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Difference Between Midwife and Obstetrician

Midwife vs. Obstetrician

When pregnant there are many options as to the place and person who you are planning to help you bring your child into the world. A midwife and an obstetrician are among the many options one should consider before the third trimester and in some cases the second trimester begins. A midwife is a qualified prenatal and postnatal helper who can monitor you medically and be there during the delivery of a child. An obstetrician is a medical doctor who is also qualified to care for you and your baby pre- and postnatal, and during the process of labor. The difference lies in the way that a midwife or an obstetrician chooses to care for you. Midwifes are more likely to take a natural no interruption pregnancy, where the only assistance is natural and in the home or their office. Obstetricians are medically inclined to use medically available technology to assist in the birth of a child, focusing on health of both mother and baby by all means necessary.

A midwife is used only on pregnancies which are not considered high risk and with a woman who chooses to have no medical anesthesia during labor. Since a midwife can be used out the home it often creates a more peaceful environment for a woman to deliver, especially as midwifes will allow desired family members and items to be present. This birth is meant to be all about the woman’s desires and what will create for a good environment for a child to enter into the world. The downfalls to choosing to use a midwife include, should there be an emergency during delivery there is no immediate medical care available. Also, if there are complications with the infant or the mother after delivery it must wait until an ambulance can arrive and transfer them to the hospital. Midwifes are also not covered under most insurance plans and have no medical malpractice insurance, as they are not medical doctors.

An obstetrician works from the hospital and has access to medical technology and equipment around the clock. If there are complications in labor or delivery there is immediate access to surgical staff and anesthesiologists. Because there are medical professionals available there are also more pain treatment options, such as epidurals or general anesthetics, which can be used to decrease the pain levels experienced by a mother in labor. Unfortunately, since the mother is in a hospital setting, guests are limited and sometimes the uses of video recordings are as well. Additionally there is no natural, home setting as described in the midwife’s birth plan, rather a hospital room which may sometimes be shared with other mothers and babies.

1. An obstetrician is a medical doctor who specializes in child labor. A midwife is a home attendant who is trained to assist in the process of child labor.
2. A midwife allows at home labors to encourage the process of natural childbirth. An obstetrician delivers within hospital settings and bases their decisions around medical need.
3. Women who choose midwifes have no access to medical pain treatments, and women who choose obstetricians are regulated by hospital rules as to what they are allowed and not allowed to do.

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