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Difference Between Aerobid and Aerobid M

Aerobid vs Aerobid M

Aerobid and Aerobid-M are two brand names for the generic drug called flunisolide. This drug is an anti-inflammatory steroidal drug (corticosteroid). As such, it aids in reducing inflammation. It is best given to anybody who is experiencing asthma symptoms but it is not recommended for use in acute asthma cases. There are also some other indications for Aerobid. But first, you need to consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Aerobid is used per inhalation through the user’s mouth. You can readily follow the instructions indicated on the prescription label. If used regularly, Aerobid is proven to be a very effective drug against asthma. But just a point of clarification, Aerobid is ideal for asthma prevention and not ideal for asthma treatment. Thus, if one uses the drug regularly over its entire course, usually about 6 weeks, then there should be an expected alleviation from the disorder. In an actual asthma attack, other medications may need to be administered or inhaled as prescribed by the physician. In case the asthma symptoms worsen or do not settle down then please seek immediate medical assistance.

Like other medications, Aerobid is not to be taken alongside some other medications because of possible adverse drug to drug interactions. These drugs are Mifepristone, Carbamazepine, Phenytoin, Rifampin, and other barbiturates. Aerobid must be stored within 15 to 30 degree Celsius (59-86 ËšF). Storing it at a much cooler or warmer temperature may render the drug ineffective and less potent.

Aerobid also poses some possible side effects like angina pectoris (chest pain), irregular and fast heartbeat, fever, nervousness, dizziness, skin rashes, itchiness, breathing difficulties and the development of white sores at the inner side surface of the mouth. These are those that may warrant medical follow-up. There are also some less serious side effects like dryness of the mouth, diarrhea, headache, vomiting, nausea, etc.

In itself, flunisolide looks creamy, white, powdery crystals. The primary and perhaps the only significant difference in Aerobid and Aerobid-M formulations is that the latter includes the special ingredient menthol which serves as a flavoring component to the drug.

If you’re going to ask how to differentiate the two drugs by just looking at both then they have another unique distinguishing feature. Based on the 7 g formulation, the standard Aerobid offers about 100 inhalations with 250 mcg of the drug per inhalation. It is packed in a gray colored plastic inhaler that has a purple cap. Aerobid-M, although it offers the same dose and number of inhalations, makes use of a green cap.

All in all,

1. Aerobid and Aerobid-M are the same flunisolide corticosteroid medications but the latter has an additional menthol ingredient to add some flavor to the drug.

2. Aerobid is packed in a gray colored plastic inhaler that has a purple cap whereas Aerobid-M has the same plastic inhaler color but makes use of a green cap.

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