also oxycontin CR 12 HR SAY IN YOUR SYSTEM ?? THANK YOU !!!

  28. i was woundering if you can buy oxycodone on line,i was told that you could?and she said there was a 60 too?

  29. I Would like 2 know if you can order on line? Iwas told that you could.

  30. Hi everyone I have been on oxynorm 60 MLS a day for 4 years now and now I have been put on oxycodine tablets I just want off all these meds getting to the point that I am withdrawing every morning until I take my dose I have chronic back pain and sciatica nerve damage I have children and hate them seeing me on a bad day can anyone please help I have told the doctor this and he just ups my dose what can I do to come off all these meds but also that my children don’t see me withdrawing sorry about my spelling thank you all for reading as this is my first time I have told anyone not even my wife knows how bad I am feeling

  31. Hi all,

    I live in tri-state area & have been in pain mgmt for almost 10 years now, due to a laundry list of chronic problems, that continue to degrade & get worse (mostly in back).

    I don’t abuse my medicine, and could care less about getting any sort of high.. (I don’t even particularly like idea that I have to take them to make it through a day, but am always grateful for what I have)..

    I simply want to be able to play with my kids, and do normal things, without constant pain (plus, keeping my job would be nice lol…)..

    In the past, used to be prescribed 30mg OXY IR 4-5x a day, for several years, and it worked really well for me. Only took what needed, etc.

    However, eventually my doctor retired & had to switch. The only problem is, now no doctors want to prescribe that to anyone (at least not the ones I’ve been to, over last 4 years or so now).

    Instead, they’ve had me try every other pain medication that exists, tried every procedure, drug holidays etc.. if they thought it might help, i tried it.. Yet, in the end, All did very little to help..

    Eventually, settled on 15mg IR 4x day & 20mg ER 2x a day.

    But because of my bodies metabolism, I’ve rarely ever gotten any relief from ER meds they’ve had me try (like oxycontin) & the 15mg IR are better than nothing, but barely keep my pain in check..

    And now,because of new laws, was just informed they are required to switch me off the 15mg now to lower dose, just as I was accepting that this was how things would be & trying to cope..

    The stress alone caused from all of this, along with complete lack of control in my life has had me in a dark place for quite a while now.

    I really don’t know what to do at this point, and hate idea of having to go around Dr to Dr in hopes of finding one left with true compassion, willing to help..

    If anyone is in tri-state area (NJ,PA,etc), and has any advice, or knows compassionate dr who may help, would very much appreciate it! Thanks all!

  32. Complaints about India doctors in pain clinics intriguing.

    Worth noting that the web master of this site has an Indian name – thank you for providing this forum.

    Recent research studies have shown that talking/venting/downloading can be a very therapeutic component of pain management.

    Long rambling sentences are “stream of consciousness”, and if the writer feels happier then object achieved.

    Norman Vincent Peal in his book “how to stop worrying and start living” suggested writing thoughts down to get them out of your head, and onto paper (inchoate thoughts)

    So some of the long rambling posts were meant to be written, not necessarily to be read.

    My email drafts folder is full of long rambling sometimes angry emails, never to be sent.

    Boy did I feel better getting that off my chest.

    BTW I don’t put the recipient’s email address in these drafts in case the send button is inadvertently clicked.

    I have post herpetic trigeminal neuralgia post shingles in my eye. OxyContin extended release 10 Mg is good for me.

    NDep, Tegretol and Lyrica all made things worse for me.

    I am blessed with a loving and compassionate wife, with supportive work colleagues.

    I work hard at being non addictive, cheerful and optimistic- not easy sometimes but the intent persists always.

    Our own world of pain is a daily challenge- sharing on this forum can help.

  33. Hi, I just listened to this whole blog on my phone. lots of comments. I just started 10 mg of OxyContin extended release. Based on the doses I’ve heard people talking about, this doesn’t seem like a lot.

    The one thing I’ve noticed is that despite my not telling anyone I’m taking these pills for pain, I’ve noticed that I’m losing contact with my friends one by one.

    I guess I must be acting like a different person but not realizing it.

