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Gout vs Bunion

The feet are essential to everyone in a number of ways aside from aiding mobility and transportation. A healthy pair equates to an individual’s limitless capabilities and a positive outlook. However, bad feet can be a source of despair for some as it puts a cap on most of their activities.

Gout and bunions are two common lower extremity problems that inflict pain and discomfort to whoever develops them. But what is the real score between the two?

Gout is a form of arthritis that is brought about by increased levels of uric acid in the blood. High levels of this acid lead to formation of urates or crystals which can be spotted in the portions of the joints. Over time, crystal production can reach other tendons, tissues, and joints. Genes, lifestyle, medications, and other diseases can result in the occurrence of gout. This is a case usually encountered by men.

Bunions, on the other hand, are a particular enlargement of the portion of the joint of the big toe. There is a remarkable bone formation which leads to outward misalignment of both the big toe and the little toe in several cases. An ill-fitted shoe is a common culprit in the occurrence of a bunion, though arthritis is also a considerable factor. This condition occurs mostly in women.

Both gout and bunions flag pain as first among their list of signs and symptoms, yet there must be a variation between the two. Other common symptoms include swelling, redness, and tenderness.

Gout can be diagnosed through fluid aspiration in the surrounding areas of the joint to determine the presence of uric acid. Blood tests can also be done to check increased uric acid in the circulation. Meanwhile, radiographs are a gold standard in the diagnosis of bunions.

Treatment of gout ranges from the use of corticosteroids to anti-inflammatory medications and diet modification. For bunions, rest is a primary management as this immediately solves the problem. In severe cases, steroids are also prescribed for intense pain management. Surgery can also be initiated in critical conditions.


1.Gout is a form of arthritis brought about by increased uric acid levels while a bunion is an enlargement or misalignment in the toes that can be stricken by ill-fitting shoes and arthritis.

2.Gout is common in men while bunions are expected more in women.

3.Fluid aspiration determines the severity of gout while radiographs identify the occurrence of a bunion.

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