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Differences Between Gout and Arthritis

Gout vs Arthritis

There are no major differences between gout and arthritis. Arthritis is considered to be the umbrella of these joint diseases. Under arthritis, it can either be classified as rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, or osteoarthritis. These are the most common forms and there are a hundred more.

Arthritis is the disease of the joints. The most common symptom is joint pain. In gouty arthritis, however, there is inflammation due to deposits of uric acid usually in the big toe. Gouty arthritis is also known as the Rich Man’s disease because foods high in uric acid must be avoided, such as, red meat, red wine, green leafy vegetables, etc.

In order to diagnose what kind of arthritis you are experiencing, one may consult a rheumatologist or a doctor specializing in arthritis. The patient will undergo different kinds of assessment, mostly physical assessments. In gouty arthritis, the patient will undergo chemical blood tests to test for uric acid. If the result exceeds the normal value of uric acid which is circulating in the blood, then the doctor can confirm that it is gouty arthritis.

The cause of arthritis depends on the type or form of arthritis. If it is rheumatoid arthritis, then the cause can be due to direct or indirect viral and bacterial infections, autoimmune defects, trauma, or injury. In gouty arthritis, the cause is a metabolic abnormality.

Arthritis does not only cause pain. It also causes swelling on the joint areas including ankles, elbows, wrists, etc. Stiffness, tenderness and swelling are also present. In gouty arthritis, the part with concentrations of gout usually enlarges, becomes inflamed, is warm to the touch, and is definitely painful.

Certain medications are used to treat arthritis. It is also advised to exercise daily to strengthen the muscles, bones, and joints. People with this disease are also advised to rest and have a healthy diet to prevent the progression of the disease. In gouty arthritis, it is advised to avoid foods high in purine because this raises the uric acid.

Some 350 million people around the world are diagnosed with arthritis. This includes the young and old either men or women. In the US, 40 million American are diagnosed with arthritis. Almost $50 billion US are spent for treatment and hospitalization of patients having arthritis.



There is no difference between arthritis and gouty arthritis. Arthritis is the umbrella of this joint disease while gout is a type or form of this disease.

Arthritis can be diagnosed depending on the type or form of arthritis while gout can be diagnosed through a serum blood test.

Arthritis manifests symptoms, such as, joint pain and inflammation while gouty arthritis manifests enlargement of the area where deposits of uric acid are contained. It is painful and inflamed as well.

Treatment of arthritis depends on the type of arthritis. Treatment of gout includes anti-inflammatories plus avoidance or decreasing the amount of foods high in purine.

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