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cocaine-psychological-pdCocaine vs Caffeine

Cocaine and caffeine are both stimulants. Although the two stimulate the nerves, they are different in many aspects. One of the main differences is that one is legal and the other one is illegal. While cocaine is illegal, caffeine is legal.

Cocaine and caffeine are derived from two different sources. Cocaine, which is a crystalline tropane, is derived from coca plant leaves. On the other hand, caffeine is present in coffee, tea and chocolate.

Another noticeable difference is that cocaine is a mind-altering substance, whereas caffeine is not such a substance. Unlike caffeine, cocaine is a more potent drug.

Both caffeine and cocaine signals the mind to release adrenaline, and creates a pleasant feeling, but the difference with cocaine is that it not only creates a pleasant feeling but also gives an outright feeling of euphoria.

Though cocaine and caffeine are harmful to the body, cocaine is considered to be extremely detrimental. The effects of cocaine can lead to many complications, and can be even fatal. On the other hand, caffeine is not that detrimental.

Another thing that can be seen is that people become addicted to both cocaine and caffeine once they start to use it. However, it has been seen that people using cocaine find it hard to get out of this addiction.

Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid, which comes in a white crystalline form. The name comes from kaffein, a chemical found in coffee. Cocaine is a tropane alkaloid, which also comes in crystalline form. The name has come from coca and alkaloid; suffix -ine.

While caffeine is readily available in chocolates, coffee and tea, cocaine is presently available mainly in white crystalline powder and crack.

Well, cocaine cultivation and distribution is illegal for non-medicinal purposes.


1. Cocaine is illegal, whereas caffeine is legal. Cocaine cultivation and distribution is illegal for non-medicinal purposes.

2. Cocaine is derived from coca plant leaves. On the other hand, caffeine is present in coffee, tea and chocolate.

3. UUnlike caffeine, cocaine is a more potent drug; cocaine is a mind-altering substance, whereas caffeine is not.

4. Unlike caffeine, cocaine is considered to be extremely detrimental, and the effects can lead to many complications, and even can be fatal.

5. The name caffeine comes from kaffein, a chemical found in coffee. Cocaine comes from coca and alkaloid; suffix -ine.

6. Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid, which comes in a white crystalline form. Cocaine is a tropane alkaloid, which also comes in crystalline form.

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  1. Well, isn’t this a nice pile of bullshit…
    Caffeine bad for the body? Care to give studies or show medical results? Or perhaps it would be better to stick to fairy tales?
    Wikipedia itself gives a range of health benefits, including reduced risk of diabetes and a reduced risk for Parkinson’s disease. While it is true there are some negative effects (like increased risk of cancer in women), notice they have not been proven yet.

    Additionally, Cocaine is NOT bad for you. A 1995 study (censored by the big brother of America) by the World Health Organization has determined that “Occasional cocaine use does not typically lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems” (also quoted in Wikipedia).

    But what do facts really matter, eh? They’re not as good as prejudices…

    • Dummy dumb dumb caffeine uses all your body resources and energy till there gone then u go in a coma then die

    • Some, if I can add you are also being prejudice against a LEGAL DRUG. First I seen no reason for the article to show resources for their determination of caffeine being bad for you. Yes you are right in small to moderate doses both caffeine and cocaine are beneficial to ones health, however do not forget redbull and monster were forced to apply warning labels to their drinks sudjesting that users are to drink only one per day as a complete daily serving with no other caffeine intake as it is proven to put holes in the heart so-to-speak this overtime leads to heart palpations, ilregular heartbeat, neurodamage from having overly activated brain regions and fatal cardiac arrest. Those with existing heart conditions are encouraged not to use high doses of caffeine or energy drinks. Also health effects of both the only way to get cocaine into the brain is through direct blood transfusion hense why people smoke it, snort it, and inject it, this is because cocaine cannot pass through the blood brain barrier but caffeine on the other hand passes seamlessly through the blood brain barrier increasing its effects, have you ever snorted pure caffeine I’m assuming not, I have and let me tell you It was amazing but not a brilliant idea either considering caffeine passes through the blood brain barrier but cocaine doesn’t it takes more cocaine than caffeine to take effect through that method of injestion but if you snort cocaine and drink your coffee it will take more coffee to cocaine because of metabolic processing however if you use them both the same way say drink a tea it will take 5x the amount of coca tea to coffee to take affect again the blood brain barrier so which one in truth is more harmfull, maybe they are both equal

    • Bringing up a study from 1995 is probably not the best….

  2. First of all the picture you showed above clearly says “crack cocaine” which is significantly different than normal cocaine hydrochloride. Already I can tell this article is biased and the author has low intelligence.

    You make it look like cocaine is worse for you simply because it is illegal. Caffeine and cocaine are actually very similar being both chemically alkaloids and central nervous stimulants. Yes, cocaine is much more stronger but if we obviously know this then the logical thing is lower the dosage to reflect that. You would have to be a complete moron (which you are) to think it would be safe to take the same dosage you would with caffeine.

    The only difference between the two is how they are used in society. We ingest caffeine and we snort cocaine. However; you very well can snort caffeine (anhydrous caffeine of course) and ingest cocaine. The reason people don’t ingest cocaine in United States is because the cost is too much to waste. The government won’t allow citizens to produce it and so it made by offshore businesses primarily in Colombia. If we lived in Colombia we could buy a gram of cocaine for $2.00 but in United States it will be anywhere from $50.00 – $80.00 and where I live in Canada it is $100.00. I would also like to point out that the cocaine the cartels produce for us in Colombia is relatively pure as they don’t cut it with anything. It is in American that you retarded dealers intentionally cut cocaine with other substances to make more money. But back onto topic, the bio-availability when snorting is around 80% but when taken orally is only 33%, obviously if someone has to pay such an extreme price to get cocaine they wouldn’t want to waste it.

