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  1. Loretta Palitti
    July 30, 2019

    I thought I saw a fox in my yard. It was daytime. Now I’m quite concerned it may have been a coyote. It quickly left when it saw me. I worry for our dogs and cat. It was right up close to the yard.


    • bill
      February 26, 2020

      Stop being ridiculous throw some food out instead of wasting it in the garbage
      They are have you ever been hungry before Loretta try it some time its not fun


    • Kim Floyd
      March 27, 2020

      I have seen a lot of coyotes in the daytime, usually close to dawn or dusk, but not a fox. The fox seems a lot more sleek to me and always seems to know where he/she is going. The coyotes seem a little more ruffled up/scraggly.
      I have heard the coyote yip (it sounds as if it’s trying to give his location to others. I also see the coyotes together, but not the fox.

      Either way, if you have a coyote in your yard and your pets are sleeping, they will come right up and drag them off for the kill. They are very aggressive and the sounds they make are pretty indescribable. If you love your animals definitely DO NOT leave them outside after dusk or before dawn.


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