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Difference Between Oxycontin and Oxycodone

Oxycontin is an extended-release form of oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opioid used to treat pain.

In other words, OxyContin is a brand name for an extended-release formulation of oxycodone, created for extended pain relief over 12 hours. Whereas Oxycodone is an active ingredient in OxyContin, and it is available in different immediate-release formulations for short-term pain relief.

What is Oxycontin?


Oxycontin is the extended-release formulation of oxycodone, which is also known as oxycodone HCl. It is a prescription medication with the active ingredient oxycodone. It is a type of opioid analgesic, mainly for the treatment of moderate to severe pain which may be needed around the clock treatment. 

It’s frequently prescribed for conditions like chronic pain. However, there are risk of addiction or dependence. Therefore, it should be used with caution.

Molecular formula and molecular weight:

The molecular formula for oxycontin is C18 H21 NO4 • HCl. The molecular weight of oxycontin is 351.83 g·mol−1.


Oxycontin is best prescribed for people who are suffering from severe pain. These patients often need pain control around the clock, which is where oxycontin is very useful. Oxycontin has increasingly been used for patients who have pain associated with cancer.

Side effects:

Like other oxycodone products, oxycontin has a high potential for addiction. There are also side effects including the following: nausea, confusion, fainting, and constipation.

What is Oxycodone?


Oxycodone is an opioid medicine that is used to control pain especially moderate to severe pain. It is a potent opioid medication for pain. It binds to opioid receptors in the brain and spinal cord and reduce the feeling of pain. It is available in various forms such as immediate-release and extended-release formulations. This helps with short-term or long-lasting pain relief. It has been also prescribed for other conditions such post-op pain, cancer or other chronic pain. 

Molecular formula and molecular weight:

The molecular formula of oxycodone is C18 H21 NO4, and the molecular weight is 315.369 g·mol−1.


Oxycodone is most often prescribed to people who are suffering from moderate to severe pain. It is not advisable to remain on the medication for too long, and it should not be used to treat mild pain.

Side effects:

Oxycodone, unfortunately, has a high potential for addiction, so patients need to be aware of the risk. Other side effects of using oxycodone include feeling nauseated, having abdominal pain, feeling tired, and suffering from constipation. Some patients have also reported that the medicine gives them a headache.

Difference between Oxycontin and Oxycodone?


Oxycontin is a time-delayed release form of oxycodone. Oxycodone is an opioid medicine that controls pain.

History of development

Oxycontin was developed by Purdue Pharma and approved by the FDA in 1995. Oxycodone was developed in Germany in 1916.

Molecular formula

The molecular formula of oxycontin is C18 H21 NO4 • HCl. The molecular formula of oxycodone is C18 H21 NO4.

Molecular weight

The molecular weight of oxycontin is 351.83 g·mol−1. The molecular weight of oxycodone is 315.369 g·mol−1.


The possible doses you can find with oxycontin are 10, 20, 40, 80, and 160 mg. The doses you can get with oxycodone include 5, 10, or 20 mg.


Oxycontin comes as a tablet or a capsule that can be swallowed. Oxycodone is formulated as a liquid but also as a capsule or tablet.


Oxycontin is best used for people who need relief from severe pain. Oxycodone can be used to treat people who have moderate to severe pain and discomfort.

Side effects

The side effects of oxycontin include the following: addiction, nausea, confusion, fainting, and constipation. The side effects of oxycodone include addiction, headache, drowsiness, fatigue, nausea, and constipation.

Table comparing Oxycontin and Oxycodone

Summary of Oxycontin and Oxycodone

  • Oxycontin is a form of oxycodone that is on a time release so is best used for patients experiencing severe pain.
  • Oxycodone is an opioid medication that can be used to treat patients who have moderate to severe pain.
  • Oxycontin and oxycodone have a high potential for abuse because they are addictive substances.
  • The use of oxycodone and oxycontin should be carefully monitored by a physician to prevent addiction and abuse of these medications.


Is OxyContin the same as oxycodone?

Oxycontin is not exactly the same as oxycodone as it is formulated with HCl and is designed for delivery over time. It is an extended-release medicine that is available in a higher dosage than regular oxycodone. Oxycontin is designed more for patients who have severe pain and who, thus, need pain relief that is constant.

How addictive is OxyContin?

Oxycontin is a very addictive medication and there are reports of at least 8% of people abusing this medicine. The United States has an opioid crisis with numerous people being addicted to opioids such as oxycodone and oxycontin.

Can you take Tylenol and oxycodone together?

Since Tylenol is acetaminophen, you can take that along with taking oxycodone. However, never take any medicine along with oxycodone unless you have checked this with your doctor first. Even if you want to combine oxycodone and Tylenol, you should first check with your doctor that this is safe for your situation.

What pain killer is the strongest?

Fentanyl is the most powerful pain killer, being 100 times stronger than morphine. Since fentanyl is so strong it is important that it only be given under careful supervision by a doctor. It is normally a medication that is given while a person is in a medical facility where they can be carefully monitored.

Is Tramadol stronger than oxycodone?

No, oxycodone is stronger than Tramadol. However, Tramadol is a good medicine to use for less severe pain.

Is Percocet the same as oxycodone?

Percocet is not the same as oxycodone. Instead, it is a medicine that combines both oxycodone and acetaminophen.

What is the safest pain medication for long term use?

Acetaminophen is considered a safe medicine but at high doses it can damage the liver, so you still need to be aware and careful when using it.

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    • super super super addictive… never underestimate a chemical that is designed to attack a part of your brain that controls those feelings for pain. i was addicted to hydrocodone/vicodin or 4 years, almost spending 5 thousand dollars a month on pills illegally until i found suboxone and a doctor to help me threw it, but until you wanna throw up every time you see your self in the mirror it will do you NO good to get on suboxone. that medication saved my life i was consuming on average i was taking 60 10mg a day suboxone saved my life

      • I hear and feel ya, my rx’;s are covered but if I needed to pay for them on the street it would cost me approx $3170 per month. And I know for real one of my close friends who was rx’d MS Contin by a pain clinic ened up Iv;ing it so no he lost his apartment, car, and life. He even stole from me. Stupid me lending out…. never again.

        • MS Contin is good and I just got on them. I didn’t know what they were, but they work. Some people tell me they don’t want them and its because they want to get high and these pills you can’t do that. I take my medicine like you are supposed to or I would have been an addict by now and thank god I am not! I wish I didn’t have to take 5 pills in a day. The only thing I find bad with this drug is my stools are so hard, so I hope the stool softerner will help. I just start taking softner couple days back, so I am praying this works for me or will have to find another drug that will help with my pain and suffering. After having my 6th surgery and hoping its my last, but I do fear of getting old and not being able to move freely as I am trying to do now by the use of indoor pool and exercise. I used to get facet injections and I wish I could get them now, but no health insurance. I sure do miss having health insurance!!! So the doctor ask me last month about consitpation, but I told him it was ok, but the next month its total difference and still constipated more. Good luck everyone with whoever can help with your pain.

          • Responding to the patient whom feels she is NOT an addict because she takes her pain pills ; an Opiate/narcotic only as prescribed( 5 )times a day. I am sorry to pop your bubble , but whether your taking a narcotic (5 )times a day ; the way it is prescribed to you or taking (3-4 )a day that are not prescribed . Either way you are an addict! You can not get off any narcotic with out complications /needing medical assistance of some form or you will suffer something called with drawl symptoms. There is one exception and that is if you took a pain medication for only a very short period say a week or two after a major surgery and quit or tapered off as you began healing and were no longer in severe pain. V.

          • I have found 2 – 3 Activia per day greatly assists the side effects of constipation. Yes, it is expensive. Yes, it is healthy, and yes, it really works.

            February 23, 2012 • 4:51 pm
            Yes, there is a difference between an addict and one being managed on pain meds. It is rough enough having to be dependent for one’s ability to function appropriately, knowing the only way to move is to consume a pill, but if one is managed consistently and correctly, that is NOT the definition of addiction. Please.

          • My pain gets so bad that my brain chemistry sets of the required substances that elevate my Blood pressure to stroke, heart attack levels (It has been recorded systolic @ over 280 and diastolic @ over 180) which throws my heart into atrial fibrillation. I am an alcoholic but I have stopped drinking and go to AA meeting for some time now (over 20 years) In 1999 and 2000 I was injured and cpuld not get the doctors to prescribe me the necessary pain meds because the propaganda of the drug companies who have a vested interested in making sure that their products are under scrutiny by the DEA, FDA etc so as to make sure that any and all drugs that are under patent protection can be taken off the market and or that the drug comes under tight scrutiny by the “POLICE STATE” so as to make sure that the doctors who can no longer PRACTICE paranoid of the DEA’s interest in making sure that these prescription drugs are dispensed at a minimum so as to make sure that the so-called new and improved esoteric HIGH PRICE drugs are forced down your throats such as Soboxone being one such drug that is a terrible and dangerous pain reliever for a person in my condition who has severe bouts of breakthrough pain / acute pain because when one gets physically dependent on Suboxone and also immune to the pain relieving effects then one can not get any relief from other opiates and in my condition could literally die from not being able to get relief from pain. In 2000 after I had been injured at work and at that time my pain was so intense I could not get any pain relievers from the doctors because of the power the pharmaceutical companies have over pain relievers and the associate government scare tactics that such BIG PHARMA has gotten over the lives of our health professionals and or so-called PRACTICE of our doctors as CORNIE CAPITALIST and FOR PROFIT has murdered not only millions but the GOOD SAMARITAN by making our physicians be under the lash of the money vultures powers and rendering those who would be physicians having contempt but what attracts more greedy people who covet power and money etc into the profession who are not interested in healing exiling the true healers to find other means of making a living from the thing that they desire the most, that being a Good Samaritan and healing the sick and afflicted is in the heart and not in the bank account what practices that involves MONEY, MONEY and MORE MONEY to achieve that lies in such a CLASS of people that has been described as money vulture and a prideful egotistical who hides his lack of bedside manner only because he has to who contorts the practice of a doctor and takes orders from headquarters called the AMA and or legislative branch in such a policed state that kills the Hippocratic Oath and or people who call themselves doctors but have the heart of a greedy psychotic who loves the same professional label and the power and money wall street is addicted to. It sickens me that addiction is not taught in America and that because we have all been dumb down to be servants of these BIG BROTHER (and the so-called professionals who are flowing out of our universities) powers that we have been locked into such slavery because FEAR instead of real education is being PUSHED as an instrument to STANDARDIZE our minds as all COMMUNIST STATE INDOCTRINATE their children therefore understand that the parent is not THE AUTHORITY but the state is and that parents go to jail if they don’t mind the state and the Constitution is no longer valid and THE REPUBLIC has also been invalidated and that we are to be FORCED to COMPLY with the states MANDATE and by which are the DUMBING DOWN OF THE WORLD (research Norman Dodd and names like Charlotte Iserbyt) we are under the lash of the REWARDS SYSTEM (carrot and stick mentality and or an entire nation who are insane and have no artistic values and who have no IDENTITY because our brains have been through the ringer of THE TECHNOCRATIC brain killers who only take orders from headquarters) we are all indoctrinated by means of the same Pavlovian reflexive control that came from and the Russian Communist state who uses the same DICTATES to maintain a police state over the Russian people (Research the Reese Cox committee) and through such manipulation of the minds of our children the most psychotic power mongers who walk on the face of the planet have stolen our freedoms and made children out of men who never grow up who have laid down and given the bankers who print money out of thin air the keys to the kingdom.

            OK Back on topic. One can not use opiates in large quantities over a long period of time without becoming physically addicted because the brain chemistry changes with the use of opiates and the natural pain relievers that you brain makes dwindles with the use of opiates but for some the opiates save their lives, plain and simple. But the drug companies aren’t interested in providing drugs without profiting so the laws are not there to protect you they’re there to make money and for them to play big brother and put on a good show so as to defend what they are doing in the name of medicine and or treating symptoms rather that finding the cures etc. The Netherlands have few drug laws and in The Netherlands drug addiction and crime related to addiction is about one forth and or 25% of what it is in America. The war on ________ is an instrument USED by the powers that be to maintain control over “we the people” by laws that say we are too stupid to take care of ourselves etc, thus we never grow up and the state becomes the parent and or authority. It’s the plan of the elitist who have taken control; look up Aaron Russo and the Rockefeller push to use the women’s liberation movement to take over our children and turn then into dumb down Zombies and or robots of the state.

          • I have been on Percocets for over 5 years for my lower back pain. I have found that Kristalose is the best thing I found to work for constipation, nothing else that I tried worked. I take it about 5am and around 7am I’m cleaned out, without any side affects. I have a very sensitive system and everthing I take makes me very worse, but Kristalose dosn’t. Hope this will help. This is a presciption, comes in 10 & 20 grams, you mix the powder in water or any drink and down it goes, works ever time.

          • Don’t listen to “victoria”. For chronic pain you need help, and the medication helps. That makes you “DEPENDANT” not adicted. You may be physcologicaly dependent if you are afraid to be without them fearing a return of the pain and not having anything to help you deal with it. You may even be physically dependent if you cannot move around and funtion normaly because of the pain. Pain is a complex subject. Oh yeah, if you take them just for kicks … you’re an addict.

          • I use 3 Activia daily for constipation. Not cheap, but a Sam’s Club has them for less. Healthier than other stuff. It works. (I am NOT paid by Activia…wish I was!)

          • Try lynzess, it reallt helpes me with the constipation

      • I hear you. I have been on Oxy’s for 9 months now for pain from past injeries and surgery’s. I am upset in that the pain management clinis I went to only threw pills at me instead of trying to get to the problem. I knew nothing of the addictive qualities of the drugs they gave me and when I tried to quit taking them I went into W/D’s and it was like being dropped off in hell for a week. I got back on the meds so I could get back to work and function again. I found a doctor in my area that helps people recover off pain meds and he gave me Subexone. Today is day 2 on it and I feel great! No W/D. He is going to taper me off the drug over the next 3 weeks. I will final be out of the nightmare. I am so glad and thaqnkful for Subexone. I agree it will save me life.

        • Your comments are very interesting and I have been going through the same problems that you experienced. However, I have never heard of this drug Subexone. I would like to know more about it and so I will do a search but, I would welcome any help you can offer. Thank you.

