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Difference Between Male and Female Weed Plants

Male vs Female Weed Plants

“Weed,” or marijuana plants are female, male, and hermaphrodite. The male weed plant is responsible for pollinating the female weed plant in order to produce seeds by the female plants. It is necessary that the plants be identified and dealt with as non-pollinated female plants are also of use and are called “sinsemilia” meaning “without seeds.” It has been observed that 30-50 per cent of weed plants are male plants.

Female Weed Plants
Female weed plants, or Cannabis, are marijuana plants that have small, white hairs. They appear at the stem top in pairs and internodes and branches. These hairs grow in number and thickness and turn into orange hair during the flowering process. The sexual identity of the plant can be determined by July’s end in the Northern Hemisphere and by the end of January in the Southern Hemisphere. Female marijuana plants can be easily differentiated from male plants after the plant reveals the “v” shaped structure called the pistils. The pistils emerge from the side of the third to fourth internodes in the stem.

Marijuana is produced by resinous flowers of the female weed plant. If they are not pollinated, they become gentle in taste, and thus the growers try to keep the female and male plants at a safe enough distance so that the female plant does not get pollinated.

Male Weed Plants
Male Cannabis, or weed or marijuana, plants can be identified by the presence of tiny pods on the internodes of the main stem. It has no white hair. These pods on maturation open and distribute pollens. The male plants start to produce pollens by mid-July to mid-September depending upon the hemisphere.

The male plants are usually tall and have stout stems; they have less leaves and have sporadic stems. They are used for harvesting. Some plants which are used for breeding are used to pollinate the female plant. For harvesting, the male plants are cut before they start pollinating and are shaken as little as possible in order to avoid any accidental pollination of female plants if they are in close proximity.

It is important to identify the sex of the weed plants as soon as possible because if the female plant gets pollinated and the male plants are not harvested on time, the fine herb is harvested much less, and the plants with a lot of seeds are left to be dealt with.


1.Female weed plants have small, white hairs; male weed plants do not have white hair.
2.Female plants have the characteristic “v” shaped structure called pistils; male plants have small buds developing from the internodes.

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