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Difference Between Mucus Plug and Bloody Show

Mucus Plug vs Bloody Show

There is no joy that can compare to the one felt by every woman at the discovery of being pregnant and the expectation of becoming a mother. Although there are times when the pregnancy is unplanned, expecting a baby is one of the most exhilarating experiences any woman can have.

Women are prepared for this, their bodies are naturally meant for child bearing and the consequent discomfort and pain of going into labor. There are several signs that show when a woman is pregnant and there are as much signs when she is about to give birth to her baby.

When a woman becomes pregnant, a cervical Mucus Plug forms in the cervical canal to seal it against bacteria that can enter the uterus and harm both the baby and the mother. In the early parts of the pregnancy, the mucus can sometimes be clear, cloudy, thick, and sticky.

During vaginal examination or having intercourse, the mucus plug is moved or disturbed causing its discharge to have little blood in it.  This is nothing to worry about since it is normal and not an indication of labor. During the later days of pregnancy, it is wise to take careful notice of the discharges. At the onset of labor, the mucus plug will discharge as the cervix begins to dilate.

It may come out as a lump, a plug or an increase in vaginal discharge that may occur several days before giving birth. The discharge will become tinged with blood as the cervix dilates during labor.

This is popularly called Bloody Show. This is caused by the rupturing of the blood vessels as the cervix opens up to let the baby pass.  Bloody discharges are normal in childbirth, followed by contractions and the breaking of water. Labor and delivery could follow in just a few hours or a day or two.

There are instances though that can cause alarm, as when the bleeding becomes more profuse, there might be some complications arising from the pregnancy. It might be placenta previa, an incidence wherein the placenta is attached closely to the uterine wall or the cervix, causing vaginal bleeding. A laceration might have occurred on the cervix, which can cause a lot of bleeding.

Extra care should be made during pregnancy, to avoid complications that can sometimes be fatal. A lot of women have died due to vaginal bleeding during or right after childbirth. It is very important to be able to know the distinction between normal mucus plug, bloody show, or some other serious bloody discharges during pregnancy.

1. Mucus plug is cervical mucus that is formed in the cervical canal to protect the uterus from bacteria, bloody show is the blood tinged mucus discharged by the cervix at the onset of labor.
2. Mucus plug can be clear or cloudy and tinged with little blood, bloody show almost always have blood in it.
3. Mucus plug discharge can usually happen even during vaginal examination or intercourse, bloody show will usually happen at the onset and during labor.
4. Mucus plug usually precedes bloody show.

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