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Fertile vs Ovulation

In the concepts of reproduction, men and women should able to understand certain concepts. For young students studying sex education, they are included for careful explanation through layman’s terms first for them to fully understand these concepts. Concepts of reproduction are important. In this concept, a lot of children who are lost try to experiment and learn from their friends. The results of this experimentation lead to unwanted and early pregnancies, abortions, and broken families.

The society we live in must be carefully evaluated with the growing number of these incidents. This must be stopped and changes must be done. Two of the concepts under reproduction that must be taught well are ovulation and being fertile. Though thinking about the two words make us think that there are no differences, we shall investigate if there is a difference between the two words.

“Fertile” or being fertile are a words referring to a period in a woman’s menstrual cycle that precedes the ovulation days. In fertile days, women can have sex with their husbands, but the chances of fertilization are lower compared to the days of ovulation. Ovulation, on the other hand, is a process in which egg cells mature and are being produced from the ovary. In a women’s menstrual cycle, ovulating days are said to be the best days to have sex for the eggs are fully mature. Thus, there is a higher chance of fertilization or unification of the sperm and the egg cell.

How do women know that they are fertile? First, they compute their menstrual calendar whether they are regular or irregularly menstruating. According to research, women ovulate 14 days before their menstruation begins. Then women are said to be fertile after their menstruation for at least two weeks which will then last for another two to three days afterwards. That is the cycle in its simplest terms and explanations.

Some women cannot determine if they are fertile or ovulating. Some are not even sure. So the best advice for them to do is to buy ovulating kits to determine whether they are ovulating or not. This is for those who are planning to have children as soon as possible. For some who can make the determination, women refer to their menstrual calendar and the consistency of the cervical mucus that is coming out of their reproductive organ. The cervical mucus method can help the woman tell whether she is ovulating or not.


“Fertile” is a period in which a woman can be pregnant but not as much compared to ovulation which is the best time for a woman to get pregnant.
In being fertile, eggs are not that mature compared to ovulation in which the eggs are mature and being produced from the ovary.
Ovulation days occur before menstruation begins while fertile days occur after menstruation occurs.

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  1. I’m 21 yrs old married girl. We planned to birth a child. But we tried 4months. .. Still I didn’t get pregnant. I didn’t knw when to hav a sex… Whenever we do sex, his sperm started to come out. ..what shall I do? With proper sex, within how many days the baby will get formed? Can anyone give me the advice. …!!!

  2. I’m 29 yrs old married girl. We planned to birth a child. But we tried 4Year. .. Still I didn’t get pregnant. I didn’t knw when to hav a sex… Whenever we do sex, his sperm started to come out. ..what shall I do? With proper sex, within how many days the baby will get formed? Can anyone give me the advice. …!!!


  3. Dear sir, I am 27 year old boy and my wife 21 yrs old. I don’t know which day best for sex because 2 year we will not any child. So pls suggest me. Thanks

  4. My last period start at nov.05 2017 and i have sexual intercourse dec 04 2017…and i have regular monthly period ranging 28 to 30 days…do i have a chance to get pregnant? For having sex in dec 04?

    • My period cycle is 24days,had my menses on 18 to 21 of May 2018.had sex on 27th & 28th days of May 2018.is there a chance of me getting pregnant.please very urgent.
      Will be waiting for reply.Thanks

  5. I had sex on the day of my ovulation and a day after ovulation.please just want to know if there are chances that I can get pregnant? Thanks

  6. Interested

  7. I think that I have hit the menopause but still have periods. I have had unprotected sex for the past 8 weeks last month my period was really light and last for 3 days not normal. I usually have heavy flows. My son is 22 and I’m 52 is that a possibility I might be pregnant or not no period yet just feel tried and not my normal self, moody but is hot from inside to out.

  8. Pls how do I know if am fertile or ovulating, pls am having trying to get pregnant now but not working pls help me out

  9. I really found this interesting.
    When can I have sex without getting pregnant

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