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Weed vs Pot

Weed and pot are both two different names for the same drug called marijuana. They are produced from the female plant Cannabis sativa. The flowering top is dried to produce weed. “Weed” and “pot” are generic terms, and “pot” is considered to be slang. It is used as a psychoactive drug. Weed and pot are also used for medicinal, spiritual, and recreational purposes.

The main compound found in weed and pot is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Though there are almost 400 different compounds found in Cannabis, weed and pot specifically have THC.

Weed and pot once consumed produce and show psychoactive as well as physiological effects. It takes about ten micrograms every one kilogram of any body weight to start its effect. The most common changes that occur in a person after the consumption of weed or pot is increased heart rate, changed perception, especially the mood of a person changes drastically, blood pressure is lowered, lack of concentration and coordination among organs, and short-term memory loss. Weed and pot show a mixture of properties when consumed like: depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens, but the most prominent effect is hallucinations.

Weed and pot used for recreational uses is not legal, but using it for medicinal purposes is legal, and it has many documented benefits. Some of the medicinal benefits attained by weed and pot usage is nausea amelioration in AIDS and chemotherapy patients, stimulating hunger, lowering intraocular pressure of the eye which is considered effective in glaucoma treatment. Another of the most prominent uses is as an analgesic or pain reliever.

To acquire medicinal weed, one needs to become a member of specific clinics. A doctor’s recommendation and prescription is necessary for acquiring the membership. There are many food items which are sold for medicinal uses and some as simple as weed and pot brownies.

A lot of study has been done to determine the long-term effects of weed and pot use. Except for short-term use, no research has been able to give substantial results. As we already know, there is a difference between dependence and addiction. It has not yet been substantially proven by studies that the long-term usage of weed causes addiction.

Many patients are, of course, dependent on weed for medicinal purposes, but it’s whether its long-term usage causes intelligence and memory problems or disorders like schizophrenia has not been substantiated until now. The study whether the use of weed and pot leads a person to be more inclined towards harder drugs like heroin and cocaine has produced results which are mixed.


1.Weed and pot are two different names given to marijuana.
2.“Weed” is considered a generic term and “pot” is considered slang.

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  1. I came here looking for thoughts on the difference between hearing or reading the same text.

    I came upon this “pot/weed” article which states that no research on long term use exists. My

    book “Marijuana Withdrawal After 40 Years” is available at my Website.

    CANNABIS may offer some medical miracles. It should be dropped from the Group I drugs

    NOW. Enabling testing!

  2. I have a big problem just breath the air walking outside because of so many people smoking cigarettes and marijuana. The gov. have passed a bill to stop smoking in public housing and public places(hallaleua). But how inconsistent to legalize that weed.

  3. My freind called me a dumbass because I thought weed and pot were different.I’m but now I know and this article did not call me a dumb ass and aculy explained

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