          • I began taking hydros (lortab, vicodin) and I wouldn’t take anything else, only took them as prescribed. Gradually I started taking more and more but I justified it by saying “the Dr prescribed them”. I found myself having to buy them on the street because when I went to the Dr. and got my meds for the month, they would be gone in 2 weeks! Pretty soon, I started “Dr shopping” (going to several different doctors to get pain pills). By that time, even all of the Rxs together wouldn’t last a month, so I was buying on the street again…hydros, oxys, percocets,morphine, methadone, anything. My narcotic addiction was 9 long years of hell! I didn’t think I could make it through the day withhout my pills, hell I didn’t want to! I tried to quit a few times, but the withdrawls were the most horrible thing I’ve ever experienced. Right before I decided to get off my meds, I was at the height of my addiction, some days taking as many as 30 Lortab 10mg in a day! I was 94 lbs, and a VERY unpleasant person to be around if I didn’t have my meds. One day it hit me, and I just started praying….I didn’t want to live like this anymore. My kids needed their mother back, my parents needed their daughter back, I looked in the mirror and was disgusted….I didn’t even recognize the person looking back at me, the person I had become. I had heard about suboxone but didn’t know alot about it. I made an appointment ( you have to be in active withdrawls on your first visit). IT SAVED MY LIFE! Today I have been clean for 471 days. It still shocks me to see the type of mom that I am, the type of daughter that I am, the type of friend that I am. I go to church, I’m in college, I met the love of my life…..my life has totally changed and suboxone is what did it. I encourage anyboday
            who is having a problem with pain pills, no matter how big or small. Suboxone can give you your life back, it gave me mine. Anyone with questions email me:

            So blessed,

          • It is called Suboxone. Only doctors that are certified to presccribe it will be able to help you ….most methadone clinics also prescribe it. You should be able to find a listing of local doctors or contact your primary physician and they could refer you.

          • The larger problem is that those who have abused oxycotin (Florida pill mills and the white coat drug dealers) have destroyed it for those who have both a valid use and benefit. Destroyed by a skiing accident in 1997 I fell prey to physical addiction and despite ones best efforts eventually one trades one disease for another.

            After losing my best friend of 30 years to Fentanyl (I had used it appropriately for some 9 years before abusing it) I was introduced to Suboxone. Truly a miracle drug it furnishes one with the required pain relief, cloaks the witdrawals and manages the high effect. Very much like a govenor on an engine, it limits the euphoria (take as many as you want you wont get higher) and controls the pain.

            I recommend it to those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. End the risk and the doctor shopping madness. The added benefit is that over time it provides an avenue for your brain functioning and dopamine levels to return to ones natural pre-addiction state. Expensive for those without insurance however it costs no more than what one would be spending on the other.

            A legal, attainable resolve for those who want their lives back; and wish to stay alive.

          • its called the miracle drug because it gives you the drug you need but theres a second drug that keeps the first drug from acting on a normal way’ so basically you have the drug that would help you from withdrawls and also will not let the brain particals act as to be on drugs…. do a google search on it, i also hear that SUBOXONE is also addictive. make sure you use for a max of 3 months. Suboxone is used for all opiates w/d ( oxys, percs, o.c., heroin, etc…. take a tablet split in 2 pieces and place both halfs under your tounge and let it desolve…. its basically a miracle drug, better then methadone. good luck.

      • I could tell how great you are in your field of interest. You could relate in each detail very well

        • You will change yout tune if and when Suboxone stops working and or you end up in acute pain and find there is no way to get relief because Soboxone has blocked the receptor sites from opiates. I will never take Suboxone again. Maybe if your locky and or don’t have the same problems I have with pain you will be OK but it will be a rude awakening for you if you ever need pain relief that Suboxone will not touch and the hospital dosn’t have the capacity to get you relief. Also you fail to mention that Suboxone for some because twice the longer half life is even harder to come off of than normal opiates and that Suboxone also does not give the same pain relief of opiates because of its ineffectual to part of the synapses sites that are associated with pain. I’ve been on suboxone and i’ll never mess with it again and for me it affected my breathing at night waking up heart pounding what was suboxone induced sleep apnia and I was also illergic and had night sweats soaking down the bed which also kept my electrolites messed up etc making my heart go into irregualr heart rhythems and or bouts of af. My pain is not just small potatoes and I choose not to use any drugs till my blood pressure got so high it was life threatening as I was also on 5 different BP meds. I’ve change back to standard opiates and my life has improved tremendously; of course everyone is different and I’d choose not to be on anything but if not for pain medications I’d be pushing up daises.

        • Thank you, it’s called GOOGLE, and the reason is because I work in Law Enforcement field (Drug Control unit) and I have to be updated on all of the street drugs, what they, sell, look like, what are they for etc. give it’s try maybe you’ll like the job.

          • You seriously think you know what you’re talking about because you’re in law enforcement. You have a terrible misunderstanding of the way that suboxone works. The second drug, naloxone, is only there to prevent intravenous drug users from injecting melted suboxone- because naloxone, similar to naltrexone or Narcan, throws a person into precipitated withdrawal. That’s why subutex, which is buprenorphine alone; has been around for ages, but suboxone is simply an abuse deterrent medication, with naloxone to deter IV users from manipulating the medication for their own personal drug use. before you say or write something, make sure you know what the hell you’re talking about

    • One or two days worth at a time. I wish I could find a Dr. close enough to be able to go see them that many times a week. Or better yet, feel well enough to see them that often. If they run out before the 28 to 30 days it’s their fault, and choice. If they are in pain for the remainder of the 28 to 30 days. Their fault, and choice. If you don’t agree with what they are doing, call and make an anonymous report. The Dr. may call for an unscheduled medication count. If that doesn’t work, leave him. If he cares about you, maybe that will get his attention.

    • oxycontin and percocet are the same thing only oxycontin is time released and comes in higher milligrams yes oxycodone is very addictive and shouldnt be taken !!! only if it is very necessary !!!! try anything else befor taking this med i have been addicted to hydrocodone and oxycodone for 28 years i have become very miserable hunting it down and keeping me broke it has ruined my life!i dont recomend this shit to anybody

    • No need to yell.

    • I was absent mindedly reading your message, and I can state with one hundred percent, that regardless of either age or gender, I can treat and cure your pain, as well as to effectively stop any further gross osseous deformities which are usually causally related.

      The answer is two fold; I had a patient approximately eight years ago, and the 30+ year old gentleman had developed and arhtritic condtion of which there are many, which was life threatening with a less than positive prognosis: which was an early demise. Also this ondition known medically as ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS aka Marie Strumpel aka Bamboo Spine was disconcerting.

      Why? Because I kne the patient’s family members, and when taking hard films [i.e.] x-rays usually don’t reveal much other than fractures, breaks, dislocations, seperation and gross osseous deformities; which this condition was the type. Wishing to do the best, I was told by an extraordinary doctor with whom I had befirended, that I refer this gentelman to Dr. Jane Wachs of Riverdale, New York.

      With the compliance of both of our office staff we were able to obtain health insurance offered for serious suffering individuals, and the medication whose name ellude me at this moment; yetthe results were astonishing. She with the help of a prescription pad, and a pharmacy which stocks this medication, was able to not only stop, but reverse the process. I knew this by tkaing a series of similar cerical views eight months later, and much to my suprise, when super-
      imposing each of the two films, there was no evidence for the fusion giving it’s name bamboo spine, and that is virtually impossible. That is when we change our standard mode of thinking, and become believers of unexplainable incidents.

      EVEN if you don’t receive a reversal of fortune, the fact that this medicine REMOVES THEARTHRITIC COMPONENT is why the syndrome/disease erradicates itself! If you need more information contact either myself Dr. Taub or Ms. Wanda Badillo for Dr. Wach’s contact information; and please keep me in the loop on your rehabilitation.


      Dr. MLT/1tyme

      • i also have spinal problems i was diagnosed with spondililisis in 1991 after being a highly competetive gymnastics athlete. and in 2009 i feel at work, i sat on top of a picpic table and it sudently colapsed and i landed hard on my tail bone the area of my degeneration my mri exam showed compressed nerve damage also a squised disk more on the right than the left side because i managedto get my left hand under me at the last instince. Now i was just wondering what that perscription was called that helped the lady so much because ive swallowed upto 8 oc 80s at once and it didnt even touch my pain.

  2. I have taken oxycontin for about 6 years for having D D D ITS very painful,They change the formula of the oxycontin the call it op insted of oc the new brand gets me sick.My pharmeses says it could be the filler in it.Is there any place you can get the aregenal brand of oc.
    sincerely jim

    • I would like to know if you still get the oc’s instead of op’s. They don’t work half as good as the oc’s yet they cost the same amount of money. If anyone knows please let me know

    • Hi Jim,
      I suffer from DDD as well. I have always took the conservative approach vs surgery. Over the past 20 years 3 surgeons have wanted to various procedures like fusion, bars and pins, etc. I kept running from these guys because they make money when they get their knife out.
      My dad had DDD so I guess it is in my genes. I have taken all the classic pain meds (most of which were weak) which eventually lost their ability to stop the pain and spasams. I even got an ulcer by taking too much aspirin and the tylenol meds will ruin your liver. I finally found another pain management doctor and got another MRI. In his opinion, surgery could leave me in a wheel chair or no bowel control. He said “Your lumbar region is worn out. You need a “new spine” but unfortunatelly you can”t buy one”.
      I am now on oxycontin CR and it works great. The Osteoarthritis I have has moved into my hips. OC CR affords me the ability to walk and exercise as one should.
      It is unfortunate that a few drug heads ruin a medication for those that really need it. That problem has always been around and alway will be.

      Kind Regards,

  3. I know im not crazy. Ive been takin the oc tooooo damn long for anyone to tell me that thats the same medication.

    • How right you are. When will the medical profession listen to their patient’s?! I have been taking oxycontin for 9 year’s and i know my body well..every nuance.and how different med’s react to my body. And i can tell everyone without a shadow of a doubt, the new op’s are NOT the medication oxycontin i have been taking for the past 9 year’s. I have in the past taken morphine..demerol.diludin.vicodan and percocet.(have undergone 10 surgeries) These pain med’s had dreadful side effect’s and i would rather deal with the pain than deal with such harsh side effect’s. The traditional oxycontin gave me my life back without feeling drugged.With tradtional oxycontin one day would flow into the next without abrupt or cessation from my pain med’s. Never woke up in wd or experienced this during the day. I now on the op’s wake up in wd and during the day it’s as if my oxycontin just ‘stopped working’. The first 2 month’s on the new med’s were ok..milder..but no side effect’s. The 3rd. script..why it feel’s like they are complete dud’s! I have had to use my breakthrough med’s to keep me from serious wd.I also am having dizzy spell’s and heart ‘shuddering’.;heart palpitation’s and rapid heartbeat. Blood pressure and blood sugar’s have shot up. I am frightened. And enraged with Purdue for placing the frailest and weakist at risk of serious injury due to their o.poison. They are without conscious or compassion or integrity.

  4. I would like to know why you changed the oc to op in the first place.You are looking out for people that was melting the oc down and shooting it up and they will just do something else and you know that. And what ever they shoot up may be more dangerous. But you are not worried about the people that need the oc to try to live one day at a time in chronic pain.The oc was made for that reason and now you are taking it away because of a bunch of druggies that want to kill themself by shooting it up.You evidently dont care about thousands of people that are suffering something terrible because of this medication.I have a degenerative disc. disease and joint disease and i had relief from most of the pain that I live with everyday.Now the op will not help the pain even half as much as the oc did.The side effects from the op are terrible.Vomiting ,constipation, stomach cramps,hot sweats,headaches,messing up my digestive system not counting the pain I live with every single day of my life.You have not changed the price of the medication at all.But we are paying for something that is putting us in worse shape than we was in.This is not fair to the people in the world that need their medication back like it was.

    • i back you 10000millionss % – shame on the people who have made it so hellish for us.

      • people will always find a way to abuse substances dont take them from people who need them because other are stupid

        • The drug companies did this for a reason. Are you really so self-absorbed to think they are trying to punish you PERSONALLY? While you may be on medications chronically for pain, it doesn’t mean there aren’t a million different combinations of medications that can be given to you to give you comparable pain control. Go to a pain medicine specialist. But don’t blame drug companies when they changed something trying to protect people, not hurt YOU in the process

          • Yes BUT please DON’T put something out on the market that will kill us!! And it’s the way Purdue changed over..many patient’s didn’t even know their oxycontin was changed and was confused when they became ill. Purdue’s ‘study’ and trial testing on the effectiveness and safety of the op is an atrocity. One pill once a week ,another the following week and they call it good. The changed op’s are a sad joke on the frailest of our society.our pain patient’s.Mark my word’s..there are patient’s losing their lives over impacted bowels,future cancer’s,liver and kidney failure. What is bad is when ccp begin having serious health issue’s from op’s purdue will lie through their teeth and blame everyone but themselves. I almost hope purdue official’s who tout this atrocity op will suffer intense pain and have to take their own op oxycontin.

          • I could not disagree more? I think everyone that does not think the op’s are not working are carzy. They work fine i have taken both types and live with pain everything helps but the op last for sevral hours. They all work and all made ot work so to say that they are not working is a lie

          • Joanne you haven’t a clue about what you are talking about. Why punish the legit people because of the drug addicts who will just shoot something else up. OP’s do not work and anyone on them is causing themselves long term unknown serious health issues as the plastic thats being used to keep the junkies from tampering with them builds up in your liver and is very toxic. Anyone taking OP’s are in trouble and better have their livers tested very soon

          • you’d have to be a freaking tool to defend Purdue, and actually believe that they did what they did to protect people. first and foremost, they wanted to renew their patent so they could continue making huge amounts of money on a pharmaceutical drug that is 50 years old, as though they invented it. The only reason this new formulation is made to be so tamper proof is to save face in the public eye so they can keep doing business as usual. I know people who work in pain management clinics and have to deal with those slimebucket Purdue sales reps marching in unannounced trying to push their new stupid formulations. All I hear about is what dirty liars they are, and how completely indifferent they are to the actual experiences of pain management patients. They are like any other corporation, and you should give yourself a reality check if you think any of their actions are morally defensible.

          • people, its all being done to mitigate the doc’s own liability from you dieing ~ sadly the degenerate scum addicts like my friend George who is now iv’ing , mentioned above … are causing this. True story = I get oxy ir, instant release and they melt like butter as soon as moisture touches them. almost 2 yrs back I kept all my meds where most normal people do, in their med cabinets above their washroom sinks! Wow, what a surprise!!! With my 20% dexterity I fumble to open the standard pill jars and on this 1 day i dropped my Ir bottle and about just less than half the rX melted like a paste in my sink. gone. Called my doc and he wrote me the Rx for them and told me to never come to him again nor call him, I was no longer his patient. Moron. I swear if I knew then what I know now I would have sued him. At least complained. test my urine, you will not find any illicit drugs and I have an obvious* phobia to needles. we can all take something from this post. as for the strong and brave lady who tells us to take it and suffer, pain is good, i would love to see you in person and without 1 word u would apologize and offer me lunch, as I walked away.

          • You must not have severe chronic pain or you would know what we are talking about. Don’t judge and be thankful that other medications do work for you.

          • It’s not like we haven’t been to pain specialists before. they cost a lot of money ANY time a drug company changes the ingredients it WILL react differently and for those of us who have chronic pain or are in terminal pain it is not fair to change what works for them. The truth is there are always going to be drugs out there and people will abuse. The point of a pain medication is to help ease the pain so the patient can have some what of a normal life. You really shouldn’t judge people who have to struggle in juggling their meds around because it takes a long time and lots of money to find the right combinations that work. If you aren’t in terminal pain just go easy on your negative opinions.

