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Difference Between Abdomen and Abdominal Cavity

Abdomen vs Abdominal Cavity

The abdomen and the abdominal cavity are just the same when used by the layman. However, if you are going to discern the two based on scientific and medical perspectives then they are quite different. This is how they differ.

Basically, the abdomen is just the area that you can see which lies in between the pelvis and the chest while the abdominal cavity is the space beneath the abdomen. It is something that you cannot see unless you open up the insides of the person.

The abdomen in most mammals including humans is therefore the belly. It is different in either vertebrates or invertebrates. It has lots of muscles that are designed to function for locomotion and overall support to the trunk or body. In addition, these muscles act as the protection line of the internal organs residing inside the abdominal cavity. Through exercise, these muscles can become well formed and toned. In Science, the abdomen also has lots of surface landmarks, lines and regions that are scientifically named. There are two popular region schemes (the 9 and 4-region classification) that identify the individual minor areas of the abdomen.

On the other hand, the abdominal cavity is the largest hollow room of the body; yet it is only one of the many parts of the bigger abdominopelvic cavity. As a cavity it is described as a space that houses several other structures (internal organs) that are collectively known as the innards or viscera. This cavity is what contains or holds these viscera together and serves to keep each part in their own proper places. Some of the organs enclosed within the cavity are the liver, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenal gland and most parts of the alimentary canal (gastrointestinal system like the small and large intestines).

The abdominal cavity is situated between the person’s diaphragm line (just below the chest line) and the pubic line. In another angle it is also the cavity situated between the spine and the surface of the abdomen (abdominal wall). The inside wall of this cavity is lined by the peritoneum whilst the innards are covered with the visceral peritoneum. When there’s fluid shifting, the person may experience a disorder known as ascites (when the peritoneal cavity will gather an unwanted amount of fluid) and peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum)

1. The abdomen is just an area or region while the abdominal cavity is a space or room where the internal organs are placed.

2. The abdomen can be seen by the naked eye under normal circumstances while the abdominal cavity has to be opened up for the eye to see what’s inside it.

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