    The major flaw in your article is that you are comparing two similar substances (caffeine and cocaine); but using different routes of administration. You compared snorting cocaine to ingesting caffeine.

    Compare snorting caffeine and snorting cocaine: You will find the affects very similar. No major differences between the two.

    Compare eating caffeine and eating cocaine: You will also find the affects very similar.

    Both substances also have the exact same physical dependance potential.
    It is just that in western society a “caffeine addiction” doesn’t really exist however if you are caught doing cocaine you are automatically have a “cocaine addiction”.

    Human ignorance is very bliss.

    • Yep, tell Em’ Stefon

    • If they are so similar then why don’t coke addicts just switch to redbull…I’ll tell you why cus it doesn’t eff them up anywhere near the same…go pick on smokers dude..it is a more unhealthy habit and it perks you up the same way caffeine does..


  4. The author of this web article seems to not notice the existence of a South American beverage known as Mate De Coca (“MAH-tay day COH-cuh”), an herbal tea steeped from the leaves of the Coca Plant (of course, it’s NOT to be confused with Yerba Mate, which is made from a different plant entirely). If you want to do a compare-and-contrast between CAFFEine and COCAine, then at least do your comparisons using the very same delivery systems, for an example:

    A serving of Mate De Coca (yep: Coca Leaf Tea!) and a serving of standard-strength Brewed Coffee.

    (Yep, Colombia’s finest versus Colombia’s finest: “Coffee”-ine versus “Coke”-ine!)

    By the way, I have more respect for Mate-De-Coca drinkers than for anybody who SMOKES anything _Illegal_, or even CHAIN-smokes _Anything_(_Regardless_ of legalities or non-legalities), or uses (ugh!) _Needles_ to get their buzz or mood-alteration (_Regardless_ of legalities or non-legalities of the substances in and of themselves). At least the Mate drinkers NEITHER use needles NOR pollute others’ breathing-air (and that’s what smokers do, especially if they be _Crack-smokers_ or _Pot-smokers_ — or even _Chain-smokers_ of any substance)!

    Also, if this country (specifically the U.S.A.) only had more Coca-Tea drinkers and FEWER pot- and crack-smokers, then then the general populace of this country would probably be more classy and more intelligent! We’d also have less indoor air-pollution in our apartments produced by trashy neighbors who seem to think that the apartment-buildings’ shared breathing-air is all theirs to pollute, like those nasty low-lifes that they truly are, forcing their smoke into others’ apartments (example: one neighbor whose smoke, seeping into my dwelling unit through the old building’s internal ventilation system, stinks like skunk-spray and probably is a despicable sh#tty substance, just as that neighbor himself is a despicable cr#ppy pig in humanoid form!).

    Just legally tolerate the damned Coca leaves and have people drink the Coca-Leaf tea — and at the same time, push to have a _”crack-down”_ (sorry on the pun) on all stuffs that are either smoked or (ugh!) injected. No more smoking, no more needles, and no more really filthy or really dangerous delivery systems!

    Also, no more dangerous paraphernalia lying around where people are trying to live! Crack down on paraphernalia also, everything that have to do with smoking any/all illicit substances or (even worse) the use of needles or similar objects, especially the needles themselves!

    (Notice that I advocate using the Mate as a safety valve in which people have a delivery system for a stimulant, while, at the same time, am advocating a crack-down upon the really dangerous and heinous delivery systems. In other words, opening a _benign_ window, while wishing to slam shut the _truly bad_ windows!)

    (As for snorting anything, am neither saying much in favor of it or anything against it — except that at least snorting involves _neither_ the deadly filth of a needle _nor_ the dangerous filth of smoke. It’s still a relatively bad/risky way to get your stimulant-buzz, but at least, if all you do with your stimulant is snort it, then you’re neither smoking it nor using –ugh!– needles or sharp, skin-breaching objects of any sort. Do consider, though, _avoiding_ the use of rolled-up money as make-shift “straws” or “tubes”, because money is often covered with many vicious pathogenic germs. Also, I think that drinking or even guzzling Coca-Leaf tea would be cleaner and better. Just saying!)

    • Sorry Loretta, it’s 2020 and weed is becoming legal everywhere, must be your biggest nightmare lol. Hopefully, you’ve moved out, but the legalization of weed and any psychedelic drugs will likely end up having a positive benefit on mankind. You seem to somehow how completely ignore alcohol as a substance. Weed may offend your sense buds, but others who drink and drive have a direct threat to YOUR life. There have been studies that show weed has far less impact on the impairment of drivers (when they drive at all), and you’re not going to find as many domestic abusers smoking weed as drinking either. Suck it up and open a window.

  5. There are so many flaws in this article that this isn’t an informational piece. It was obviously written by someone that has very little knowledge in the subject, and is simply regurgitating common misconceptions.

    The internet is filled with so much crap.

  6. Can we please stop saying that caffeine is present in chocolate? I’m guessing someone else has already pointed this out, but the stimulant in chocolate is theobromine. It is structurally similar to, but significantly weaker than caffeine.

  7. Very interesting I did not all that till today I love chocolate espally hot chocalate

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