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Alpha Male vs Beta Male

There was a time in history when males dominated the world, when women could not participate in higher positions in the society. But now, it’s already balanced. Both can now participate and work in either positions regardless of sex. There is already freedom except for some Middle East countries.

As balance and equality rose, so did the different tags about male and female sexuality and personalities. Some famous and emerging types of male guys right now are the metrosexuals or those men who are vain about their looks and how they present themselves. David Beckham is one of the finest examples of a metrosexual guy.

Other tags that can be related to this are alpha male and beta male. What on Earth are these?

Alpha male is a word coined for male guys who are having a great deal of self-confidence. Whenever they walk around, their confidence exudes by having their head up high, abdomen inward, chest outward, and, most importantly, with their spine fully erect. With their high self-esteem, they are able to voice their opinions well. They are also able to take leadership roles and lead a group of people.

With beta males, this is the other way around. These are the guys with low self-esteem. These are the guys with their heads bowing down, slouching, and curving their back. These type of guys are said to be followers instead of leaders. They accept the opinions and do not contribute in giving opinions. They are mostly shy, individual guys.

Regarding women, beta males seem to be a plus since they are more of a listener and give more attention to women. However, due to being so passive and only being a listener, some women tend to dislike them in the long run. Regarding alpha males, some women do not even give the time of day to these kind of guys due to their arrogance and being so cocky regarding their attitude and confidence. They neither care about others in the long run since they always think that they are always right.

These alpha males and beta males are not true most of the time. Guys have varying personalities that they show to everyone. Some are confident regarding such things while some accept their weakness. It is not a consistent trait for every person.


1.Alpha males are guys with great confidence while beta males are guys with low self-esteem.
2.Alpha males are leader types while beta males are follower types.
3.Alpha males are opinion givers while beta males are opinion followers.
4.Alpha males are seen as arrogant and cocky while beta males are seen as passive guys.

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