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hivesHives vs Rash

Urticaria which is more commonly termed as hives is a particular kind of skin condition characterizing visible deep red bumps that are raised and very itchy. ‘Urticaria’ the term derives from the Latin word ‘urtica’ meaning a nettle. On the other hand a rash is a change that causes the epidermal layer of the skin to discolor gaining an unusual texture and look. Rashes can either be restricted in any particular part of the body or affect the skin all over.

Hives are the result of serious allergic infections caused by an allergic trigger. However, often certain non allergic stimuli may also lead to hives. Hives that sustain for six weeks at the most are caused by allergy whereas those that stay for more than 6 weeks may be due to some unknown idiopathic cause that is specific and chronic to particular patients. Some of the less common elements that cause hives are extreme conditions of temperature, change in pressure, sunlight, etc. Rashes, on the other hand, are the result of a number of causes including,

  • Allergies from external stimuli like medicines, foods, metals, dyes, etc.
  • Fungal infection
  • Anxiety
  • Infection triggered by virus or bacteria
  • Chafing of Skin
  • As a reaction to immunization
  • Menstruation

Treatment of chronic hives can be a little complicated and at times difficult as well. In fact there are no definite treatments as such. Even the attacks cannot be controlled effectively. Often some patients tend to get defiant to medications suddenly losing the efficiency and therefore in need of new and immediate medication. The most commonly used ones like loratadine tend to take as much as two days to bring about any effect. On the other hand, the non-prescription remedies used for treatment of rashes include anti-itch creams comprising of menthol, camphor, Benadryl and Itch-X. Antihistamines like Chlortrimeton and Alavert are also applied. Normal moisturizing lotions can also ensure a lot of relief. In case application of the above mentioned creams and medications don’t help, patients are suggested to consult a dermatologist for specific diagnosis and treatment.

1. Urticaria commonly called hives refer to the development of visibly raised deep red bumps on the skin that are very itchy. On the other hand rashes are an unusual state of the skin where the color, texture and appearance changes.
2. Allergic and non allergic stimuli lead to hives while rashes are the result of fungal infection, vaccination, menstruation, anxiety and food allergy.
3. There are no definite treatments known for hives while rashes can be treated with Chlortrimeton, Alavert, menthol, camphor and common moisturizer.

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