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Sleepy vs Tired

The human body is composed of several different organ systems which include:

Cardiovascular system which circulates blood, oxygen, and minerals to all parts of the body.
Digestive system which processes food and converts it into energy.
Integumentary system which covers and protects the body.
Lymphatic system which obtains, carries, and metabolizes fluid.
Musculoskeletal system and bones which support and allow man to move around.
Reproductive system which allows humans to reproduce.
Nervous system which transmits information regarding man’s environment and itself. It includes the brain, spinal cord, retina, neurons, ganglia, and nerves.

It is the nervous system which controls the body and its reaction to the information it receives about itself and the surroundings. It controls how people feel and respond to stimuli that his body has received. When a person feels sleepy and tired, it is because his body is reacting to signals sent by neurons to the brain regarding the condition of his body.
A sleepy person usually becomes inactive and quiet, his eyes become dull and heavy, and he would feel drowsy and sluggish. These signs mean that he is ready to fall asleep and rest. This is the body’s response to its need to rest and restore the energy spent during physical and mental activities.
When a person becomes sleepy, his body functions slow down. It’s not only his physical activities that slow down but also his mental activities. The parts of his body become relaxed until he falls asleep and rests.
There are many reasons why a person feels sleepy. It might be because the conditions of his surroundings are suitable for it, or he has been using up his energy with various activities causing him to feel tired and in need of rest.
A person feels tired when he has used up his energy and strength. Tired people become impatient, bored, and lose interest in the task that he is doing. This might be due to both physical and psychological factors.
Being overweight or underweight can cause a person to get tired easily as well as doing too many activities and not getting enough exercise. Physical and mental stress, depression, psychological and emotional problems can also lead to feelings of tiredness. A more serious reason is that it might be a symptom of a medical problem that needs to be addressed immediately.


1.A person feels sleepy when he is ready to fall asleep and rest while he feels tired when he has used up his energy and strength.
2.Both these feelings are the body’s response to its need to rest and restore energy. A tired person becomes impatient and bored while a sleepy person becomes quiet and inactive and would feel sluggish and drowsy.
3.Factors such as the temperature, time of day, and tiredness can cause a person to feel sleepy while physical and psychological factors such as having too much or too little activity, being over or underweight, stress, depression, or an ailment can cause a person to feel tired.

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