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There is no doubt that everyone would love to have a toned stomach, because it looks and feels good, not to mention the multitude of health benefits that come with the process; and with the ‘celebrity-looks’ craze joining in on the six pack frenzy, it can only get worse. Six pack abs have also become a sex symbol of sorts that is a must have for those in certain fields, especially media and show business. However, a toned stomach takes a ton of work and discipline to achieve. The whole concept appears simple, but needs great discipline to put into action, and stick to it. To get a six pack, you will need a lot of dedication, some patience, and a certain kind of routine, but the results will be well worth the time.

One thing to remember is, that it is very possible to have well toned abs, but they will not show if there is a layer of fat over them. Precisely said, it is possible to have toned abs without the six pack showing. True, abs exercises will help build strength, and may be flatten your abs, but you will never see the six pack if there’s a layer of fat. The secret then, is to work at getting six pack abs.

In order to tone your abs and get your six pack showing, you need to burn fat and build muscle. Before you start, you need a clear understanding of what abs really do. Contrary to many false theories, their true primary role is to maintain proper posture, as well as spine stabilization, and they do this together with the back muscles. Consequently, it is almost useless to train your abs without working your back as well, as this will result in an imbalance in the spine supporting musculature.

You need to exercise with the best exercises for abs, which will work your entire core into overdrive to provide support for the spine. Some of the best exercises are dead-lifts and squats, as they work your entire core muscles and give a better coordinated muscle build. Due to the fact that these exercises work many other muscles, it leads to rapid fat loss as the body recuperates. After the fat has been taken care of, and the abs toned, focus can then be put on the exercises that will get the six pack to show more quickly, and these are crunches and sit ups.

Abs refer to the well toned abdominal muscles, while six packs are the protruding muscles over well toned abs.
It’s possible to have well toned abs (flat stomach) without a six pack.
It’s also possible to have well toned abs, but with a layer of fat over them, and in order to get a six pack over your abs, you need to burn the fat layer.
To burn fat for well toned abs, you need whole body exercises, while for a six pack, you need more specialized exercises, like crunches and sit ups.

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  2. A good diet is not enough on its own. A healthy lifestyle, a combination of exercise is important, not only for toning muscles and reshape the body, but also for the improvement of cardiovascular needs of the body and burn extra fat.

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