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Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring

Engagement Ring vs Wedding Ring

Engagement rings and wedding rings are two very important pieces of jewelry that lovers often possess. Both are symbols of love but differ because of a variety of reasons.

An engagement ring is practically the ring that the woman accepts from her man. This is usually given by the latter at the time that he proposes for marriage. As such, it is a ring that symbolizes that the woman has already entered an agreement that she wants to be wed. A wedding ring is different because it already symbolizes the covenant or pact that the woman and man have made in their marriage.

Engagement rings were believed to have originated as early as the dawn of mankind. It is said that the first engagement rings have the purpose of literally binding a woman. This means that she will no longer be able to get away from a certain man because she is already symbolically tied with him. Later on, the meaning of engagement rings took a less restrictive one as it was given to a woman even if it will not end up in marriage but only for the belief of true love.

The wedding ring has been around since Egyptian times. Originally made from reeds sprouting at the banks of the Nile River, wedding rings symbolize life and eternity. Because of such an interpretation, this type of ring has long been practiced to be worn at the middle finger of the left hand. This particular finger was perceived to possess a vein directly connected to one’s heart.

As dictated by common practice, the standard engagement ring is supposed to be two times the man’s monthly salary and is usually made of either platinum or gold. More recently in the 20th century, diamonds have become a common add-on, at least one piece present, on the engagement rings.

Although the wedding ring is worn on the same middle finger like the engagement ring, it usually has a ring partner for the man. Based on common tradition, wedding rings are simpler and made without any type of add-ons or adornments for these rings are symbols of the endless smooth relationship between the man and the woman.

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1. Engagement rings are usually given to the woman from the man before marriage as a commitment of the former’s acceptance to be wed. It is given during a proposal while wedding rings are practically given during the wedding ceremony.

2. Engagement rings are usually pricier than wedding rings as they tend to be more extravagant in nature than the simpler wedding rings.

3. Wedding rings usually come in pair (for the man and woman) compared to the engagement ring that is just given to the woman, although nowadays there are also some men who receive the same.

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  1. That is nice differentiation between both of you. And if anyone need more to know about the difference then he/she can also visit your partner link.

  2. This blog is extremely well written and gives the information in details. This blog very clearly answers my queries. Hope to read some more blogs like these.

  3. “As dictated by common practice, the standard engagement ring is supposed to be two times the man’s monthly salary and is usually made of either platinum or gold”

    Can somebody clarify whether this practice /culture is applicable to all the countries or based on the western only? AND WHO STARTED THIS RETARDED PRACTICE? Thanks to whoever wrote this did not make it clear and now my gf is forcing me to ALLOCATE 2 TIMES MY UNDERPAID SALARY JUST FOR THE PROPOSAL RING. I do not agree & believe it is based purely on budget & what the woman fancies AND NOT DEFINED BY THE PRICING. Now I am having a non-negotiable argument with my gf and at the verge of separation just BECAUSE SOME PRACTICE SAYS FUCKING SO.

    I am going nuts please somebody help me!

  4. The Difference Between Wedding Rings And Engagement Rings

    Timing – The engagement ring is presented to a woman during a proposal. On the other hand, the wedding rings are exchanged between partners during the marriage ceremony and are worn starting from that time.

    Design – Engagements rings tend to be more extravagant and usually have a center stone made of diamond. In contrast, wedding rings tend to be plain looking and have simple designs.

    To sum things up, the engagement ring is worn by your fiancée after a successful proposal. The engagement ring symbolizes a pledge of love and tells other people that a woman is no longer available.

    The wedding ring (wedding band) is worn by both spouses after exchanging vows during the marriage ceremony. The rings are worn on the 4th finger of the left hand and it represents the commitment, love and faithfulness of your spouse to you.

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  5. Actually, I was totally unaware of this informative site where the difference between things is described in a nice way. I would like to say that the author did a great job explaining the difference between wedding rings and engagement rings. Thanks to the author!

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