          • If you were a company that made a product and continued to be sued multiple times for it, I don’t think anyone would continue making it. FDA did not enforce the change, Purdue choose to change the formula to cut back on abuse and to stop the lawsuits from piling in. They were crazy to market the drug as a non abusable pain killer in the first place. There may have been small amounts of people shooting up the drug, but the amount of people who would crush the pill and snort it caused many deaths. Its only a matter of time that every pain killer will use the same technology as the OP. The replacements for Percocets are already FDA approved. I really do feel for those who took the oc’s correctly and now have to suffer. If the OP’s don’t work I don’t see any reason why no one is trying to switch to 30mg Roxicets.

      • i agree they should of left them alone now they are doing the same with the opanas putting plastic in the stuff to lay there and melt are stomach away

    • Tickles the sh!t out of me. Quit whining and suck it up. There are still drugs that take away your pain, maybe you will not get your high along with the pain reduction. But oh well it is not meant for you to get high in the first place. Pain is the only thing u need to have managed, not your high.
      We have to change the formulas on many drugs. If we didnt change the formulas it would be to easy for everyone including you to abuse them to get high. When abusers numbers start climbing we have to intervene and do something to stop it and we did, and we still are every day. And we will continue modifying formulas untill one day when all pain medication only takes away the pain, without any type of high associated with the pain reduction. I like the sound of that dont you??
      Then we wont have the idiots in the ER wasting everyones time, saying no I need more pain medicine, it still hurts, boo hoo hoo. We are going to get there soon, There will be a pain pill that true pain patients will say hallelluia yes there is no pain now, and im not high so I can go back to work. That is coming very soon, Personally I cant wait. I want to watch the fakers out there raise hell, wanting that high, saying no that new pain pill dont work on me i need some oxycontin so i can get high and watch tv and sit on my ass. Well tough shit it does work your pain, you just are not going to get a free high with it. And when that day comes, America will be better off.
      Ha Ha Ha
      Doc L

    • I hear you too! I have to say I never had the OC and glad I didn’t by the way people are talking of how they switch a good drug for something not working and helping the ones that do need it. So sorry that you have to go through pain again. I have been taking roxicodone 15 for almost 2 years, but find them now not working as good as they were when I took them. Its been like 3 months maybe little more they make me tired when wearing off and then taking another roxicodone. I had taken them every 6 hours, but now 4 hours. I take 4 a day. Well about a month ago I left Virginia and moved to another state. Found a really good doctor who has switch me to, but told him I hate taking a bunch of pills in a day. I thought he said Oxy with morphine in this one tablet. So turns out I had two prescription, but wanted to go back and asked him why and what i said one pill. Well i filled both anyway, but will tell him when I go back. So he has me 4 roxicodone 15mg 4 a day PLUS Morphine Sulfate ER 30 mg 2 times a day. So when I got home I took the morphine tablet at 3pm and did not get to sleep until 2:30am…what a pill…so one of those plus 2 roxicodone does help me feel nothing.. I looked up online and found something oxymorphine and this is what I thought he was giving me, but have no clue what it is…so i looked it up and its a release tablet and the doctor mention release tablet. So do you think the doctor made a mistake and just filled out my old script? I guess ask that question when I see him, plus he wanted me to come back in two weeks instead of one month, why so early.

      • Dianne, thank you for saying what I have said a number of times. What works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. EVERY SINGLE BODY OUT THERE IS DIFFERENT. Other wise there would not be billions of different types of prescribtions, as you said, this guy has not been in the pain I myself or you or some others have been in to be judgeing that what works for him should work for everyone. WRONG. Thanks again Dianne for backing people like you and I against what in my opinion are idiots and don’t research or even listen to what other people in pain are saying.

    • hi’ i’m new . how is every one/ i can very much get this story. but a little after that dam now
      oxy plastick med i went to suboxone. thanks johnboy

  5. I have never over taken my medication at all because I did not need to.The oc was keeping me from hurting so much and now the op will not knock the pain down and takes about one and two hours to give me any releif at all. I am 65 years old and am having to suffer something terrible from the pain and side effects from the op medication.Please consider all the people in the world that are suffering from this.

  6. I AGREE 100%. I was in a wreck last yr. and now have 3 discs out of alignment, ddd, scoliosis, and the list goes on. i have only been on the ocs for a month and have already heard of them being unavailabel now and that ops arent as good. i will talk to my physian about this but the bottom line is i know where youre coming from. the reason for the change is to keep us going back more often for checkups and spending more money for the companies to make more in the long run. that’s what i think, let me know if this makes sense to you.

  7. Well I think everything I just wrote went into one of those unknown places when you hit a wrong button. If so, consider yourself lucky cause it was lil’long!! Just please let me know whats up with those OP’s and if the OC’s are ever coming back any time soon. Ive got alot of heath problems and had to be switched to MS Contin cause the OP’s made me very very sick not only that but my doc had to up the dose to 100mg of MS instead of 80mg of the OC. three times a day. I used to be able to get thru the day without crying but since the change that seems to be all that I do. Ive got RA,RSD,Fibromyalgia, etc…etc… I take other meds besides pain meds such as Embrel for the RA and several other meds that are not narcotics. Anyway, I think that your doing yourself damage not just the people who need the real oxycontin OC, ” BRAND NAME ” back because all the people who just take them to get high are gonna spend there money else where. So you’ll either go out of buisness or bring them back ASAP!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! Alittle hint to all docs, this is your fault and you know it. So why dont you all do what my doc does and make all your patiants have proof of there problems such as an MRI film, EMG, ETC…. and if they dont have anything to back there pain up then send them for the correct test. This is the reason myself and God only knows how many other people have to suffer.

    • My husband has the same problem I have called purdue and they were forced into the change by the FDA so I dont know if the FDA cares but I have file reports with both. They sounded as if they dont care and are not going to change. people have actually died from the change due to allergies. My husband almost did. His dr tried morphine also it didnt cut the paid hes has now tried him on Opana will update you as to how it works but the pharmacist from prudue said to try that as it is the closest to the original oxycontin. They had to switch the formula due to the dumies who decided to od on the oxycontin. so i doubt theyll ever change back

      • i think’. they think we are the one’s selling or giving away the meds percapiter? so what would you dooo!! we should realy look in to this? it seems i no a lot of peaple around me on presc- meds doing this same thing? so that makes cent$ that they can or will drop us in the mop bucket?

    • Ok from a medical professional perspective, fibromyalgia is not a true disease and does not need “OC” therapy. And secondly, complaining that people are being unfair to you for advancing medicine and making changes to drugs for the greater good is not a rational reaction to this. Medicine does NOT stay the same, it changes & progresses overtime & that’s how new medications are created. You cannot expect it to be the same or else you are getting worse health care. Please don’t take it out in the people in the health care market who’s goals every day are to try and make you feel better. It’s very frustrating to deal with that sort of ignorance

      • Joanna,

        It is very frustrating for me to deal with your sort of ignorant and uncaring attitude. I find it very difficult to believe that you are a medical professional, and if you are, you shouldn’t be. It is unconscionable that a purported medical professional would suggest that patients stop complaining about medical advances. That assertion is in fact not rationale. When drug formulations change differing outcomes/side effects are to be anticipated, the reportage of differing outcomes would be encouraged by true scientist as it leads to avenues for further study. Moreover, a responsible medical professional as an aid to effective treatment seeks to elicit as much patient feedback as possible and in no instance attempts to suppress patient reportage by ridicule.

      • My wife almost died bc of the switch over to op. I do agree that medicine has to change but the allergic reactions are DEADLY and extreme. Alot of people are having reactions to them as well. I understand that when taking medication no matter what it is has risks but during testing they had to see how many people suffered from allergic reactions. My wifes stoles breathing, eyes swollen shut, hands legs and feet swollen, and was rushed in the er then icu. They needed to spend more time working out theses bugs before releasing it. This is a horrible horrible drug and I advise people just switching to have someone with you foe the first few weeks. If I wasn’t there she would be dead. Alot of older people don’t have people there with them. Someone needs to speak for all the people who died who can’t speak for themselves. You don’t hear from them. How much they suffered while dying. My wife suffered a great deal and lived. She knows all about the suffering. Just not as bad as when your alone and actually die. She said she wished she had at the time. She wanted to die it was so bad. She was so scared as was I. She even released her bowls and peed it was so bad. So people please have someone there if you are about to start this. They really did a bad thing pushing this onto shelves so fast. How many people will suffer and/or die before something is done? The sad part is now that they are out they probably will never be pulled until something new comes out in another 10-15 years. Yes we need to upgraded and change medication but be responsible and not rush it on to shelves before its ready.

      • How selfish are you to say y0u don’t want to hear people complaining about fibromalgia and the need for pain meds. I was diagnosed around 17 and now am 3o and you have no idea what it is like. Especially being so young….people think oh they look young and healthy, but looks are deceiving…you never know the personal hell that person is going thru. Everyday activites are difficult to function some days worse than others, and it’s difficult with your children when they want to do something or go somewhere and when you are having a really bad day you just can’t. What you don’t get is it is real and the pain never goes away you wake up that way and go to bed just the same. I think it bull shit for someone who’s never experienced a day in the life of someone with fibro to say it doesn’t exist and we shouldn’t need pain meds. What you don’t get is inside we’re all normal people too who want to experience the same things you are able to, and unfortuanately some times we can’t function without the pain meds amongst many other meds. Don’t critize us when you have no clue how we really feel and what our day to day life is like.

        • yes fibro is real,BUT there are ways to control it .My daughter is living proof.She has gone to a holistic doctor and has joined the ymca and relieving it by getting rid of stress which causes the flare ups exersise is the key and getting rid of stress.Meditation.oxycotin make fibro worse look it up it makes you swell up your anckles and legs.That is not the proper meds for fibro.

        • I agree with you 110% I have Fibro and for people who say it isnt real walk a day in my shoes then tell me it all in my head. I do however wish it on people who dont believe. I have been living with this pain and other side effects that come with Fibro for over 16 years and to be told it isnt real or its all in my head makes me angry enough to wish it on the non-beleivers. Thank God my Doc isnt one of those non-believers and gives me Oxycodone and a anti flamitory for it.

        • your so right, how dare her to say fibro is NOT Worth any meds and we suffer daily, ppl have no idea ! to wake up everyday and to NOT Know what PAIN your gonna have that day is horrible. I sometimes dread waking up for FEAR of Not knowing what I will wake up with Pain wise !! Will it be my back, will my legs and or hands or feet or wrists, or ankles or fingers and on and on and on BE NUMB AND PAINFULL BEYOND Believe!
          This IS what I wake up to EVERYDAY and I can NOT stand it sometimes to the point that I wonder ——Why am i even here on this earth.
          to suffer All the time, day in and day out, and she has the NERVE to say that, she should NOT be allowed back in here and she said she was a Nurse..where and what for, cause it can NOT be for Humans thats for sure.
          Fibro IS REAL and it IS PAIN…………..

          And I just ask for her to stay out of here and keep her mindless thoughts to herself, as No one wants to here her Mindless dribble in this room.

          thats all i have to say:

          if you have nothing good OR helpfull to say here to us, then go somewhere else and bother them, and leave us ALONE !!

          And I am also on pain meds and oxys were taken away cause ppl died.
          why did they die

          cause they ABUSED their or someones else’s scripts. Right..right

          more ppl die from drinking, car accidents, etc……….and all of us ppl who NEED our meds to help us to live a half normal life and NOW they have taken that away from us,
          why do they not take ALL THE Booze off the shelves and smokes and cars off the roads, and then do a count on deaths , if you want to talk about who dies more and how they die, and NO it is NOT from oxycontin that ppl will hear. talk about and DIE from. it WILL be from alot of other things and it would NOT be oxycontin, and they who passed due to oxy, SORRY, and YES Sad BUT………………WHO was at fault, the Dr, = No , the Pharmacy = No, them = YES YES YES YES YES,……………Abuse You Lose, and thats the REAL WAY IT IS and we ALL know this, as ev1 here I could go on and on and on…………but I will STOP here and one last thing, PLEASE anyone who THINKS fibro is nothing, then I hope and pray any of you who think that, NEVER gets it, i truly Do.

          thats All


          • @kathy… well said… Fibro is so real and it also bothers me when people, who have never experienced it, say it isnt… Well, I forgive them and wouldnt wish this on them for anything, although I do wish, they could experience it for just one day… then see how fast they retract what they have said…

        • I can certainly sympathize with people not taking your pain seriously because you look healthy. I am 59 years old with terminal cancer. I am in Hospice care and have been given a prognosis of probably less that two months. I am so tired of people telling me I can’t possibly be that ill because I look so good. Well I wish I felt as well as I look. All people are different; we react to illness and medicines differently. I have been lucky to have what I believe are good doctors and Hospice Care is a God send for those of us who are dying. Complaining anonymously doesn’t really do any body any good except to vent. I was first diagnosed in 2007 and have tried to live my life the best way I know how, even though my husband of 33 years passed away unexpectedly less than a year ago. I have written my obituary and instead of using the usual “cancer words” such as “courage,” “battle,” “bravery” etc. I have decided, along with my family to say that I “died of cancer which I had faced gracefully since 2007.”

          • Midasttouch, THANK FOR NOT BEING THE ONLY ONE BESIDES ME, that know that EVERY ONE IS DIFFERENT and REACT DIFFERENT to each and every prescribtion drug. I hate to read about your Cancer, you will remail in my thoughts. My mommy was lucky, is has been in remission for a year an three months. If we were all the same there would only be one pain med. available and every one could take it and be good. I’m taking something now that only helps my NEUROPATHY in my legs, but doesn’t come close to helping my back from the car wreck I was in two and a half years ago. Scolio, DDD, pinched nerve between L-5 and hip, L3,4 and 5 out. Was told surgery would 60% chance put me in a wheelchair. I can’t wait to see my doctor again next month. I haven’t gone before now because unlike the idiots out there that abuse RXs, I just want what will help and stop. The original Oxycotin did, original that is. The new coated made me sick at my stomach and I have peptic stomach ULSERS. I’ve had friends make suggestions that I’m going to talk to my physician about. I do not, and I’ve told my physician, not, want something that is going to put me on the couch slobbering or border line coma. I have custody of my daughter and I just want what will help and stop. We are getting close. Wish me luck. I will keep you in my thoughts. Send me a picture if you don’t mind. I would like to see what you you look like, db1864@hotmail.com Take care of yourself, I hope to see a picture soon. As my mom said, fight like a girl, but win like a woman.

      • If you are from a medical stand point, I would have to say that you have no business being in this business. How could you possibly say that Fibromyalgia is not a “real disease”? People are crippled from having fibromyalgia, they are unable to work for the rest of their lives and have to live on social security. If you were truly any part of the Medical Society you would not have made such a comment. I hope that one day you have to suffer the way some people have to suffer everyday of their lives.

        • Fibromyalgia IS REAL and I as the rest of you who does have fibro. would also love to see these ppl out there who say its nothing

          yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, walk in our shoes, wake up to what we wake up to EVERYDAY

          and then Add ;
          CRONIC Back Pain. plantar fasiitis, arthritis, and many more pains and then TRY and tell me,
          I do NOT suffer enough for pain meds………..

