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A man and a guy both refer to adult human males. The difference lies in their attitude and the way they treat life. The difference between a man and a guy is also a difference of opinion in the eyes of the person who has a specific perception about men.

In regular language, a guy and a man are not very different, but ask people individually, and each one has their own opinion. According to some people, guys are those adult males who have grown in age but haven’t taken the responsibility of the world upon their shoulders. They live life in a carefree manner without being able to understand that it is high time they did something responsible and settled down.

Some people think that guys are fun to be with because they do not have many expectations from the world or their partners as they know that they themselves do not encourage any kind of expectations from their side.

There are many jokes and a compilation of facts which claim the differences between a man and a guy, and we can go on and on about the personal opinions of people. All the differences written and perceived about men and guys have one common factor: boys who did not grow up to be responsible, did not follow a good career, did not commit to anything in life, and did not want people to expect much from them are guys. Men are those individuals who take care of themselves, their families, they have a proper career, they know what their responsibilities are towards society and what is expected of them.

It is said that guys are more fun to be with than men as they believe in living the young life of a high school boy. They dress the same; they talk the same lingo even into their late twenties and early thirties. They think nothing bad can ever happen to them or their family. They lack discipline and thus do not impose it on others and are young at heart. Men, however, know that the high school days are far gone; they learn to follow the nuances of the grown-up society; they change as per the requirements, and are more disciplined in life than their counterparts.

Women, just like men and guys, are also different. Some enjoy the fun being around a guy while others enjoy the security provided by a man. Everyone has their own opinion about the differences between a guy and a man. There are no guidelines which hold you to your opinion.


Guys and men are basically adult human males. They are differentiated from each other by certain traits which are not written in some book but are personal opinions of people. Boys who grow up to be less responsible and more fun; who take jobs rather than build careers, and have not yet decided to commit seriously to relationships or a career are guys; whereas, boys who grow up to become responsible and settle in life are considered to be men.

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