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When we study the organisms, we know that all of the organisms in the world are classified through a hierarchy and are further broken down and named via binomial nomenclature. This is studied in biology as students explore all of the aspects of all living things from naming and classification up to the structures and body parts, these are all included. So biology can also be considered as a great and fulfilling career plus one of the best premedical courses.

Going back to naming and classifying all of the living organisms, let us take a look at what can be the difference between a specie and population. Is there a difference? If so, what are they?

A specie is the lowest ranking under the classification of hierarchy of all of the organisms in the planet. It is defined as the organisms capable of sexual intercourse and producing offspring which are fertile and able to produce as well. Species can be grouped via their sameness within the niche, the sameness with morphology, and the sameness with DNA.

Population, on the other hand, is defined as organisms that belong to the identical specie and identical geographical niche or area. The said area should enable these species to interbreed with each other. That is the definition in biology. But in sociology, a population is a collection of human beings. In 2006, there were more than six billion people on this planet.

To describe these two words regarding quantity, it is definitely that a population is larger than a specie since the word is a collective noun. Scientists can study a specie to determine their individual characteristics. Sociologists, on the other hand, can study a population regarding their culture, values, way of living, and so on and so forth. These two words are thus very vital.


1.A specie is a single organism that is capable of reproduction while a population is a group of species in the same geographical area.
2.A population in terms of quantity is definitely more than a single specie.
3.A population with human beings can share or not share their differences based on their culture, values, etc., but a specie (all other organisms) must share the same morphology, DNA, etc. in order to be classified under such specie.

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