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Difference Between Ambien and Rozerem

Ambien vs Rozerem

There are people out there who have trouble falling asleep at night.  Often, this would be considered as a disease that can be treated with the right drugs and medication.  As long as these are taken according to the prescription of the physician, it can be quite helpful in assisting you in your sleep.  The Ambien is generally a sedative that is prescribed for short term use.  On the other hand, the Rozerem drug is suggested for long term use for those insomniacs.  Basically, the reason behind such a reaction is because of the non-addictive effects of the medications. The generic name Rozerem carries is called the Ramelteon while that of the Ambien is called the Zolpidem.  In the medical world, many assume the Rozerem to be a sleeping pill that is technically non-sedative while the Ambien consists of ingredients that act as such.

Both are pills who will aid a person in his sleeping pattern.  However, the drugs work in different ways inside the human system.  The Ambien, for example, would work with the natural brain chemical referred to as the GABA.  This nutrient is generally one of the 18 brain chemicals that act as neurotransmitters.  Eventually, they are the sources that control communication in the brain cells by the amount of electrical activity released.  Meanwhile, the Rozerem works with the �melatonin receptors� that ensures the internal body clock works correctly and properly.  Thus, it will be that alarm that will guide your body when you are feeling tired and should be getting ready to sleep.

Another major difference between the drugs is that Ambien is more noted for having an effect of memory loss on the patients using it.  In a sense, Rozerem may also produce this effect.  However, this is more pronounced in the Ambien drugs and medication.  For the other side effects, the zolpidem drugs are noted to have an extended feeling of drowsiness, fatigue and changes in behavior and mood swings.  Ramelteon or the Rozerem, on the other hand, has lesser effects and lower statistics when it comes to these effects.  Consequently, when the Ambien drugs are taken in frequent periods, it can lead to dependency and addiction.  In fact, studies have shown that people who use any medication such as these can have this side effect.  However, the Rozerem drugs, on the other hand, are safer and technically non-addictive.

When it comes to prescription, the Rozerem drugs are far easier to issue as they are not controlled substances.  Ambien medications are controlled drugs due to the effects of addiction and dependency.  Like in all drugs and medication that will hamper your way of thinking and memory, it is always important to be knowledgeable about it.  Otherwise, you might be spending way too much time worrying about getting to sleep that you put aside the effects of the drugs.


1.Ambien drugs can be addictive if taken constantly while Rozerem is not.
2.Ambien works with the GABA part of the brain while the Rozerem focuses on the �melatonin receptors.�
3.Ambien is more noted to have effects of memory loss, drowsiness, and fatigue, even after the next day.  Rozerem, may also have these effects, but it is rare and far between.
4.Ambien medication is a controlled drug while Rozerem is not.  Hence, it is easier to prescribe by doctors.

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  1. One other major difference between these two drugs is that Ambien can contribute to central sleep apnea and Rozerm does not. As a sleep apnea suffer, my Doctor told me that using narcotic pain medications, and some sleep medications cause a different but deadly kind of sleep apnea. Be careful and think of the consequences before using Ambien or opiates.

  2. this is just what I was looking for as I have been taking ambien but have to switch

  3. I have a $200 copay for Rozerem and $6 for Ambien…I just need to sleep, and not go broke

  4. Copay differences

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