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Difference Between Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance

Muscular Strength vs Muscular Endurance

Building muscle is easier said than done. You need to exert that extra effort if you want to look firmer, gain more muscle strength, and develop muscle endurance. A properly executed workout plan is necessary if you want to achieve your fitness objectives.

Muscular strength is the ability of your muscles to wield force in opposition to resistance. It is, therefore, expressed in terms of the amount of weight you can carry. For example, a bodybuilder who bench presses using a barbell weighing 250 lbs. is showing exemplary muscular strength. On the contrary, muscular endurance is your muscle’s capacity to perform muscular tasks for an extended period of time. So the question of muscle endurance is “How long can you do this or do that?”

The application of either muscle strength or endurance is based on your individual goals. Muscular strength should be the focus of bodybuilders who want to build bigger and stronger muscles. This is applicable as well for powerlifters, rugby players, and football players for better performance in their respective fields. Other areas like basketball, tennis, and even martial arts need both strength and endurance training. Endurance is the top concern for triathletes, rowers, and runners in general. Building muscle strength or more muscles for these kinds of activities is not recommended for it may impede the development of one’s agility.

With regard to muscle composition or type, there are two kinds of muscles. The first type is called type 1 which is the slow-twitch muscle, and the second is called type 2 or fast-twitch. Muscle strength is related to fast-twitch fibers whereas slow-twitch fibers are associated with muscle endurance. The former uses heavier weights at lesser repetitions while the latter makes use of lighter weights at more repetitions.

So one’s capacity to run for prolonged periods on the treadmill is mainly using his slow-twitch muscles. Another person’s ability to engage in short, anaerobic,and high-intensity activities like heavy weightlifting is primarily using fast-twitch muscle fibers. For either case, weights are ideally used.


1.Muscular strength is one’s ability to carry heavy weights or wield force as opposed to resistance.
2.Muscular endurance is one’s ability to perform muscular tasks for prolonged periods of time.
3.Muscular strength is linked to fast-twitch muscle fibers while endurance is linked to slow-twitch muscle fibers.
4.Muscular strength must be the focus of strength-based sports like rugby while endurance is the priority of long-lasting sports like running.

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