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Listening vs Hearing

Hearing is the act of perceiving sound and receiving sound waves or vibrations through your ear. Listening is the act of hearing a sound and understanding what you hear. Hearing is one of the five senses and it just happens all the time – whether you like it or not – unless you have a hearing problem. But if you listen, you are consciously choosing what you want to hear. You concentrate on what you hear in order to understand the message. For example, If I hear a baby crying out loud, I am using my sense of hearing, but when I hear a baby cry because he is hungry, it is a form of listening because I have attached a meaning to what I have heard.

Hearing is a skill where you use your ears only. It one of the five senses. Listening uses different senses, like the sense of hearing, seeing, or sense of touch. Listening is a skill that lets the sound you hear go through your brain to process the meaning of it. Listening means also observing what you hear, like the speaker’s behavior and body language, in order to better understand what the speaker is talking about. Hearing is an involuntary act where you simply receive vibrations through your ears.

Listening is a form of a communication technique that lets you understand, interpret and put meaning to what you hear. Listening can build a better relationship with others, while hearing is just merely receiving sounds through your ears.


1.Hearing and Listening uses both your ears.
2.Hearing is receiving sound waves through your ears, while listening means hearing and understanding what you’ve heard.
3.Hearing is part of the five senses, while listening is a choice to hear and analyze what you hear.
4.Hearing is using your ears only, while listening is using your body’s other senses.
5.Listening is observing other’s behavior that can add meaning to the message, while hearing is simply receiving sound vibrations.
6.Listening can build better relationships with others, while hearing cannot.
7.Take good care of your ears; you cannot listen when you cannot hear.

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  8. so nice but l did not get you on your last point because l think one may listen even if he or she does not hear. take for example someone can grasp the meaning of the sign language[listening] even if he does not hear at all.therefore listening does not always require hearing to take place

  9. Listening one has to be actively involved unlike hearing where one doesn’t need to be involved
    Listening requires feedback unlike hearing which doesn’t

  10. Listening requires attention unlike hearing.
    Listening is voluntary whereas listening is involuntary

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  14. On the other side,hearing(heard,heard)
    (It’s not used in progressive tenses)
    It’s the ability to be aware of sounds with yo ears.eg.
    I can’t hear very well., She heard foot steps behind her,He could hear a dog barking etc.
    While Listening(listened), Is the ability to give attention n concentration to somebody’s speech so that yu can easily get the meaning of what’s being said.eg.
    Listening to music,we don’t hear but we listen to music,listen to somebody,listen to a radio,we don’t hear a radio,
    Listening also is refered to as the ability to take notice of what sb says to yu so that yu follow their piece of advice or believe them.eg
    I listened to Maahir’s advise yesterday and felt relieved.
    Yu can’t also listen without use of “to” eg I’m listening Obama’s speech=(very wrong) but I’m listening to Obama’s speech=(very right).
    NB-Yu can’t listen wen yo hearing is impaired.Therefore yu must be able to hear then yu listen,the two match hand in hand with the other.
    Hope this will sort yu out.

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  20. Listening is mind connection in order to interpret what someone said or express the speaker point

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