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Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Maybe you are one of the fans of the hit show “The Biggest Loser.” Seeing these people struggling with their weight makes skinny or average-sized people be thankful for their size and proportion as they are away from the risks of heart disease.

People struggle not only with weight loss but also fat loss. If you think you lost enough weight but there is still fat on your tummy, then one must concentrate on fat loss. What is the difference between the two? Aren’t the two words the same?

Weight loss is loss of the whole component of the body which includes the fat, muscle, bones, etc. Fat loss, on the other hand, is only exclusive to the fat component of the body. When targeting weight loss, one uses a weighing scale to measure the whole progress of weight loss. In fat loss, however, one uses a caliper to measure the fat in a certain part of the body. One example is the fat on the tummy area. A person should pinch the skin on that area and measure the thickness using the caliper.

Weight loss should be targeted on a weekly basis as rapid weight loss may produce undesirable results. Fat loss is quite a long task to burn as diet and intense cardiovascular workouts must be done before results will show.

Weight loss would depend on many factors as the body carries blood, water, fats, muscle, and a lot more. So frequent weighing is quite useless. Weighing should be done weekly. Fat loss can be more specific as one can measure the percentage of fat by a caliper. Fat loss should be done every two weeks.

Weight loss and fat loss is indicated for obese people while fat loss can be indicated for people with a healthy Body Mass Index. But who wants to have large abs? In order to do this, the percentage of fat in the body must only be at 10 per cent for men and 15 per cent for women.

In order to lose fat, one must do cardiovascular workouts and lift weights. Lifting weights aids in faster fat loss and a more defined and beautiful body structure. Weight loss has many programs including diet, exercise, and a lot more.

So as not to decrease one’s motivation, one must avoid weighing every single day, looking in the mirror daily, and thinking negatively about one’s goal. Nothing will change if one will assess himself or herself each day; plus the motivation might be affected. Because, in reality, nothing will change overnight.


1. Weight loss is loss of the whole component of the body which includes
the fat, muscle, bones, etc. Fat loss, on the other hand, is only
exclusive to the fat component of the body.
2. Weight loss can be assessed via weighing on a scale while fat loss can
be assessed via a caliper.
3. Weight loss can be achieved with many different ways and factors, but
fat loss is specific to cardiovascular workouts, weight lifting, and diet.

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