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Celiac vs Coeliac Disease

Celiac disease, also known by many other names, such as: tropical sprue, gluten enteropathy and coeliac disease, is an autoimmune disease, a condition that is genetically programmed into the body and cannot be removed from the system. Celiac disease, also called as coeliac disease in other European countries, is a disease of the small intestine.

Celiac disease is a type of an autoimmune disorder where the villus in the small intestine is sensitive or allergic to certain foods that contain gluten. Gluten is a protein type of substance that is found in foods such as wheat, barley, rye, and other processed foods which contain gluten. When the partially digested food that contains gluten enters the small intestine from the stomach, the immune system is activated for it sees the gluten in the food as a harmful substance or a foreign body. When an immunologic response happens in the small intestine, it damages the villi where the hair-like structure flattens out, and this can affect greatly its function in the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Due to malabsorption of these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, it may lead to numerous deficiencies. Celiac disease, or coeliac disease, is a noncurable disease but very preventable. It can be prevented by abstaining from food that contains gluten. By doing so, it will lessen the signs and symptoms like diarrhea. The disease may ring a bell to anyone, but only a few would consider the underlying difference between the two relatively similar names for this disorder.

Celiac disease and coeliac disease are obviously different words but have the same meaning. Basically, the primary and most noticeable difference between the two terms, celiac and coeliac, is how the words are spelled. The next highlighted distinction is the origin of both words. The word coeliac is the term used in other European countries such as England, Britain, etc. while the word celiac is an American term for the coeliac disease. The term “coeliac” is a word from the British English while the term “celiac” is from American English. These are under the simplification of the “oe” in British English words to only “e” in American English. For example, the word oesophagus in British English is termed as esophagus in American English. The same as in “coeliac” and “celiac,” but there are many exceptions with this simplification because some words in British English who have “oe” are accepted in American English without changing “oe” to “e.” Historically speaking, “coeliac” was created first as a word for this disease. History brings us to the time of Aretaeus of Cappadocia, an ancient Greek, who encountered the disease a thousand years ago. Accordingly, celiac is derived from a Greek word koiliakos, meaning “abdominal” and was later brought up as a translation of what it is in the 19th century. Aside from this, celiac is the universal term for this kind of disease.

It is of utmost importance to know the differences these two words for it may confuse readers on the meaning and usage of these two words (celiac and coeliac).


1.The word coeliac is spelled differently from celiac.

2.The word coeliac originated from British English while celiac came from American English.

3.Coeliac is the simplification of the word celiac.

4.The word coeliac is the first term coined for the disease and later came the term celiac.

5.Celiac is universally used as the medical term.

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  1. I think there is an inconsistency in your article. In the third paragraph celiac is referred to as the simplified version of coeliac, yet in the summary point number three, it is said that coeliac is the simplified version of celiac. This is slightly confusing.

    • Yea I agreed am involved in an argue ment at work
      They say it’s the same thing but clearly it is not
      Even doctors say it s different
      I wanna know is it or is t it ??

    • I have had Celiac Disease for almost 20 years after almost having died without anyone knowing what was the matter with me. The differences between Addisons and Celiac are both so close that when one cure works for both the names should be specified better than they now are. Doctors even today know very little about what both diseases are and they are very careless with our meds which are the biggest killer for Celiac Disease along with cross contamination which is also a killer. Now things have now become so bad that I go into anaphylactic shock if I eat wheat due to being away from it for so long that it is most certainly now like poison to my body. Celiac Disease will cause your muscles to deteroriate and cramp and waste away and going out to eat is just plain scary, I tell them if I am contaminated I will pass out in their floor and that generally scares the enough to where they are extra careful but I ALWAYS speak to the manager of the restaurant but we are discriminated against in every way possible. We cannot eat like other people and special accommodations must be made for us and it is still not done to this day, That is shameful in this day and age, The first thing a Celiac Disease patient should stay away from is a steroid shot as it will waste away your muscles but our life span is shortened by at least 25 years, My doctor said he fears that my kidneys will shut down before anything so I try to keep as much water down me as possible and do well but I think WATER to be essential for all Celiacs and or Addisons Disease people. When comes the fact the something can be totally OK for us to eat but some Celiacs still have a reaction to the product so one plan and diet does not work for each person. I have literally been fired as a patient by 6 doctors as they consider me to be something they know nothing about so when I tell them what I ned in knowing after 20 years they fire me as doctors will not e told what to do which leaves e without any doctor so doctors need to get their mindset to where they are understanding of what this disease is and be understanding and knowing of this disease because we need help ad not thrown in the trash like they wish to do instead of care for us. It is true that our disease takes constant research and reading and adherence to a strict gluten free diet with absolutely no cheating,If you knowingly eat gluten and it may not hurt you now but it is hurting you without you see if it and that will do damage in the long run so if yo cheat you are only killing yourself. This disease takes strict adherence to a gluten free diet for the rest of your life regardless of how hard it is to do, Anyone who has this disease also desperately needs an advocate to fight for you and be with you in case you are unable to tell the doctor yourself so you desperately need an advocate to stay behind you and fight for you, We still desperately need doctors who will be considerate and patient to this disease and understanding that our disease is not a normal thing and we need special and priority treatment. Since I have lost 6 doctors who quit me I do not see this coming to light at least in my lifetime. All celiacs I have dealt with have ended up with permanent nerve damage some place in their body so a pain doctor will be a necessity for your lifetime. I have managed over 2,000 people who have Celiad Disease and are guten intolernt and remember that Celiase is a disease ad fluten intolerance is a choice. In retrospect gluten in any form this day and ae is bad for your body regardless of is you have this disease or not, Tis is caused for all the pesticides and contaminants they are placing in food to get it to last longer and the modification they are placing on the seeds when they grow wheat. Natural without any artificial ingredients is the bet way to go but we are paying the price at the grocery store. It boils down to if you want to live longer you have to pay the price. Not many of us can do this. I am one person and one loaf of bread for me goes anywhere from $5.85 to $8.27 and this is for bread alone, My grocery bill for one person rums at least $120 a week for me alone but I guarantee that my food is not genetically modified and 100% natural without added hormones or steroids or GMO’s. If you do not have the money then stay with basic foods like meats, veggies, fruits and vegetables and you cannot go too wrong , I stay with raw fruit and vegetables, I pray God be with you if you are also diabetic and suffering with this because that doubles and ups the ante with your food.

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