          You have NO idea what other ppl’s pain is, so STOP spewing crap out of your mouth that you know NOTHING About !!!

          We ARE TIRED of you ppl saying Fribro is Nothing, well then Hey, ANY of the pain YOU HAVE is Nothing to Us ! how would you like for ppl to say :” hey she has cancer “, and its Nothing
          come On ppl, fibro IS something and its a Daily pain we go through, till u feel OUR pain
          keep you Pie Holes __ Shut !!


        • RIGHT On, Karen

          I also have Fibro, arthrits, plantar fasitiis, and many more pains, and as you , i WISH those who say fibro is nothing, that they live OUR Lives for One Week………….hahahahahaha , \
          And then lets see what they have to say and How they Feel.

          to NOT be able to walk, and or somedays to ( sorry what i am gonna say here ev1 ) To NOT even be able to turn on the toilet to wipe yourself, without the awfull awfull PAIN that shoots through you , as you TRY to wipe and to NOT have or would NOT want to have to have someone else do such a thing for you………………….fibromyalgia Is Real Pain, and YES to live on disability, when you had worked ALL your Life and now are unable to, is such an awfull thing, to not be able to sleep , due to the pain. the swelling, the EVERYTHING , =
          Pain, Pain, Pain, Pain, and more PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN

          So all of the ppl who THINK that Fibromyalgia is a Joke,

          it is NOT A Joke, it is though REAL REAL PAIN AND REAL tears that roll down our faces when we try to do something and or think, when we were able to do what we can now NOT do…………that is ANOTHER Pain we suffer in SILENCE…………..along with our physical PAIN……………

          So, enough of fibro isn’t real pain, STOP IT NOW !!

          FIBROMYALGIA is PAIN and that IS all there is to it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          and YES I now would like someone who thinks it isn’t pain to have it for a week / month, then tell us what ya think of it…………….

          you would then say :

          fibromyalgia = PAIN PAIN swelling, unbearable at more times then not

          PAIN …………………………………..


      • Joanne, what year are you or what rock did you crawl out from under?? Fibromyalgia is very real and you need to pray you NEVER get it!! It is very painful, and you say you work in the medicial field??

      • you are just silly did you read what people are saying , this has nothing to do with medical ADVANCEMENT!! its a damn deal with big PHARMA and the FDA , and Oxy dont just kill druggies plenty of people that take them every day switch to OPs and die or get sick as hell , do the research

      • This is so dumb what Joanna stated. Joanna has no sympathy for us who suffer and you can tell she must be a cop or company rep. Joanna has many words with no knowledge.

      • Joann I don’t understand that you are saying Fibro….is not a disease. They why are professional doctors and therapist saying it is. Did you read somewhere that it isn’t a disease? I just found out this year that “Chronic Pain” is now classified and approved as a “Disease”. It has never been. No one could figure out about the condition of Chronic Pain. I am so glad its now in the medical book and they say its a disease. I read it this past summer. Did you know this? I have been living with chronic pain since 1993. An accident that was preventable and I have to deal with it everyday. I worked as far as I could and gave up this year. I drove a school bus and loved my job and those little kids, but sitting was hurting me and now standing I can not do….only stand no more than 20 minutes and rest….I am also thankful I am not addicted to pain killers. I dread getting to be in my 70’s. I am 52 now. I try to keep my bones moving in order from freezing up on me..

        • My joints would lock up after sleeping for a few hours and the pain would jar me awake. I jump out of bed and shake my legs and arms to get the blood flowing and loosen the stiffness. I have found that my diet has a major part in pain management. My weight was a contributing factor also. If I keep my weight close to 150 pounds I notice I have few if any problems. I am about 5′ 5 and when I get over 155 pounds I notice pain returning in my back. knees, neck, hands, feet just all over. I also notice whenever I eat sweets (candy, cake etc.) it causes inflammation and I am sorry I ate whatever it was. Sure it was good and satisfying but not worth the pain..

      • Joanne,
        Fibromyalgia is very real…at least what I have is VERY REAL…and it was labeled fibromyalgia…now I do not take OC’s or any of these drugs I was just reading about them but it is a slap in the face to say it is nor real….it is lke saying air is not real cause you can’t see it!!! Just wait until you can’t move all over and the Dr tells you it isn’t real…it always comes home to you !!!!

    • You are right, they should have MRI and other xrays to back up the real people with serious pain! I gave my doctor all my reports to show I have chronic back pain for over 17 years. This is my first time every since end of 2009 having a real drug take away my pain, but kind of glad I was not on those serious hard pain killers, or I would be addicted to them by now, and I make sure I do not get addicted. I never had the OC and do not think I would want such powerful drug, I be afraid of addiction.


        • No need to yell, bro.


  8. Thanks for explaining the difference… I am caretaking for a recovering alcoholic with sleep apnea who has been prescribed oxycodone after a car accident that has left him with compound fractures in both legs. Once we got home, he was taking 2 every 4 hours as prescribed, but was a zombie or sleeping. The warnings that came with the prescription identify the dangers for alcoholic and sleep apnea – combine that with my knowledge of the habit forming addictive qualities of this and/or oxycontin – your article helped me to prove my point that there is serious reason for concern, instead of hiding in some dilusional perception that one is not as dangerous as the other. I appreciate your help.

  9. Let’s get the word out to contact and file a report with the manufacturer of oxycotin( Purdue at1888 7267535) and with the FDA. If we all let them know about the effects the new formula has on us and those we are caring for we might find a solution that can give long term suffers some relief without the extreme side effects that the op formula is causing. If there is another oorganization that should be contacted please post it. Let’s not give up hope that we matter and that a solution can be found.

  10. I have a back issue that I have had since 1982, And have had 11 back surgeries, and am in pain on a daily basis. I used to take Vicodin, Vicodin Es, Percocet, and then Oxycontin 80mg 12 hour time release. Note: This of course was what I started with and moved up to over the years, not all at the same time, or I would not be writing this response… What I believe the problem you all are showing concern for and why the change may be due to the East Coast vs. the West Coast of the USA. Now the laws may of changed by now but when I was taking the Oxycontin 80mg the laws on the east coast required a patient to have only a white prescription slip to have a prescription filled at a pharmacy, the manufacture was pushing the drug for anyone to take ie. for a broken finger, leg, sprained ankle etc. the doctors and pharmacies were making money lots of it from this drug, and the street dealers were as well because it was so easy to get. This drug class should only be given to people with chronic pain like cancer patients, back patients, and long term injuries and so on, not for a 3 to 5 month injury but for long term issues regarding pain, to achieve some pain relief and to improve our quality of life that we deserve.
    Now on the west coast a patient has to have a Triplicate that is controlled by the DEA to have a prescription filled in this drug class, one copy goes to the doctor, one to the pharmacist and one to the DEA, it is very controlled and only started to get out of hand regarding the abuse when the east coasts abuse spread to the west and it became a street drug of choice. Why the east coast did not require a patient to have a Triplicate I don’t know but I believe it is the first place I would look for answers regarding the change you all are talking about. I could be wrong but I know this was a fact several years ago. I quite taking Oxycontin and now use a pain patch called Fentanyl, I have better control over my pain, don’t have to mess with all the pills and best of all I never have ran short in the 8 years I have been taking them, I wear 2 patches every 72 hours for a total of 20 patches per month and they work very well for me. I was a little nurves to give up the Oxycontin’s at first but soon saw the benifits of the Fentanyl Patches and am glad my doctor switched me to them.

    • The 80mg pill will sell for $35- $350 per .. depends on you r location.This is not a type-o error. This is reality.

      • that is fictional. they are nowhere around either of those numbers. lol

        • hahahahha
          they are where i live and NO NO NO I DO NOT SELL MINE,
          But i do KNOW what ppl want and are paying here and i think it is anywhere
          between $40 and $80 for a 80mg……….and now i hear ppl saying the price is
          gonna hit the roof as ppl are hoarding them, so then they can and will charge
          addicts _____lets just say the sky is the Limit for the dealers, and if i could i
          would pay to buy one IF i could After hearing what the new ones are like

          you see, they are NOT yet here in Canada, but i do hear they will be at the begin of
          April…….and then us here in Canada WILL BE ALSO Voicing our opions on the new
          oxyOP……….and to tell you the truth, from what all you say
          I am SCARED TO even take one and this is why I am gonna talk to my Doc
          and see if and what else he can put me on and so i do NOT have to even try one of
          the new oxy’s DEATH PILLS as it seems to be what they are…….????????

          and to the ppl making money off them. PISS OFF/////

          you helped to have these pills changed on us who reallly need and suffer pain on a
          daily basis………..

          thanks Alot IDIOTS !
          For now making us REAL PAIN ppl suffer More then we already are now…………

          MAD IN CANADA………………. 🙁
          OK, i will say It

          PISSED OFF IN

      • Bull sh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 350.00 my A

      • They run one dollar per milligram just about anywhere- perc 30s cost thirty- perc tens cost 10- you get the idea. silly wabbit…

    • 80 mg of contin is insane
      I was perscibed 15 mg ox ene after knee surg ( I was taking vic es 4 months prior to surg )
      4 months of vic es I had such a tolerance it was like taking candy.
      After taking only 15 mg oxy ene 2 every 4 hrs. It took away the pain and Irealy liked the buzz.
      I took them for 4 months. after 4 months I was taking them like candy ( I had to my body had
      built up such a tolerance ) tried to stop ! OH MY GOD!!!!!! Ifound out what what it is like to be
      a heroin addict, wds are not to much fun. I am back to vic es,I realy don’t feel thier effect but
      they help get my sick off. I am slowly weening myself off them.

      A JUNKY STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

  11. What a confusing and confused explanation of the difference between oxycodone and OxyContin; please allow me to explain the “difference”. This is your answer: Oxycontin is the registered trade name (registered by Perdue), or brand name for an extended release formulation of the opioid drug oxycontin. Oxycodone is the trivial name for the chemical compound (5R,9R,13S,14S)-4,5α-epoxy-14-hydroxy-3-methoxy-17-methylmorphinan-6-one, which is the systematic name for the same thing, according to the IUPAC chemical naming conventions. Notice, OxyContin is capitalized, this is because it’s a trade name, whereas oxycodone is not since it’s the name of a chemical.
    There’s also some confusion in the article about the meaning of “generic”. “Generic OxyContin” would have to be called extended release oxycodone, oxycodone ER, or something similar, it cannot be called OxyContin since that name is registered to Perdue. Generic OxyContin is simply another manufacturer’s version of OxyContin, which can be copied once Perdue’s patent protection of OxyContin has expired.
    To take the misinformation point by point:

    1st bulllet: “When it is available by itself, it is available in the form of oxycontin” this is misleading since it implies that when oxycodone is the only active ingredient the medication is always known as “oxycontin” [sic]. This is incorrect, since as I point out above, the generic form of oxycodone immediate release, or extended relase would have oxycodone as its only active ingredient.

    2nd bullet: essentially correct, though presented in a confusing way.

    3rd bullet: again, essentially correct, but confusing. It is true to say that oxycodone extended release, or extended release oxycodone would be the generic description of OxyContin.

    4th bullet: incorrect, misleading and meaningless; it is meaningless to say “The two medications are prepared in a different manner. Though oxycontin contains more of oxycodone…”. As I have said, OxyContin is simply an extended release form of oxycodone; the active ingredient is OxyContin and oxycodone are exactly the same thing are therefore prepared in the same manner. “oxycontin contains more of oxycodone” just doesn’t make sense; oxycodone in both its immediate release and extended relase formulations comes in different dosages, as does the proprietrary drug OxyContin, so without knowing how many milligrams of the active ingredient, oxycodone, are in the pills that you’re comparing, you simply can’t state that one contains more than the other.

    5th bullet: again, there is a much clearer way of saying this. The danger of overdosing with OxyContin, or extended release oxycodone is only increased in the case of those users why try to defeat the slow release mechanism by crushing, chewing, or dissolving the pill and then swallowing, snorting, or injecting it. The amount of oxycodone in OxyContin, or extended release oxycodone (measured in milligrams, or mg) has to be larger than in immediate release oxycodone since it is designed so that the effewct of the pill(s) lasts for 12 hours rather than 3 to 4 hours; since the duration of the effect is 3 to 4 times greater, the amount of active ingrediant in the pill must be 3 to 4 times greater.
    The manufacturers of OxyContin and extended release oxycodone have tried to prevent the abuse of this formulation of the drug because abusers have a greater risk of overdosing with this version than the immediate release version because there is much more of the active ingredient, oxycodone. This change in formulation is reflected in the comments following the article in which the difference between the “OC” and “OP” versions of OxyContin are discussed. The original OC formulation was subject to abuse by somply crushing the pill, which made all the oxycodone available immediately. In other words the extended release mechanism was defeated. The new OP version is designed so that the oxycodone cannot be separated from the other ingredients in the pill, so that it cannot be injected and the oxycodone will not be released by trying dissolve the crushed pill.

    5th bullet: a confused and confusing way to say that the duration of effective pain relief is shorter for the immediate release formulation than for the extended release formulation — duh.

    Summary point 3: oxycodone can itself never “contain” aspirin, Tylenol, or anything else; oxycodone can, however, be mixed with aspirin, or the active ingredient of Tylenol (acetominophen) to produce Percocet, for example, or oxycodone plus aspirin to make Percodan, etc., etc.

    I hope this clarifies the issue(s) for those who are interested.


  12. I have bad back pain from back surgery and I take the strongest Vicodin there is plus I also take Oxycodone and sometimes I still have pain. I’ve been taking Vicodin for a couple of years and my doctor says I need something that is long lasting and I need to come off the Vicodin because it is eventually going to destroy my liver.

    • You should ask your doctor for Roxicodone 15mg this will help with your pain, if you are still looking for help.

    • does any one no how i can join this forum? i’m about to leave, and don’t no if i will make it back? thank you

      • johnboy,

        for some reason i posted a question to yahoo for answers, and then every once in awhile i get an email regarding my answer…maybe someone will help you. there is another website I like and its john hopkins, but you have to google it. then you can google spine universe and there you can post questions and answer. you have to sign up to spine universe…i hope i help you for now. so after i post this, you will probably get an email.

  13. As a handicapped person with severe scoliosis I depend on 280mg oxycodone daily and it has been nothing short of a godsend, The main issue here today is that so many people are abusing it and diverting this medication by selling it and taking it via injection / snorting ~ to get a high, I myself am so angry when I hear about these stories my blood boils. And if you really wanna know just how hard its been getting a doc to rx me this essential medication you would find a chair, position it in a quiet place, tie a rope around you neck and go for a ride. Shame on all.

