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Difference Between Steroids and Corticosteroids

steroidsSteroids vs Corticosteroids

There is a marked difference between steroids and corticosteroids. While there has been a lot of information released about the dangers of steroids, there has also been very little information released about the health effects of corticosteroids. The press releases that surround the possible use of steroids by professional athletes gets a lot of attention, and often gives us the impression that anything steroid-related is bad.

Corticosteroids are designed to help reduce the body’s inflammation. Very often it is prescribed to people with chronic inflammatory conditions, including asthma, and other chronic lung problems. Steroids are a man-made version of the natural hormone, that is predominantly male. Muscle growth in the body is caused by the natural form of the hormone. Steroids cause additional and unnatural muscle growth.

Since it is a hormone, there are some rather serious side effects when it comes to the use of anabolic steroids. Facial hair often grows faster and thicker, even if the user is female. The body mass develops at a much faster rate.

Corticosteroids are not capable of producing better performance when it comes to athletics, unless the athlete suffers from asthma, and is being treated with a prescription. In such cases, the only performance enhancement would be directly related to the ability to breathe more comfortably and effectively. Steroids, however, are a shoe-in for enhancing performance in sports, from speed to endurance to strength.

The use of steroids can cause sexual performance issues, and can lead to birth defects. Corticosteroids are not known to cause problems in the area of sexual performance, and are not known to significantly increase the chances of developing birth defects.

The use of steroids is generally unregulated. It is purchased in very much the same way any illegal substance is purchased, and is used secretively. Corticosteroids do not require a great deal of secrecy, and are used openly. They are managed by a physician, and therefore it is difficult, from an intentional act, to suffer the consequences of too much of the medicine in your system. Steroids can be accidentally overdosed when the body’s tolerance starts to develop, leading the athlete or individual to believe they need dangerously high amounts.

Steroids are sometimes prescribed for medical purposes, especially outside of the United States. However, this is unlikely for any long period of time, unless there is a disease or chronic condition that will not respond to anything else.

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  1. Will the injection of Corticosteroids relieve back pain?

  2. Corticosteroids, especially taken chronically have many side effects including hyperglycemia, adverse changes in the skin and bone loss. If not tapered appropriately the bodies ability to effectively deal with stress can be jeopardized and an adrenal crisis may ensue. There is also a risk of developing increased intercranial pressure. Corticosteroids may also cause adverse cognitive and behavioral changes.

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