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Difference Between Frontline and Frontline Plus

Difference Between Frontline and Frontline Plus

Frontline vs. Frontline Plus

Frontline and Frontline Plus are two medications and preventive products by Merial. These products are designed for household pets, particularly dogs and cats. The objective of both products is to eliminate fleas and ticks from the pets.

Both Frontline products aim to control the flea and tick population on a pet. They are applied topically (in layman’s terms, on the skin) at the back of the pet’s neck. The products’ main and active ingredient, Fipronil, is absorbed by the animal’s oil glands under the skin. After that, the ingredient travels to the hair follicles of the animal and targets the fleas and ticks.

Fipronil kills the ticks in less than 48 hours, while it can eliminate fleas in 12 hours. Both products work effectively 24 hours after application. They are also recommended to be applied once every month, ensuring one month of protection from fleas and ticks. Frontline and Frontline Plus can be administered without a veterinarian’s prescription.

Frontline was introduced in 1997 as a medication to control the flea and tick population on a pet. It is effective against adult fleas and ticks. Additionally, it is ideal to apply to indoor pets. In comparison with Frontline Plus, the original Frontline offers only partial tick and flea protection.

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On the other hand, Frontline Plus was released in 2000 and has an additional ingredient –  methoprene. Methoprene is a kind of insect growth regulator that kills the eggs and larvae of fleas and ticks. With this ingredient in combination with fipronil, Frontline Plus kills all fleas and ticks. To sum it up, it interrupts the flea’s life cycle and prevents fleas and ticks from reaching maturity. Because of this added ingredient, Frontline Plus provides more complete flea and tick protection.

This kind of Frontline product is more preferable to use for outdoor pets. It is also better to use this particular product if the animal has a flea or tick infestation. The product can eliminate the flea and tick populations effectively in a short amount of time.


1.Both Frontline and Frontline Plus are products used to control and eliminate the flea and tick population on pets. The method of application of both products is the same – topically by the skin. Both products are over-the-counter, meaning they can be bought without a prescription from a veterinarian.
2.Frontline and Frontline Plus share one manufacturer – Merial. They also are aimed at dogs and cats and share an active ingredient called fipronil. Both products offer one month of protection, and the main ingredient starts being effective within 24 hours of application.
3.Both products are cited as convenient to use, effective, and quick acting. Other recommendations for both products are their long-lasting effects and their waterproof features.
4.Frontline was released in 1997, while Frontline Plus debuted in 2000.
5.Frontline Plus is an improvement over Frontline; it has an additional active ingredient called methoprene, which kills the eggs and larvae of fleas and ticks. With methoprene, Frontline Plus kills not only the adult but also the young fleas and ticks.
6.Frontline is ideal for indoor pets; meanwhile, Frontline Plus is preferable for outdoor pets.
7.In terms of cost, Frontline is seen as more economical in comparison to Frontline Plus. The additional ingredient of methoprene and its desirable effects adds to the product costs.
8.Frontline offers only partial tick and flea protection, while Frontline Plus results in a comprehensive and complete elimination.
9.Frontline kills only adult fleas and ticks. In contrast, Frontline Plus eliminates both adult and young fleas and ticks.
10.The latter product is also ideal for a dog or cat with a flea or tick infestation.

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  1. I need to know the difference between Frontline Plus , orange packs up to 22 lbs and Frontline plus” Spot On,” 1 to 10kg

  2. My vet said you don’t need nor should you use the plus. He is one of 13 veterinarians in the US that is on the advisory board of the company. My cat had severe seizures from the added ingredient and the vet said it’s always that ingredient that causes it or if you use dogs products on the cat.

  3. Question.
    So which one is better.frontline or frontline plus and what is the price diff.

    • Neither,my cats are still getting fleas and one that goes outside gets ticks.my house is infested and in progress of treating over 100 dollars to buy for ineffective product and alot more to spend to fix it.not happy

  4. Which would be best for a 14kg dog with lots of fleas. Frontline pluss or frontline. Is this safe to use on any breed.

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