    • I have been on 40mg oxycontin 3x a day. It makes my body pain and muscles that are constantly being twisted tightened and spasmed with pain more contolable. I to have scoliosis had surgery when I was 35 my top curve was 128 degrees my lower curve 116 degrees so I had to have the 11 hr surgery. I grew 3in taller my top curve is now 78 degrees and and bottom curve 68 degrees. I am blessed all went great. The pain however that has came several yrs after has caused me to seek relief
      with a pain managment dr. I still struggle and deal with a pain level between a 4-6 on daily basis then if I try to be “wonder nanny” I pay big time with about a 7 or 8. Thank God for the men and women who devote thier lives to help make a diffrence for those of us that are just a bit diffrent and are challenged with a mean and unfair thing called “PAIN” Best to all who are in fear of having to live in pain and are worried about pain meds being addictive. =)

      • I could care less about being addictive,Im 65 and am in chronic pain all the time if I dont have my meds.Last month target said no medication till Janurary.Im all legitamite good doc but the pharmacies here in florida because of all the people who abuse everything and then die,but no one says why they are dying just oxy30 and contin little do they say this stpid kids are smoking the crap and mixing with methadone and zanax they say nothing about that part.Just take all the people who actually lead a better life and be able to do things with their gran kids instead laying in bed all day and popping b12S for the withdrawls.I have been going tro the same doc for 9 yrs and they told me they cant prescribe anymore. Does anyone know the real truth of what is going to happen in Janurary?I went back to my doc and he took one look at me and gave my meds back but said good luck getting it filled.I have insurance but I think the pharmacies like the cash too much.But they say now its up to the pharmacies to whether they can or will fill it for a certain amount.any info would help me Docs the 14th and then surgery the 19th

      • 43deg and my lower is 32 degrees. Anyone who says . STOP. let me say it like I was told from my former ChiroP., he works on pro- body builders as well as fat dads alike and told me once he has a client who competes internationally and has WORSE Roto-Scoliosis than mine , 43 and 32 deg …. and takes NO pain meds. He is in constant pain and sometimes moans out loud while walking or doing simple stuff. Listen! >>>>Pain is subjective, shoot me in a leg with a Desert Eagle handgun and I could not walk far. others could carry a sack of dung 100 miles.

    • what is your curviture and is there another complaint that would cause that much pain in that high dose of meds? Bless your heart. Im physically challanged also with scoli one leg is over a inch shorter than other my ribs lay on my hip and almost onto pelvic and thats after anteroir and posteror fusion top to bottom. i mean no disrespect im just curiuos i guess. I pray the best for you

      • 43deg and my lower is 32 degrees .. pretty rough. anyone I show my MRI scan they wince and grind their teeth. Then make eye contact, shake their head, and say god bless you. I smile.

  14. 2 yrs ago I had an accident that left my lower leg broke & my ankle so severely crushed that they couldn’t even set my leg, as well as fracture blisters & on the other foot fractures. This resulted in my 1st surgery which was a failure & took Ortho Doc’s 6 months to figure out while I suffered in SEVERE pain. Finally the 2nd surgery came for the leg/ankle & required pulling all the old hardware out, putting in “bigger/better” hardware, plus a bone graft & 2 yrs I still have MAJOR swelling, severe Osteo arthritis, 2 rounds of phys therapy & still can’t walk or stand for more than a hour. If I wear a walking boot, I can walk for maybe an extra hour. This my short version for you all. Now last week the Doc’s finally stopped giving me muscle relaxers,(I still take my Opana & Oxycodone) & did a MRI, finding a bulging disc in my back. I haven’t researched what the bulging disc treatment is or if it will get worse or better, but I can’t even sleep because laying longer than a couple hours makes me barely be able to walk, bend, sit, or stand. I could go on & I already couldn’t walk because of my foot/leg. They too have taken away the Oxycontin I used to take & now have me on Opana. This drug barely makes a daily routine possible & now my back too! Opana does nothing for for my back in the morning. So what do I do now? What is there to try next? I have done patches,(they fell off), back to the morphine, methadone, now Opana. Which did I say doesn’t do barely half of what the job OC’s did. I’m so at a loss & the pain is so severe everyday, I’m at a loss. Suggestions PLEASE? HELP.

    • I suffers basically the same exact injuries you have gone thorugh in a car accident. I suggest looking up different opiate based doctors to help get your the right medication you need.
      You might even want to try smoking medical marijuana. Im not a big on it but when my pain is to the point were my medication is not working I will smoke just to relax. I don’t do it alot but when I have to it helps. Hope this helps.

      • Iv read all the comments iv been taking oxi for over 6yrs and no problem then one day i had to take a piss test at work and guess what. but if i was a drinker or a pot head that would be ok so i have to lie because i have a metal plate and screws in my neck. I also have a mouth to feed man people are so clueless.

    • I feel for everyone here, except those that don’t have medical problems, “real medical problems”! I was up for 39 hours Sunday and Monday, tossed turn, lights off, lights on, bed tore up, tried heat and the crap goes on an on. I go to doctors to see if ANYTHING can be done and they tell me to go on subxone, that I am taking more meds than I should (this crap isn’t in spell check) that is the biggest joke in the world. VERY EXPENSIVE, and it doesn’t work, how can it, it”s not a pain med. It helps you get off PILLS, that my friends is great. I suffered through that nightmare, passing out peeing on myself I don’t even won’t to begin to tell you the side affects. Some say it is the greatest thing since sliced bread and refrigerated butter. Those are the drug addicts. And I never have doctor shopped. Back to point I take a 60 in the morning and a 60 in afternoon, with 3 / 15 Rox a day for break through. I am never comfortable. Once they start messing with your spin the party is over. If we are to be in more pain why have surgery, and in my case I got a staph infection in my lower spine, another surgery…..forget about it, we are domed everyone on this site is in pain and what do you get out of life? I set in bed and try to find a spot to be comfortable, miserable! God bless you all. I am open for any suggestions.

      • Sam, I agree. What are these ” CARE TAKERS” thinking? I read up to the point of you saying that your physician said all you need to do is excercise, and had to reply. Mine is sending me to Rehab. again. The first time I went, I thought, doctors know more than we do. BUT, after I left and had to leave a buggy full of groceries in the store because the pain was worse than before I went to Rehab. No, maybe they don’t. Again, EVERYONE’S body is DIFFERENT. Do they not look at the X-Rays that shows discs out of place, bulging discs, scoliosis, and so on, before deciding what is best for us or is there a list the goverernment or college they attend gives them to go by before they trust us enough to prescribe medications to ease or get rid of the pain? EXERCISE DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYONE! And neither does, Lortab, or what ever the lowest stregth medication is. I hope everyone will get the help from their doctor at some time. EXCEPT THE, in my opinion, DUMB ****, that ask how to crush and snort what the doc gave him, I think opanas. I hope the people that designed this site is reading and tracking replys so they can find him, and his doctor to stop him from getting anything in the future, he is why people like us, in real major, serious pain, can’t get anything from our doctors.

  15. Im sorry but an addicts an addict……….i myself live with back pain everyday and have had four back surgeries. The amount of narcotics some of you take for “live a normal life” is no way of normal life. I hear of WELL I AM IN PAIN I NEED MY FOUR 80’S a day….get real…thats not a normal life being that loaded on narcotics everyday its doubtful youd feel if someone chopped yer damn arm off, all you people that whine about pain im sure dont do anything else such as therapy, acupunture, and all the other things that could generally help with pain. instead its OH BETTER GET MORE OXY….face facts you guys putting down the “LOWLIVE DRUG ADDICTS” …..although people with very bad cancer pain and those who are terminal may need the amounts described…people with “OHHH LAWDDD MY FIBROOOO”” are addicts just the same if the only thing they choose to do to help “live a normal life” is take handfuls of oxy and sit their ass on the couch and complain that their medicine “doesnt work as well” aka doesnt get them high like theyre used to.

    • I guess you don’t know real pain. I work 40 hours a week and hurt all the time. I take oxy’s to help stop
      the pain, not to get a buzz , I never got high off oxy’s . If I wanted to get high I’ll drink a six pack or
      two. I don’t take pills to get high

      • Shame on whinybabies!! I have “Fibro” (Fibromyalgia), bulging discs, neuropathy & lupus. I am almost 70 yrs old and have lived the last 30 years with constant and varying degrees of pain. Anyone who would make judgment calls on other people’s pain hasn’t suffered enough pain of their own yet. I would like to see that type of person walk a mile in the shoes of a person suffering with fibromyalgia and then make their judgement call. You sound very small. I tried everything from injections, to therapy, vicodin , etc. I live with extreme pain every day but have never tried anything stronger than vicodin. Doctors are so afraid of treating chronic pain that many of them don’t really help you out. I don’t believe people in chronic pain get high when they take their medication as directed. Vicodin just doesn’t help that much. I have never abused painkillers because I have had bad reactions from them. I have never gotten high off them and I have a friend with fibromyalgia who has never gotten high off them as she works every day (I have been disabled by the pain for the last 30 years) taking vicodin and being in extreme pain all day anyway. If oxycontin helps a person with chronic pain, then they should be allowed to take it without being called “low life drug addicts”. Being in constant pain is a depressing way to live. The depression doesn’t help the pain either and there are days when you don’t want to live anymore!

        • i completely agree anyone who could ever walk in my shoes would never cut us chronic pain people down or call us adicts as we arent, we take these meds so we can can function a normal life i never got high off the meds never even feel any effects from them except it eases up my pain and makes it managable, ive tried therapy, acupunture, and many many many other things to stop the pain i have had 29 surgeries all from a drunk driver who hit my car in 1991, i have steel rods halfway up my back from 5 disk that where crushed in the accident having to be removed, and i have had 9 arthroscopic knee surgeries on both knees and a total right knee replacement , i have fibromalgia, reiters syndrome, anholoysing spondilitus, and denerative disk disease, seizures, and the nerves in my body in my spine are so messed up that they send constant pain signals all from the 2 major back surgeries done on my back. so anyone who wants to switch and live my life for even one day and try to tell me i am an addict i would love to switch so that you could try to go thru a day with my pain i live with. i take only what i need and i have never abused it at all. i hated to even go on oxy at all, and took my doctor 5 yrs to even talk me into trying it, and only 6 months after being on it, the med completely ruined my beautiful teeth. it stripped the calcium from my teeth by causing dry mouth so bad that my teeth rotted so quickly they couldnt be saved, and i had beautiful teeth and not even one cavaity before i started taking oxycontin. so most all my teeth had to be pulled as they where just breaking apart and they where not rotting from lack of care at all, they where rotting from the inside out, from the weakening of the inside of them from the oxycontin. the makers of oxycontin refused to inform doctors of this serious side effect that it would lead to tooth rot by causing dry mouth and that destroys teeth, ive tried dentures but they wont work for me as i have such a small gums and mouth that they wont stay in and hurt horribly so my only option is to get the full implants but i cant afford them, so its very frustrating that i ever listened to my doctor and started the oxycontin at all, even though it does help my pain a lot and lets me wake up and go to bed without screaming in pain anymore, but it took away my beautiful teeth i used to have only 5 yrs ago. i am so devasted by not having my beautiful smile anymore that i wont even date anymore, i am a single mother and have been single the past 7 yrs, and i dont think i will ever date again unless i can somehow get the implants which i cant afford as long as i am only getting SSI disablity, i have 3 sons and 2 of them are also disabled. so i just cant afford the cost of the implants even though thats my dream is to have my beautiful smile back you know.

          but for someone to try and call us true pain patients addicts you are obviously so stupid and never have dealth with horrible pain like we have.

          thanks, and i do agree the Oc and the OP are totaly diffferent, the new OP they switched me too are horrible, ive actually thrown up from them, gotten terrible stomach pains, and my feet are swelling up like balloons, i was just at the ER last night as my left foot had swelled up like a balloon and i couldnt even put my boot on at all . i never had this issue witht he OC ever.

      • He just said he had four back surgeries… I think the man knows pain LOL

      • Same. Read my posts. 43deg and my lower is 32 degrees , give or take a few …. put that in your pipe and smoke it (bot you, just generally).

    • I am shocked and ashamed of your post. I have never spoken out like this but your post has made me crazy. I am guessing you or no one you love has (as you call it) Fibroooo. You have no idea what you are talking about. I for one do not “sit around on my lazy ass waiting for pills” I have had this disease for over ten yrs and I am only 37yrs old. You have no idea how many doctors I have seen or how many specialists I have seen. How much research I have done or how many other things I have tried. You should not judge until you have walked in our shoes. There is a very good website that can explain to you the difference between being an addict and a person on chronic dibilitating pain searching for the right dosage to able them to get out of bed. Did you know that Fibromyalgia is now listed as a disability? You should be ashamed of yourself. You just have no idea. All of these other posts are correct. People only using them to get high have ruined this for those of us who actually need it. If you think it isn’t as painful as cancer, think again.

      • I totally agree and i have lost many loved ones due to this outbreak of the drs. wanting that money and giving them to anyone;therefore i have had much sadness having watched the meds change everything good about them and not recognizing them at a mental state of mind, they are reconstructed mentally. If u let get u it will indeed . if people really dont need them please dont ruin your precious lives. God bless us all… Take care of yourselves and think twice
        Be Safe


      • hi i am also aware of ur sitution and suffer major chronic pain i do agree wit you i have been on oxycontin and loratabs as my pain magement they updosed my oxy from every twelve hrs to 3times aday to every 8 hrs due to the pain which still hasnt taken away all my pain ive tried gettn off ths drugs only to end up in the hosp with severe witdraws i have found thts its better to stay then to get off especailly if you need them i too am using wheelchair wud be completly wheelchaired bound if i wasnt taking them
        i was in a head on car acc back in 1995 and another 2004 im not the same person who was in the best shape and health we wen i say we im talkn all whos involved family spouse ffrineds those who are there for me in helping me i dont get high on none of these mediction s for the pain is so great and goes right to where the pain is these meds are not healers they just get us from one day to the next however i have to hide these medications due to some family members that have become dogs at your door who dont need it and will steal to get these drugs i say be careful and if ur in pain keep on taking them and if any one undertsands i do in the same trust in the creator he knoows all our pains sees all our tears as well you will be in my prayers we sometimes forget others wen pain sets in and we cant see any further than our pai n lets not forget those who love us and lets put our pain upon the alter where it may be lifted allow me to share with you one day i was in so much pain i cried out to God and he spoke to my heart and this is what he said and he has kept me going with these words God said your not promised of tomorrow i heal you day by day ! those words cme to my soul my ears that still hear these words are so loud and i have have never blamed God one time his will is bein done in our lifes may be to get u to trust him maybe to use you for a movement in faith we dont know but one thing is for sure theres plce waiting on us where theres no more pain no more sorrow no more tears on the other side we may not run on earth but we shall run in heaven and not be weary the flesh is weak but my spirit is strong Godbless you !

