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Difference Between Nursing Home and Assisted Living

Nursing Home vs Assisted Living

The fast pace and highly competitive environment that we have today has led us to become very busy and occupied. While in the olden days people had an ample amount of time to spend with families, today this has become very rare.

This has led to the development of nursing homes and assisted living facilities. While both of these facilities cater to the needs of people who are no longer able to fend for themselves, they have very different features and requirements.

In an assisted living facility, individuals are more independent. They only need help with bathing, grooming, and food preparation. They are free to do what they want and are in constant contact with other people.

On the other hand, a nursing home houses people who need special care, especially those who need constant nursing supervision due to mental or physical ailments. These individuals, although sick, do not require hospital care; they only need to be fed, bathed, and assisted in their other activities.

Nursing homes are like hospitals, and they also help in the rehabilitation of individuals who have suffered serious health problems. The patients may have no privacy and often share rooms.

Assisted living facilities offer comfortable and private living facilities to clients. They cater to individuals who may be unable to do daily tasks but are still able to move around and do not need any special medical care.

It gives older people a dignified and independent way to live their lives without having to put pressure on their families in taking care of their needs. Food is prepared for them and they can visit other residents so they don�t feel isolated and alone.

In choosing between a nursing home and an assisted living facility, it is important to note that a nursing home is designed for people who need constant and special medical care while an assisted living facility is designed for people who only need moderate assistance with their daily activities.


1. A nursing home is designed for people who need special medical care while an assisted living facility is designed for people who only need help in their daily activities.
2. A nursing home is set up like a hospital while an assisted living facility is set up like a community and may feature private apartments for residents.
3. There is privacy and residents are more independent in an assisted living facility while patients may share rooms in a nursing home.
4. An assisted living facility is suited for old people who can no longer take care of their needs like preparing food or cleaning the house while a nursing home is suited for people who are mentally or physically sick.

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