  34. Dear Dr. Todd, I wanted to thank you (yet again) for bringing Emily back to me. We had known each other for what seemed a lifetime and dated on and off during that lifetime. A couple years ago some rich beau moved to town and swept her away from me. They got married after 2 months of dating and moved away, I had no idea where she was or how to get a hold of her! I requested that the split them up and reunite us love spell be cast for me. A week later, out of nowhere, Emily showed up on my doorstep. Said she had been miserable in her short marriage, the guy was great but not for her. I helped her file for divorce and we got married at a justice of the peace two days after her divorce was final. We have been happy every since, Dr. Todd have done more for me that I could possibly ever repay you for. (manifestspellcast@gmail. com OR manifestspellcast@gmail. com)

    Thank you so much! ~ Charles, Sydney, Australia

  35. Pain is miserable and the answer is simple..If you can manage it without meds try your absolute best.It’s very hard when your body screams at you with pain, but we all have to try as hard as we can.Some people have no choice and that’s the difference.I suffer chronic ” lymes disease” and my bad days are nothing short of complete around the clock pain…For people who live in chronic 24 hr pain , they deserve all the help they can legally recieve.Support and true compassion is the main approach.

  36. Has anyone had a shattered knee replacement

  37. Oxycontin is also known as oxycodone HCl which is used for the management of severe pain and sometimes requires daily.

    Oxycodone is used to help relieve moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid (narcotic) analgesics. It works in the brain to change how your body feels and responds to pain.

    • OxyContin is the brand name for Oxycodone Hydrochloride, an opioid (narcotic) analgesic (pain reliever). OxyContin is a controlled-release oral formulation of oxycodone hydrochloride.

      Oxycontin is also known as oxycodone HCl which is used for the management of severe pain and sometimes requires daily.

  38. Look, folks. OxyContin is just the time released formula of Oxycodone which the drug companies mix with some substance that turns into this gooey mess when mixed with water in order to keep folks from crushing it and abusing it.
    It’s the same drug.

  39. Hello i have read your article it is very helpful article

  40. OxyContin is a good medicine to help relieve moderate to severe pain

  41. Hi everyone I have been on oxynorm tablets I just want off all these meds getting to the point that I am withdrawing every morning until I take my dose I have chronic back pain and sciatica nerve.

  42. OxyContin is a branded formulation of the powerful opioid painkiller. Oxycodone is used to help relieve moderate to severe pain!

  43. Oxycodone is used to help relieve moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid narcotic analgesics.

  44. Oxycontin is an opioid analgesic and pain reliever used to treat moderate to severe pain.

  45. Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication. is a pain medication called opioid analgesics.

  46. Oxycodone is a semisynthetic derivative of codeine that acts as a narcotic analgesic more potent and addicting than codeine

  47. It saddens me to read all of your comments. You mean well I’m sure but so many are giving out advice that is harmful if followed. Everyone’s brain has different levels of neurotransmitters (seronitin, norepinephrine, and dopamine to name a few). These brain chemicals and their levels interacting with a personality type prone to addiction plus the liver’s and the kidney’s excretion pathways help determine who becomes an addict. I use the above information as an example as to how complex this topic is.
    Pain is like a boulder rolling down hill gaining speed. The key is to stop the pain as early as possible. Many times I’ve seen an early small dose stop the pain but 2 hours later 4x the dose won’t stop the pain. Therefore, you do not skip medication doses to avoid becoming an addict—–has nothing to do with it.
    This is a very complex issue, please ask a pain specialist to answer your questions. No 2 people are alike, where one person needs 20mg of drug x, another needs only 5mg.
    Thanks your friendly CRNA

  48. OxyContin (oxycodone HCl controlled-release): Treatment for pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions.

  49. Oxycodone is medicine which is used to help relieve moderate to severe pain.

  50. Oxycontin is medicine which is used to treat central nervous system depressant.

  51. Oxycodone is semi synthetic medicine which is used to relief sever pain.

  52. oxycodone is a drug which is used to relief for pain with musculoskeletal conditions.

  53. look up Simok Sinek Oxytocin

  54. These comments have been very
    helpful to me.

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