    • To “whinybabies” – you are totally ignorant & have no understanding of people who live with unbearable pain and DO need painkillers! Both my husband and I suffer from chronic pain. My husband works in the back surgery field, and he also had back surgery himself. Many, but not all, back surgeries leave people with chronic pain, so just because you had surgery, doesn’t mean that you understand unbearable pain! My husband had one of the most severe spondys, and 3 years after surgery he can still barely walk from the pain! He can only move around if he takes his painkillers, so you have no right to judge! Not only that, he developed severe depression and he was missing work – even his anti-depressants were not working, but when he combined them with painkillers, his depression went away! Painkillers work better than anti-depressants & you obviously have no understanding of that either! I too, have chronic, severe headaches, almost every day, which I inherited from my father, plus I have neck & back pain from 4 car wrecks, and I used to spend half my life in bed, moaning about my head hurting. I would have to pull over while driving, because my head hurt so badly, and the pain used to make me throw up! Painkillers have saved my life – I finally feel good enough to take care of my responsibilities, and I DON’T have a “high” feeling – all I feel is normal now! People with real pain don’t feel “high” from painkillers, so if it makes you feel high, then your pain level must not be that bad! Not only do painkillers relieve pain, but they have also cured my ADD! Painkillers are wonder drugs which changed people’s lives for the better, so you just don’t know what you’re talking about, so stop judging people!

    • this is truly hilarious!!! true…and yet remarkably hilarious!!!


      • I know Joanna’s post is a few months old but I just had to comment. Supposedly you are in the medical field…..yeah right! I would love the know the college you attended…if you even attended one. How can you be so judgmental? How dare you question the pain that another person FEELS!! And to say that fibro is psychological. You got to be kidding me lady!! This is real PHYSICAL pain. Of course most people with chronic pain do experience psychological pain and depression due to the fact that they are not able to live a pain free normal life. I have fibro and was diagnosed 10 years ago. I have taken narcotic pain meds in the past but get most of my relief from motrin and gabapentin. I am so shocked of the comments this person made about fibromyalgia. Shocked!! Who are you to say this is “more psychological than physical”? If you are currently working in the medical field, you don’t need to be. Fibromyalgia is real and most people suffering from this DISEASE experience real physical pain…..who are you to say that they don’t. And who are you to say that narcotic pain meds do not work for this illness? I am a real life walking and talking example to say that narcotic pain meds DO work for fibro pain in SOME people. The comments you made are just plain stupidity. I will repeat that for you….STUPIDITY!! I wouldn’t wish fibro on anyone……but you…..hmmmm, maybe!!

    • Couldnt of said it better myself WELL PUT a person does not need ox for fibro they need lryica or something like that.Its just an excuse sorry guys when they can show me an mri for fibro Ill believe it the pain alot more but not untill they do and they cant.Thats why people get it they lookup the symtoms online and their in.

    • Your crazy why dont you shut up…when your in pain your probally a real big baby and cry and take pain meds so shut up punk

    • the last post goes to whinnie babie

  16. I have a traumatic brain injury. I have a migraine that never EVER goes away. It is suspected that I have a small CSF leak (cranial synovial fluid). So my nose runs a clear fluid especially the right side and that explains the reason of the constant pain. If you’ve ever had a debilitating migraine you know the kind of pain I’m talking about. I also have degenerate disc disease in my neck which needs surgery. The pain has become acute to where my right arm and hand have become almost useless. I take 80mg Oxy Contin 3 x day and 30mg Oxy Codone 4x a day. I have been finding the old ocs at various little town one-owner pharmacies. But now I have a script for a month’s worth of 80s and cannot find them. I cannot take the new “OPs” because they cause horrible rebound headaches, intestinal cramps, and diarrhea. I dont know what to do. I cannot have any kind of life at all without the 80s. I have huge vegetable gardens in summer and I live at Lake Powell and I have a Reinell Cabin Cruiser. How am I to enjoy life if Im practically bed ridden? How can they take away the only thing that made it possible to plant and maintain huge gardens and take my little camping boat out? Does anyone know if there’s lawsuits and/or petitions against purdue that I can join?

  17. Im only 23 and have ddd and im perscribe vicodin and flexirel. this does not help with the pian. Can the dr put me on something else? an whats the side affects of something else? i dont like the high feeling ..it does go away but i have a 4mon and a 21mon old and cant take care of them right because of all the bending and pickin them up im i pain always..i dont want to be a zombie and do nothing.. i wanna play with them and take them outside and cant because im always in pain. should i ask for something different that wont effect me raising my boys?

  18. Before I fell like a ragdoll down a massive skihill and popped three disks in my spine, and fractured my pelvis, I used to think all the ‘back-achers’ were whinners and fakers too. I had no frik’n idea how debilitating and excrutiating this pain was until it happened to me. Can’t tie your shoes, can’t bend over to put on a damn pair of underwear or socks , gotta lean on the sink to brush your teeth, can’t drive, can’t sleep, can’t walk, can’t work, can’t poop. yes i said it.. can’t poop without screaming in agony, can’t get away from the pain for 5 seconds and loose your godamm mind! The pain affects your logic, your behavior, your personality and your quality of life is severely impacted. I try to live with the pain when I can, and only take a few percs or oxy’s when I absolutely need it. I will agree with a previous poster, they won’t work and they get you high only if you don’t have real pain. When you are in reall excrutiating pain, there is no high. maybe get a little tired and need a nap but once you get used to them, you can now function and have a normal life with less “can’ts” in your day. Whinnybaby… you may continue to live in your ignorance and I will not wish you to walk a mile in our shoes because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, not even you because I was you two years ago. I now know, the hard way.. that no one deserves this agony.

    • Balula, You are so right. I gave up on showers every day, one hand underwear or pants, try and hit that hole, Jesus what a mess. With four surgeries on my neck and spine and the staph infection has made my life pure hell. Getting off, you have got to be kidding me. You can’t get high because all you can think about is the pain. The riding bicycle that this dumb and I mean dumb ass doctor told me all I needed to do is exercise. Good god the crap that comes out of these care givers is a joke. Listen up doctor, let me tell you what my problem is, don’t tell me, you never met me and you damn sure don’t know how much pain anyone is in. That is personal. Describing pain to these dumb asses really makes me angry. The last genius I went to DID OFFER ADVISE, DUH, he said he couldn’t do surgery on me because it would be dangerous. Well isn’t all surgeries a mess and dangerous….just look at the mess I am in. Then he has the gall to say “you know you are on Medicare, and your age”, I guess I wonder if I live to 80 should I really be miserable for long period of time. I never got a chance to speak. He had made up is mind, what a low life. For all of you that have made me waste the afternoon that could never understand pain please don’t be hard on them. Some of us really are in pain and I would be willing to bet you that at least half would rather be dead, especially before they get there meds into them. I am not talking about nurses, most have been great and caring. It’s the freaking doctors that think they know everything before they even talk to you. I couldn’t tell him that I wasn’t there about my spine pain, I was there to talk about the pain I am having in my hip and legs that are keeping me from standing on my feet for more than 10 minutes. I will keep all of you in my prayers, I do that a lot now days, it helps me from blowing my brains out.

      • Sam,

        Just wanted to say l have the same problems as you. 4 back surgeries 1 neck fusion and several other assorted surgeries. I have the hip and leg pain also which is getting worse daily. Soon i will be in a wheelchair 🙁 The pain can be unbearable at times. The doctors can do no more. From what my nephew tells me (he is an MD) the hip and leg pain is from my nerves rubbing on the calcium build up closing off the area the nerve has to travel through the bone.

        For the ignorant people posting on here about who needs pain medications and who does not please do us all (and the world) a favor and go take a flying leap! As for Joanne, l think you missed out on your continuing education courses. You are a disgrace to the medical field how dare you pass judgement, with a mouth like yours l have no doubts that you will end up in any of our shoes sooner or later.

  19. Nessa, I felt the same way using Flexirel. It is my least favorite muscle relaxer… in ffact, I think it is dangerous….one tiny pill puts me out of commision for 24 hr, before my head clears enough to think straight and with little kids you need to on your game. I now use Soma—No foggy brain… but it works on the muscles. Good Luck with the little ones

  20. Sorry….. type-o…. that is “flexeril.” Good luck.

  21. Sounds like what recently happened to a British acquaintance here in Hawai…I had NO IDEA about his drug activity until the story started leaking out through several people in the next town from me…his wife locally estranged herself from the town and relocated to another part of the island, immediately cremated him and I wont even go into the rest!

    I am VERY saddened by this. I just don’t understand why ANYONE would jeopardize a good life that I thought they had…this is something I can’t understand…It REALLY scares me because I was just prescribed morphine for a shoulder problem…it was excrutiating! I don’t like opiates because they are REALLY hard on your body and REALLY dangerous…fatally so. I question time release prescriptions…sometimes they can rupture or cellular construction can weaken under certain circumstances and break apart.

    I personally believe it’s best to take the lowest dose…like chewable baby aspirin, but when there is that much pain, and no doctor, you HAVE to have pharmaceutical help! I opted for Oxycodon (they lasted 8 years) because I remember how hard morphine was on my body…I even had heart palpatations 3 weeks ago..scary stuff! And I only took 1/2 of a low dosage pill. I KNOW that because I use medication VERY sparingly, my body is very receptive to medications, although its effects aren’t always agreeable with the patient.

    I looked up “o vs. o” on the internet intentionally…I have a horrid toothache and Advil didn’t do a THING for pain relief! It’s not swollen, just painful…needs to come out, but no can!

    I heard yesterday that someone’s teenage grandson hung himself…I am not sure of the results of that…if he is still alive. This is a small town…the news on the coconut telegraph travels FASTER than high speed internet!

    I hope people can find help…legitimate help is SURELY hard to come by…

    PLEASE be careful…Unless you are a chemist, DON’T MESS AROUND WITH DRUGS!!! THEY KILL!

  22. whats the best way to inject oxycodone 30s without using any cotten

    • To the guy asking about how to shoot up a 30mg oxy……see this is the real reason why people like me with ligitimate pain have such a hard time getting proper treatment. Becuase of people like u……you really gotta b kidding me. Cannot believe someone would actually post a comment like that.

      • Crazy about posting about shooting up. You must have been snorting first and now shooting for a better buzz or what? You best get some serious help with what you have or try doing!!!

    • I don’t think this is the place to be asking a question like that. You need some help!!!!!

    • To Ben about shooting up oxies you are a dumb ass, you don’t shoot them you eat them
      may you can puthe needle in your temple and get off for good

    • Cut me a brake.Its people like you why all this shits going onn hard to get from your own pain management doctor you just want a damn high I dont get high wish I did that would be an extra bonus for me pills go straight to the pain

  23. I am so sorry that the medications that were supposed to help you added another huge problem to your life. You’ve taught me and others about what oxycontin can do to teeth, and quickly. No one ever talks about that. I hope you get your implants someday soon. You never know what may happen. God bless you. Your story really touched me.

  24. I feel for everyone who suffers with pain. That being said, my partner and his mother see a “Dr.” once a month. The whole visit takes 15 to 20 minutes depending if a urine test is given. They pay the $200 and walk out with a prescription for the oxy’s. Both have been in car wreaks and have had numerous surgeries. They both run out before the 28 days, usually within the first 10 days. I am at my wits end, they are in pain but crush and snort to get the immediate high and then take the pills orally to keep the high. I wish the “Dr.” would monitor them better or only give them a day or 2 at a times worth.
    I think they need rehabilitation but neither will go. Anyone have any information for me?


  26. I have been using these for years and never realized their differences. Thank u for a wonderful post and its time that i reduce their intake.

  27. plz add me to info materials re pain killers legal and illegal use in the U.S. I was told that that to can have a script for oxycodone and hydrocodone at the same time is this true because they are in two different classes I.E. class 2 and class 3 opiate or pain killer ??? one for breakthru pain and one for different pain.

  28. My wife has suffered with chronic back pain brought on by Arachnoiditis ( basically scar-tissue causing the nerves to be forced out of there normal position – inoperable) . She tried an implant with no success, in fact when they went to remove it, she went paralized from the waist down for over 24hours. We are now looking into medical marijuana, still illegal in Ohio, but is legal in Mich. we are looking into finding a Mich. Docter to see if in pill form there is any success in getting any pain relief. She is on opiates, very high does and this really scares me, way too many side effects.

    Randy Huggins

    • To Jennifer

      I am prescribed 3- 80mg. plus up to 3- 40 mg. Oxycontin per day. I find I have days that I don’t need that much, so I will take it at the onset of pain. If you find you do not need the full amount everyday, you might try it that way. When you start to really hurt, then you take the pain killer.

  29. Wow. I am almost speechless about how people act towards others. I was hit by an 18 Wheeler may 5th 2009 and was not supposed to survive, thankfully I had God on my side. I spent the last two years dealing with the cronic pain from all of the injuries with Tramadol and hydro. However that no longer helped and was getting to the point that I was forced to either file disability, or find an alternative drug for the pain. After alot of research and alot of discussions with my doctor we decided on Oxycodone 4X a day. I am wondering though, is it really necessary for me to take 4 a day? Can’t you just take as needed? I would prefer to take them as needed or perhaps once a day….is this feasable?

    • Yea you should take what the bottle says. Its to prevent pain coming on, is what others tell me. So I don’t think I want pain so I keep it away. I fear for my future and being on pills all the time when will the pain end? I know for me is that once I quit working and I couldn’t do anymore I kind of level out. I have a good doctor now and he has been trying different medicine on me and so far its working going on my 2nd month, but I do have constipation with the new drug. Its called MS Conti 30 mg. plus my oxycodone 4 tablets, so its 6 pills a day. I don’t like taking so many, but what can I do. I would just like to switch up to taking only 3 pills a day. I really need to talk to my doctor again about this. He thinks that the MS Conti would be better than Roxicodone 30mgs, but Im not sure now with the constipation of the MS. So I think you best stay with what your doctor prescribed..

  30. Just a commemt about medications being changed by manufacturers, underprescribed by doctors, bad publicity in the news, and effective drugs being declined by the FDA. It jad become personal. Why should I be denied a medication that works for me aftet 12 yrars of suggeting and trying other medicines because people decide to shoot it up. These people will get the drug until they decide to stop, go to prison, or die. I don’t want my govt decifing my medications for me. I have a doctor. Let the otjets suffet the consequences. The evil isn’t the medication.

  31. If possible try to avoid fluoride consumption because i heard of stories where fluoride was the main cause in arthritis type pain. I just did a report on this and i figured i would just suggest something at least in attempt to help. Sorry about the pain :(. -Devon Best of Luck.

  32. WHY WHY WHY why is it that people DO NOT take the responsibility for their own actions???? You have pain?? SO DO I but I CHOOSE, that’s right CHOOSE NOT to take these drugs daily. Suffer with a little pain and YOU won’t get addicted. I Have PN I have had it for 4 years. I am in pain 24 hours a day 7 days a week It NEVER Goes away. NEVER. But I CHOOSE not to let the drugs make me an addict. I might suffer with the extreme pain for 1 or 2 days before I take another pill. I can barely walk anymore, and someday I will probably be wheelchair bound. But I will NOT be an addict. It’s YOUR choice… You can choose Your destiny… Your fate. YOUR CHOICE!

      • Lol, good one. If you choose not to take them, then good for you. Maybe other dont or can’t choose to ignore or live with the pain. Remember that we all have different types of pain, and where not all strong minded as you. Just give others their space and respect and a little support and keep your comments taughts to yourself. We’re just humans, are you human, do you have feelings?

