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Love is a strong emotion that can have various flavors. Being ‘in love’ is entirely different from loving someone. For example you can love your child, but you are ‘in love’ with your spouse. The feeling of ‘in love’ is associated with romance.

The feeling of ‘in love’ entails two aspects ‘“ ‘being in love’ and ‘falling in love’. When you fall in love, certain neurochemicals and hormones are released into the system, which narrow our logic and awareness. This is why some people say that ‘love is blind’. On the other hand ‘being in love’ is different because here your blinders come off, and you can have love as a choice and it requires your resolute attention.

When you say that you love someone or something, you can even say that you love a particular resort or your dog or even your favorite doll. But when you say you are ‘in love’, it usually conveys the meaning that you have given your heart to someone and think passionately about that person.

When you become a parent, love automatically flows within you, and though you may not be explicit about it, you will feel upset if your baby is upset and this continues for your lifetime. However, being ‘in love’ can also be temporary madness.

When the spouses or partners are in love with each other, then slowly the roots start getting deeper. After the initial years, things season out and the leaves fall, but what is left is the tree ‘“ which you discover is one and not two. So when ‘in love’ is burned out, love is left.

When you are ‘in love’ with someone, you feel that your life will fall apart if that person is not there in your life. Your love grows everyday and that person starts having a significant part in your life. You may become dependent on his or her decisions, feel lonely without them or cry when they are not around. However, simply loving someone means that you will protect that person because they mean a lot to you. But your life won’t fall apart if that person is not near you.


1. ‘In love’ feeling is generally associated with passion you have for the other person in a relationship. But in simple ‘love’, you don’t feel passionate.

2. You can love something that is not human but you are always ‘in love’ with a human.

3. When ‘in love’ is burned out, love is left.

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  1. I haave trying to tell this to my friend Morgan over & over & over again! But she juust doesnt understand!!!! (:

  2. i’m maadly in love wiith my boyfriiend, Joshh. and he told me for the fiirst tiime todaay that he’s in love wiith me<33((:

  3. I don’t get it. I fell in love once and I got to the part where love is all that is left .But now I cant even get the butterflies with someone I like like. :3

  4. “When you fall in love, certain neurochemicals and hormones are released into the system, which narrow our logic and awareness.”

    Really. Which ones? Hmmmm? I can tell you right now that that statement is false and based on not one bit of scientific evidence. It is merely an assertion invented by behavioral pseudo-scientists.

  5. thanks

  6. Thank you for writing and posting this article. It puts the huge and complex topic of “Love” in perspective and will be helpful to a lot of people.

  7. It was really a good one , thanks

  8. I love this man I’ve known for ten years. We have this magnetic attraction. When we are in the same room, we are not able to stay apart. He lives with some one that he “has to take care ” of. Another woman. He comes to me on weekends for unabashed sex. He orgasms when I stick my finger up his ass! it sends him into orbit. Total turn on for me too. We’ve done this for ten years. Whatttttt? TF. I’m an idiot obviously. No monetary benefit for me. Just saying I’ve been his Mistress for ten years. She gets the Rols Roice, Jag n live in the mansion but he comes to me for fantasy fuck. 10 years. ?????

  9. i fell in love withe wrong ladies, which i luv most. pls addvice me.

  10. Love is a conscious choice. It is a decision we make every day to love or not to love. Falling in love is an unconscious choice. Something about someone else triggers a response of infatuation. So love and falling in love are very different.


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