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cocaine-psychological-pdCocaine vs. Heroin

There has been much argument over substances that induce addiction. Marijuana, crack, cocaine and heroin have all been under scrutiny these days. Nevertheless, cocaine and heroin may be regarded as two of the most addictive substances around.

Cocaine has been known to be a more addictive substance compared to other drugs, for instance, heroin. It can kill the user through cardiotoxicity, a certain lethality of the heart. By producing progressive arrhythmias, cocaine can induce a person to immediate death. Heroin’s health effect is more profound on the respiratory system. It causes respiratory depression, and you end up feeling suffocated. The good thing about heroin is the presence of an antidote for its toxicity ‘“ naloxone. In the case of cocaine, there’s still no potent antidote available, unfortunately.

Cocaine looks more crystalline. It even glimmers a little when exposed to light. With regard to heroin, this substance is somewhat chunkier. Although both heroin and cocaine can be in powder form, heroin differs because it does not show the crystal-like appearance. Its texture is similar to that of regular powdered milk. Moreover, heroin’s color is usually white, but some forms can appear brownish.

In terms of taste, the two substances also differ. Cocaine is usually packed with a peculiar flavor, which can numb your tongue, whereas heroin is a little bitter, and doesn’t induce a numbing effect.

The origin of heroin is derived from poppy plants, spread throughout many Asian and European regions. They are classified as opiates, or depressants (a sedative). Because of such, it is also therapeutically used for the management of severe pain among hospital patients. Contrary to cocaine, this substance is often regarded as a ‘downer’. After having a shot of heroin, you’ll feel more relaxed, and move a little slower than normal.

Like the soda Coke, the coca plant is also from where cocaine is harnessed. These plants are usually grown in South America. It is a stimulating substance that gives a similar effect to that of coffee. After ingestion, one will usually feel elated, euphoric, and overly happy. Hence, it is termed as an ‘upper.’

In summary, cocaine and heroin differ in the following aspects:

1. Cocaine’s fatality is more by cardiotoxicity, whereas heroin can induce respiratory depression.

2. Cocaine does not have an antidote, compared to heroin that does.

3. Cocaine is a more crystalline powder compared to heroin powder.

4. Heroin tastes bitter, and does not numb the tongue, contrary to cocaine.

5. Cocaine is from the coca plant, whereas heroin is from poppy flower plants.

6. Cocaine is a stimulant, whereas heroin is a depressant.

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  1. heroine |ˈherō-in|
    a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities : she was the heroine of a materialist generation.
    • the chief female character in a book, play, or movie, who is typically identified with good qualities, and with whom the reader is expected to sympathize.
    • (in mythology and folklore) a woman of superhuman qualities and often semidivine origin, in particular one whose dealings with the gods were the subject of ancient Greek myths and legends.
    ORIGIN mid 17th cent. (in the sense [demigoddess, venerated woman] ): from French héroïne or Latin heroina, from Greek hērōinē, feminine of hērōs ‘hero.’

    heroin |ˈherō-in|
    a highly addictive analgesic drug derived from morphine, often used illicitly as a narcotic producing euphoria. • Alternative name: diacetylmorphine; chem. formula: C 17 H 17 NO(C 2 H 3 0 2) 2.
    ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from German Heroin, from Latin heros ‘hero’ (because of its effects on the user’s self-esteem).

  2. chemica formula of heroin. its easy to analyse mixed heroin in hash

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  4. im not a baker. im a baker

  5. I find it amazing that different people can have such varying preferences. For example;
    I’m a heroin addict. I both unreasoningly love it and simultaneously, vociferously hate it. Nevertheless, it’s the only drug I can bring myself to spend money on (almost the only thing I spend money on. Almost.) Before using heroin for the first time, I’d tried drugs like amphetamines, hallucinogens, barbituates and diazepams, pot, various other stimulants, pharmeceuticals and whatnot…

    However, after the first time I used heroin, I knew I’d never spend money on any other drug. I knew I was in love. There was no comedown, like coke/ speed/ crystal meth, etc… In fact, there was no part of being on heroin that I didn’t like. Speed on the other hand… The ONLY part of speed that I ever liked was the first 20 seconds after injecting it.

    But anyway, I digress… As I say, despite my obvious and clear preference for heroin, there are people out there who feel quite the opposite of this and prefer their stimulants to the powerful, loving embrace of heroin. I guess I’ll never understand…

  6. sadly I had a beautiful girl live with me for three years who loved me and I loved her. She started smoking Pot about a year ago with knucledraggers who eventually got her hooked on cocaine and heroin. They controlled her with this drug to the point where she alienated her family and me. To get drugs for herself and friends she sells her body for sex or booze, pot and street drugs. It is difficult to describe the sorrow and pain that pot, cocaine and heroin will always bring to the addict and the entire family!

  7. Are we humans so dumb that we willingly enslave ourselves to these substances that wreak havoc on our body and mind?

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