    • Sonjia,

      The only thing you are doing with your pain treatment is not following it well, you might not have such physical disability if you actually followed the regimen. I have been treating for spinal disc bulging and rupture in my lumbar and cervical regions since 1989, I have suffered with fibro since 1997, and i have now developed serious peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I TOO am in pain 24/7, but not for the foolish reason you are. Several recent studies strongly indicate what i have experienced anecdotally for years: that people who take pain medications for ACTUAL pain rarely get addicted to their pain medication, provided their doctor doesn’t over-prescribe it to them. I, too, try to avoid taking unnecessary pain meds: if it’s not hurting that bad at the moment, then I’d put off taking it until a bit later. The problem with most pain meds is that they are great at PREVENTING pain but no so good at catching up with it once it gets serious. I have been on everything from plain old tylenol to ultram to morphine, and at the moment, I can’t get ANY Rx pain medication because I CANNOT AFFORD the $900+ out of pocket cost to get a “new” set of spinal mri’s. That’s true even though I’m on SSDI, have medicare, and detailed medical records going back over ten years. It is the shabby and careless doctors who are over-prescribing, and the foolish people seeking narcotic “highs,” that have ruined care for so many of us chronic pain sufferers. I have spinal mri’s from late 2010, and they show the same degenerative spinal problems that my mri’s have shown for years, my spine is NOT going to self-heal, and it is not surgically correctable.

      Now, since I moved to a new region of my state recently, i cannot get into a new pain clinic without mri’s that are less than 12 months old. So I’m screwed. I can’t afford to get the mri’s, so I can’t get the rx meds, pain worsens, I get even less physically active, and a vicious circle downward will likely ensue until i’ll end up hospitalized with extreme pain leaving me semi-responsive. At that point i’ll get inpatient mri’s which ARE fully covered by medicare, then get back into a proper treatment regimen. Thing is, it will end up costing me WAY more suffering and stress, AND the government WAY more money than it would have, just to review my mri’s and get me on the proper meds.

      Don’t speak of things that you haven’t researched and don’t understand.

      • Good one….. There’s always one that feels that only kryptonite can hurt them. I feel for you, I see what my moms go through, what she drinks and it’s not easy. Not easy dealing with the pain then depression that comes after. Good luck with your situation and pain may God bless you and your loved ones. Can you travel and continue to see your original doctor you were seeing….

        Keep the prayers keep the faith.

  33. I live in Canada which may be the reason I have never heard of this op whatever, instead of oxy. Whatever it is, it will probably hit Canada too as my Dr. has told me his rules for prescribing oxycontin are becoming tighter. Could someone please tell me what the op is and the difference between it and oxycontin.

    • Debbie, The op is Oxycotin but a new formula. The manufacturer has put a plastic coating around it like over the counter meds. They say with this coating it makes it impossible to snort or inject. I take as prescribed. The BIG down side to this coating is that they are not, not, as strong as the original Oxycotin, with the letters oc, on them. If youre still getting the ones with, oc, on them, good for you. You are lucky. To the idiots that caused them to change the formula, you want to kill yourself, your choice, but you screwed up me getting the one thing that helped my pain because you dont care about anyone but yourself by injecting or snorting. There’s other ways to kill yourself why mess up my life because you dont know how to take as prescibed.

  34. So many enraged with the new oxycontin. And with good reason. Purdue need’s to pull this new form of what they say is oxycontin. It is bad. Purdue couldn’t care less about those people who died overdosing on oxycontin. It was an excuse as their patent was running out and many pharmacies were on the band wagon to offer the cheaper generic’s. Purdue out of greed came up with the op’s thus stopping all production of lower cost generic’s. I have to wonder if the new ingrediant’s in the op’s will eventually weaken many and cause death. I have taken the new op’s for 6 month’s. My blood sugar and pressure is up and i have had nothing but bowel problems these past 6 month’s. Shame on Purdue

  35. i heard that street people are snorting the new op’s. any way this can happen and be affective as just taking them oraly, is this in affective way to take the the new op’s.??????.

  36. 5 years ago I fractured 3 vertebrae. They broke all the way thru. The pain doctor put me on 100 mi’ patches . Way to much meds. So i ask her to take me down to something smaller. She put me on 15 mil. oxycodone. and soma . I was able to function more than I had i a very long time. There’s still alot I can’t do but doctors around here are afraiad to give out meds to help people. so many young people just want them for a high and older people that have worked all their lives can’t seem to get the help that they need.Thank you for listening.

    • Or rather add on. I don’t snort’ shoot or anything other than take my my meds as presrcibed. It’ really angers me that I’m in so much pain . I applied for SSD ( soc. sec. dis.) and was denied because They felt that I could still work . I raised 4 childern, one handicapped form birth, one when he ad an accident 19 .and 2 others.Also worked to support them, i guess i’m just not young enough to recieve meds that will help.,with the pain or stress to help get by. Any suggestions? thank you, D Johnson

      • To Debbie Johnson:

        PLEASE be careful with the Soma! Its far, far more dangerous than any opiate…but only if it is misused or you forgot you took it and take more.

        The “can’t get meds bc the Youth abuse them” myth is just that…a myth. Here’s the fact: ever since interstate CII med tracking systems went online for most states docs do NOT want to write for CIIs. With EPIC coming online soon this will only get worse and us CP patients suffer. Why? Because NO doctor (for good reason) wants to be flagged for too many CII scripts. I have seen DEA pull the license of one colleague because he wrote a three-month quantity on one blank…and far more facetious stuff than that!! The DEA does not tell docs what the “limit” is before they are flagged and investigated so docs just prefer not to write CII scripts at all (in most states).

        Think of it this way: the “Youth” can get oxy FAR easier than you or I–they just buy from their dealer! We have to jump through hoops just to be denied the only thing that allows us to live a .25-way “normal” life.

        Thanks for listening and good luck!! Careful with thar Soma!


  37. Hello people,

    It seems that quite a few commenters here are suffering from not wanting to face the facts…

    If you have been taking opiates for any length of time…YOU ARE AN OPIATE ADDICT.

    Don’t believe me? Simply stop taking your medication! You feel those wonderful leg cramps, yawning, watery eyes, runny nose, etc? That, friends, is called WITHDRAWAL and it is a pretty accurate indicator that YOU ARE AN ADDICT.

    Still don’t believe me? Ask your doc to perform a “Narcan challenge” on you. You will soon know the truth.

    I am a CP patient and take meds for the pain…what I am NOT is a person in denial. I am fully aware that I am an addict and guess what? You are too…regardless of whether the pills “get you high” or not. It does not matter one iota. If you take opiates for over three weeks YOU ARE ADDICTED in some sense. Either live with this fact or be miserable without your meds.


  38. I was addicted to Oxycontin and Oxynorm for several years. I just weaned myself off them using the powder in the oxynorm capsules, slowly decreasing the dose every day. My question is, I have several boxes of both Oxycontin 40mg and Oxynorm 40mg that are left. I wont ever take these again, so how do I get rid of them?

    Email: undersearach at hot mail

    • CONGRATULATIONS btw! Your taper was just the ticket…that’s the way it SHOULD be done. I pray that you stay out of pain and please NEVER dismiss the HUGE accomplishment you performed. Cheers to you!

      If you need info on where to bring old meds in your area let me know (rondamatoATgmail) and I’ll find out. Some people do not like flushing meds (bc they get into the food chain) so I can understand it if you don’t want to do that.


    • To Joan Creek..I live in ontario and most pharmacies will take the meds back and despose of them safely. Con grats to you for weaning yourself away from them.

  39. To Debbie Johnson….. It is not unusual for patients to be denied disability the first, second or even third time applying….& they usually say the patient can still work……DO NOT GIVE UP !!! Make sure you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, how the pain is increasing, how it is limiting your quality of life, what effects (good and bad) medications have on you. Changes in your mental and emotional being. Keep copies of all your forms you fill out when applying for disability. This will help your memory when you have to do these forms AGAIN. I am convinced people are turned down just so they give up and go away. Have seen it happen many times. PLEASE do not give up, you have to fight. Make sure your doctor(s) know you are applying and they are keeping accurate records as well because when you finally are turned down for the third time you have the right to a hearing before a judge. Don’t let this scare you. You can either have an attorney represent you or you can represent yourself which is what I did. Be honest with the judge about your health. Your detailed records will tell the judge what he/she needs to know. A request will be made to each of your doctors for your records and these records along with your interview with the judge will have a major effect on the decision. There is in each case I know about a Rehabilitation Expert who will research your case also and this person will give testimony to the judge as to what they think your chances are for working at your regular job, being trained for a different one or whether you can even hold a job for any length of time. In my case, he told the judge that I could not keep doing my regular job but I could be trained for something different and be hired BUT I would not be able to work long enough to even meet my 30 day evaluation. He recommended I be granted disability. Keep trying and go for the hearing before the judge, you never know how it will turn out but it is worth it to keep fighting. I wish and pray for you the ability to persevere until you succeed in getting your disability. Not to be intrusive but I hope your son who was disabled from the accident and also your child who is handicapped have their disability or some kind of help. If not, check into what they qualify for.
    I hope this information helps you.

  40. Yes, oxycodone on the extended release version, oxycontin are addictive. I have been taking the short acting oxycodone for two years now. I don’t take it to get high. I take it for a very similar reason to the original poster. I have spinal athritis which started in my cervical spine and has now started to cause problems in my thoracic and lumbar spine. I also have fibromyalgia, which can develop in many people who already suffer from arthritis.

    There was a time when I was in a lot of pain that I was bedridden. At 37 years old. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t take care of my home or my husband or my two year old daughter. I thought my life was over. It was then that I was given oxycodone. My first time trying it, I threw up for about an hour until there was nothing left.

    Fortunately, if you are in a situation where you need this kind of pain relief there are meds out there that will combat the nausea for you so that you can keep the meds down and finally get some decent pain relief. The most effective one is Zofran (ondansetron). It is very expensive and many insurance companies will either not pay for it, or charge huge copays. It is normally reserved for cancer patients. I did get it approved at one point because my doctor wrote a letter of medical necessity to my insurance company..but it was a pain every time I tried to refill it so they switched me over to promethizine. Works great, takes care of nausea completely.

    If you end up having to be on opioids for a long time like i have been, the nausea will eventually not be as bad.

    No one wants to be on an addictive drug long term. But sometimes it’s either that or spending the rest of your life in a bed watching the people around you go on with their lives while they suffer. I get pretty defensive when people are critical about the fact that I have used these meds for awhile. But I think anyone would agree..a life on meds is better than no life at all.

    I also get upset when I hear people taking it recreationally. I know it makes you feel good and all of that..but those of us that need it in order to live suffer for your use…making it harder for us to get. And also making it so that when we ask for it we are treated like drug addicts.

  41. Well, you can save me some money and send them to me… ; ‘)

    Seriously, if you want to get rid of them dump them in the toilet and flush a few times. Many police departments will take in “orphan” scrip meds and dispose of them for you…but usually the cops just end up taking them themselves. This happened over four times in Chicago last year.

    Good luck! Glad you don’t need them anymore.


  42. To Kailyn:

    Glad Zofran is effective for you because it does not work that well for many people…

    One good non-opi pk is Ultram (tramadol HCl). It acts on the seratonigenic system and is, mg for mg, about as effective as morphine sulphate. That is…IF it works for you.

    This new class of GABA RIs are very good also, esp for fibro. Lyrica (Pregabalin) is one of the best meds out there–low toxticity and very effective. Problem is that there is no generic Pregabalin yet and it is EXPENSIVE. Gabapentin is a bit cheaper but does not work near as well (for me).

    DO NOT fall into the trap of thinking that bc Soma (carisoprodol) is cheap and effective and non-opi that it is non-addicting. Soma withdrawal is almost as bad as opi withdrawal. In fact, Soma is the prodrug form of Miltown (meprobamate) which was removed from the market bc of its dangers a long time back.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at . I’d rather people mail me and ask questions instead of possibly ODing!



    • Ron, I would love to send them to you but then Id be a zombee. Asd for turning them into your local Policia Dept dont make me laugh, the Staff sarg would stash them in his pocket. A very good friend on mine and former cop (RIP KIM) told us about a house / cottage party where the local cops got together and had a table in the basement with EVERY substance you can imagine open for buffet type consumption. you name it. True story.

    • what is so wrong with soma? Just started it.

      • There is nothing whatsoever “wrong” with Soma. In fact, is a great drug for musculoskelatal spasms and is incredibly cheap.

        It is VERY addictive though, almost as much so as opis, and should be used with respect. Anything that makes you feel THAT good is bound to be trouble! ; ‘)


        • DocRon
          I saw your post about Soma I’ve taken Soma (which breaks down to Milltown) for 15yrs 3-4 x’s a day. It does well with muscles. Ive had to stop taking it for injections 5 days before procedure. I have just been took off of Soma and taking Zanaflex spell?? but thankfully no with draw or DT’s your name is DocRon does this mean you are a medical Dr? just curious.

  43. Seriously, if you want to get rid of them dump them in the toilet and flush a few times. Many police departments will take in “orphan” scrip meds and dispose of them for you…but usually the cops just end up taking them themselves. This happened over four times in Chicago last year.

    Good luck! Glad you don’t need them anymore.

    Read more: Difference Between Oxycontin and Oxycodone | Difference Between | Oxycontin vs Oxycodone http://www.differencebetween.net/science/difference-between-oxycontin-and-oxycodone/#ixzz1m2K6jRaz

  44. Suboxone made by reckitt pharmaceuticals is business partners of Purdue Pharmaceutical who hid the high addictive rates of oxycontinin at their drug trials{minimum 20% thought to be as high as 30%} then told prescribing physicians it was less than 1% before dumping this drug on the unsuspecting public
    Drug addiction a cottage industry created by pharmaceutical companies.
    Take a look at those two east coast pharmacetical companies that have caused much havoc all out of greed. All with the assistance of our voted in politicians who took highly lucrative lobbyist patronage jobs and turned their backs on their constituents

  45. Wondering why i am itching everywhere. Mostly on my hands and feet to the point it bleeds. The hives (some) are painful on my hands. i haven’t taken this drug in a week though.

  46. The problem with OxyContin is not the fault of the drug company, although I hate drug companies. If you have chronic pain, a professional pain specialist will determine whether you have chronic or short term pain. I suffer chronic back pain from Scoliosis. I went through a process to describe my level of pain 1 to 10. I found that difficult because I always had a life with pain which worsened as I got older. I chose 8. Then a pain specialist will determine the level of medication that depends on your body weight. Once your pain threshold is established, there are ten pain medications you try and evaluate. Whichever YOU feel helps your pain is the medication you will be placed on as a trial basis. I tried every one and had numerous different reactions, even though the drug was supposedly screened to meet my criteria. I finally went with OxyContin which cost more and I did have to fight the insurance regulators often. But that was my ex-doctor who was not a pain specialists fault. He accidentally checked a box stating my pain was short term and not Chronic. Notice I stated Ex doctor. In time I found out he was using me as monthly income, since by law I only needed a visit every 3 months, and now each month my prescription is ready for pickup at no office visit charge. Point is pain medication is serious and should be carefully monitored. My new Primary has referred me to a local Hospital Pain Clinic for dedicated pain specialist. Not some doctor enjoying the profits of billing insurance once per month. Trust you instincts.

    • Ron,
      I as well have Scoli and have lived with it from 8yrs old to now Im 54 and live in Texas. I had the reconstruction at 35yrs old, becoz of pain. I had 138 degree curve on top and 120 degr on bottom curve. After a 13 hour surgery in ’93 all my ribs broke in half for fusing all the verta’s then removed 2 ribs from my left side to lay the curves down I am now 3 inches taller, which was a bonus.Lol Im just wondering about your type of scoli and how your managing yours. I just had a second surgery March 2, 2012 becoz a screw broke and caused the weight of metal and spine to rotate wrong so L3- L5 crumbled down on nerves. Im on 40mg Oxycontin 3x’s a day, so that my life can stay some what active. Im doing great after this 2nd surgery. But just wanted to know your situation if you dont mind sharing.

  47. Great layout I think.

  48. my wife is suffering from joint pains and she is unable even move a little step properly ………i took her for every treatment since 16 years but it had given me some better results and again now from 2 years she is again suffering same problem(the pain is more compared to last 14 years)……i need your help please give me any medicine advice without any pain killers(till now she is taking pain killers for pain relief , i am affraid of that it may effect her kindeys…………….her age is 55years

  49. So who do you go to , to get Suboxone? Pain Management Dr?

    • The best place to get Suboxone (though it may be embarrassing) is from an addiction specialist. About any doc can prescribe Subs as long as they have an “X Class” DEA license…which means they took a short course on prescribing it.

      Here in IL they have limits, ie one doc can only have 30 Sub patients…but I think that it was just raised to 100.

      Suboxone is a MIRACLE DRUG and you will not believe how far, far easier it is to taper from than methadone or, say, morphine sulphate.

      One more thing…and I don’t recommend this…Suboxone is absorbed through the mucosa–oral or nasal. Nasal availability is FAR higher; ie–I was orally using one pill a day but by using it nasally brought my dose down 75% because far, far more bupenorphine is absorbed.

      Snorting pills is NOT recommended by me no matter what…but it did work for me. After getting my dose down to a CRUMB (1/45th pill/day) I jumped off of it with no issues whatsoever and the most minimal wds that you could imagine. It’s expensive, it tastes like shit, but MAN is it worth every penny. You’ll get your life back.

      GOOD LUCK!


    • You have to go to a Detox clinic/methadone clinic which are the only ones who would prescribe suboxone. when you go through your intace or interview theyll ask you if you prefer methadone or suboxone. if you try to go cold turkey drink plenty of gatorade, have clonidines next to you for your heart pulpitation, clonozapen or valiums for your sleepness night and amodium ad. the hardest part is the first 2 days, after that it will get better. take it from me ive been on 30mg oxycodones 2 tab 3x a day, (1) 80mg o.c. in the morn and at night for 6 years. so basically 180 tabs of the 30 mg oxycodones and 60 tabs of the 80 mg oxycontins a month, for 6 years and i slowly got off it first i went cold turkey, that was hard, then i went to a detox clinic and they gave me the suboxones….. good luck, and god bless you.

  50. My heart goes out to all those folks in pain and need pain reliver. I have operated heavy equepment for @ 50 years, and am now retired. I take at least 4 Morphine Sulfate ER tablets (generic) a day just to servive day to day. On a 1-10 scale I am in the 7-9 range every day. Without these meds I would die soon in a nursing home somewhere. If you need these pain killers in order to have some quallity of life at the end of your life then I say don’t hesitate to use them with caution, as you need them. The trick is getting a Doctor that will work with you. All Doctors before prescribing any/all pain killer should have to endure it in 8-10 range themselves for a short time so they could see just how you feel! Good Luck my friend & God Bless you in the time that you have left on our earth……. Oscar

  51. Learn mindfulness/meditation and you will be able to partially or fully overcome your pain response without introducing new substances into the body. All you need is to learn the basics, which can be done for free (check Google Talks on Youtube and you’ll find free introductions with guided meditations by Jon Kabat-Zinn as well as other expert meditators). Remember – you don’t need to pay a cent for this, so avoid the gurus who are asking for a lot of money. All you need to learn meditation and a mindful mindset is time, regularity and persistence. You will notice benefits in just a few weeks. But you have got to hang in there and do it – it’s like physical exercise in that respect.

    This is not to say that drugs do not help or that they are evil by nature; they can improve quality of life a great deal – but they are not the definitive answer to anybody’s problems.

  52. Thank you for some other magnificent post. The place else could anybody get that kind of information in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I am at the search for such information.

  53. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for an article that has a clear, concise answer to a question that I have had for much too long!!! I would ask doctors or even SEVERAL PHARMACISTS what the difference is between the two I still couldn’t get a clear answer. I often would get hurried responses or one or two word phrases that left me even more puzzled. Even when I searched on numerous websites I was still at a loss.

    Again, thank you very much for taking the time to clarify this question for me, and not hiding it in paragraphs upon paragraphs of medical lingo! 😉

  54. Is it true the Pain Management clinics must reduce the amount of pain relievers being prescribed to patients?

    • my doctor has me on oxycodone and oxycontin, she said i could use my oxycodone as a break threw ever 4-6 hours if needed. it that ok to do?

      • O no wayy am in austin and i cant find non of my doctors out here bc no one takes my insurance i sure wish sumone could help cant sleep at night from my back had a back accident 6 months ago and moved here from florida because my family moved down here ;(

        • What insurance carrier do you have and what type of insurance is it? You mentioned you live in Austin, right? Regardless of what insurance you have, you can always find at least one physician who accepts your insurance. Also, you can go ahead and visit a pain management doctor or an orthopedic surgeon and explain your situation to them, and they’ll definitely prescribe you some form of pain medication, whether it may be oxycodone, hydrocodene, or something else like tramadol. The doctor’s visit won’t cost you more than $50 to $60 without insurance, and if you tell them you are in extreme pain, they’ll definitely write you a script for te medication, which won’t be more than $50 or $60 as well. Just make sure you call around before selecting any given pharmacy. I usually stay away from CVS and Riteade because they have the highest costs compaired to small independent pharmacies.

          That’s less than $150 and you’ll have enough medication to last you about 2 months. Whatever you do, just try not to get hooked on the meds. It’s very easy to get hooked on them because they’re opiates, except for tramadol, but that also works like an opiate, and you’d need to gradually taper off.

          No one needs to suffer with pain, NO ONE! Try seeing an orthopedic surgeon, they’re more liberal at writing scripts.

          I’m actually waiting to get a lumbar surgery (disc replacement) at the L5-S1 level. I’m on 30mg’s of oxycodone every 6 hours. I initially started at 10mg’s of hydrocodone (Norco) once a day. The body becomes easily tolerant to the opiates, causing for a higher dosage to manage the same amount of pain. So try to stay at the level you’re prescribed.

          I hope you can get the help you need. I have extreme back pains, so I know how difficult it can be to go on with normal activities; even sleeping seems impossible with such pains.

          I hope you find a doctor and get the relief you need. Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything else.


    • pain clinics try to help control pain with many different approaches. I was taking oxycodone when I went to see them. I am now on pain patches and morphine sulfate. I also receive steroid injections. Many doctors believe that there is danger for patients to use any drug long term.

      • People should really look up arachnoiditis before they agree to any and I mean ANY invasive procedures to their spine. Anything put into your dura can create Arachnoiditis. It is a painful disease that hurts as bad as terminal cancer without the relief of death. Epidural steroid injections can cause it, pain pumps can cause it, and stimulators can cause it. Until research is done and they figure out why some people get arachnoiditis and some people do not this needs to be the #1 warning that doctors should be telling patients. ESI’s are NOT APPROVED by the FDA for use intradural. I can’t believe that so many sheep just line up and let doctors do whatever they want them to do without bothering to research it. With the internet now this is totally inexcusable.


  55. How dangerous is oxycodone. How much do you have to do in order to be addicted?

    • Dearv George,
      Most likely if you are wondering how much you have to “do” to be addicted, or thinking you MAY be addicted you probably already are.
      If you have a history if addiction, or there is an underlying risk, such as addiction in your family, then you should look to an alternative, or make sure you do not exceed the dosage.

  56. Do oxycontin have more pain medicine than oxycodone

    • Yes it does, and is more likely to be abused and become addicted to. If the doctor ordered this pain med or you please take just as prescribed. These meds are addictive, I know I’ve been on one or the other since 1999. You will become dependent on the OxyContin it will happen. Then it seems like if you get close to being out of the drug it makes you anxious. When I first started taking it was in 40mg. Increased very quickly to 80mg. in a short time. I was killing myself and did not know it or care. I was also on other meds. some for depression, muscle relaxers. My wife and my mom would beg me to stop taking these, and all the while I was taking what my doctor told me to take. I was not myself for years, my wife and kids were scared of me, thinking that they would come home nd I’d be dead. My wife I’d not trust me to even watch my own kids. I could not drive because I would fall asleep at the wheel. My wife came to me and said she was not going to be there to watch me die. She was asking me for a divorce it was during a time when I wasn’t out of my head. So I started thinking about suicide cause it just goes along with what these drugs do. Long story short it was in Jan. of I’m not sure but I had gone several days without taking any meds and it was then that I was beginning to see what I was doing. My kids and wife would tell me things I had done and I did not remember it at all. I had wrecked to vehicles and did not know it. Sorry I felt like I needed to get all this off my chest. So folks please be careful with this drug it is no joke, today I’m dong good I still take a pain killer but my wife is in charge of the meds not me.

      • Great reply Johnny, I take endocet 10/325 and my doc wants me to try the time released meds, I have heard too many horror stories about them. I take my 90 pills in about 3 weeks, I can get a refill every 25 days. Some times when my pain is 6-8, nearly brings me tears, so, if I have many bad episodes like that, pills might nt last the full three weeks, tolerance builds up real fast. But I still gotta wait until day 25 to refil them. That is my way of keeping myself honest. Plus, I hate them, lol, even have to take Benadryl with them. But I still itch terrible, hot flash, my limit is 3-4 in an eight hour span, and if I exceed that, u can bet I will throw up. Constipation is terrible, offset that with arisen brand n morning, dry mouth TERRIBLE, and I have a sort fuse when I take them. It is extremely painful to walk, and when I can without hurting, we goa work, and stuff.
        Good luck with your problem Johnny. My problem is four Ankle surgeries on left ankle, two of those were major, puttin screws and such in and fusing the bone that died, it is call avascular necrosis.

  57. please be very careful. Those drugs are poison yet at the same time I am thankful they are available for people who truly need them. It’s like choosing the lesser of 2 evils when in pain. I pray that your pain subsides and gets better everyday. God bless you.

  58. I am thankful that I found a methadone clinic in 1994. Oxycodone in all forms was my drug of choice. Shortly after getting away from painkillers, this “oxycontin” became available. The number of horror stories that have started with this “new” medicine is incredible. IMO, there was no need for a stronger painkiller than what was already available, eg; Demerol, Dilaudid, Morphine, Fentanyl, etc. I believe that had oxycontin been around before I got clean, I wouldn’t have survived. In the 18+ years of stable life, I’ve become aware of more addicts than I knew when I was using. To me, that says there are more of them. I believe oxycontin is behind a lot of this problem.

    • What makes people think that methadone is one bit better than oxy? It isn’t. It has as many side effects if not more. It can build up in your system and can kill you in your sleep.

  59. Addiction and dependency is two different things. If you are a junkie no matter what pills are there you will take, you will take heroine, drink, etc.. it is not the pills it is YOU. I hate when people blame the pills. It is not the pills, it is the person taking them, taking too much of them, crushing them, etc. Guns are not bad, the person pulling the trigger is bad. Your body becomes dependent on ANY prescription that you take over a long period of time it is YOUR responsibility to wean off, red the pamphlet and bide by the rules. YOU chose to drive and wreck two cars, you were not even suppose to drive. you over did your medication, and you are the reason that pills have a bad rep. It is NOT the pills it is the junkies who abuse them that is the friggin problem and take the pills away and watch the heroin and drunks rise. treat the addictive personality not the medicine. millions use these pills the correct way and when you do you do not even get high because you are not suppose to get high your suppose to get relief from pain. the first month you get a buzz any time after that your body is use to the dose. YOU just want to get high so you abuse it. Seeing how your wife has to dose your meds out for you, it is obvious you have an addiction,do not blame it on the meds, blame it on you who didn’t take the right proper dose as PRESCRIBED.

    • Wow nia. You seem to be in denial about something. Anyone who takes ANY opiate for an extended period will become addicted and therefore dependent. The guy said he just took what his doctor prescribed. The effect on his behavior wasn’t because he was a junkie. It was because simply, that is the way the drugs affected him. Everyone is different in the way these drugs change their behavior. The guy wasn’t even blaming the drugs, he was just telling people to be careful if they end up on a prescription.

      If you have been taking these drugs for an extended period (months or years) you are just as much a drug addict and drug-dependent as anyone else, even a street user (aka junkie). Some street users have a relatively easy time giving up drugs others struggle much more. The same can be said of prescribed-opiate addicts. Some find it easier than others. This is for many, many reasons.

      As for the person who discussed methadone, when it comes to the time to withdraw I would much rather be an Oxycodone addict than a methadone addict. Methadone is pretty much the worse to come off. Much worse than heroin.

      For the record, I don’t take these drugs but through my work I have known many people addicted to opiates and have seen firsthand the difficulties they faced when withdrawing and the many different ways they respond to this challenge.

      • Hi I have been reading some of the scary pain medication and the sad circle it can put anyone in yes anyone . Iam 58 years old woman worked 30 years in factory . and now to enjoy life riddle with head to to pain after many atemps of over the counter and diet exersize I had no releaf just got worst untill I could hardly walk at night the pain was off the roof. my neck head shoulders and so on the doctor put me on oxicontin I was scard and only took it alittleless then the doc said then they change it to 40 mg of oxicodone 40mg 2 a day still scared i started takewing half a pill noww i take one pill it is scary that one pill gives me my life back I can walk sit up longer even go visit a friend but after six hours it is down hill and by night i am suffering and scare to take the next one because of all the stories in the media and a diction . yet the freedom and the relife that little peach pill has is soo amazing I can see how some would want there life back and become addicted not intendind to so it is scary . and confusing . what to do .should I suffer and hope for the best or riss becomeing an addic and have a better quilty of life and mobility.

  60. I have an Oxycodone prescription because of my peripheral neuropathy pain. I have taken it so that I can sleep. However the side effect of unbearable itching keeps me from using it.

    • I sure wish i knew you i cant find any doctors that takes my insurance ;(

    • I have bad itching with it also. I have discovered that Gold Bond medicated body lotion works great. I use the green bottle, extra strength. The active ingredient is menthol. Might also try taking it with Benadryl (diphenhydramine), I use the generic version from Sam’s Club. Also do not take it on an empty stomach.

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