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Difference Between Good and Bad Weed

weed-pdGood vs Bad Weed

Is there really good weed, and if yes, how does one tell good weed from bad weed? Obviously, weed is better known for its bad aspects, rather than for its many medicinal advantages, and even its use as a herb. Numerous scientific studies have shown that marijuana has many health benefits, if used correctly, and solely for those ailments.

Physical identification

Good weed has various physical qualities that you can easily identify. The plant has hairs that are orange, or more closely reddish, and is slightly sticky. The buds are colored (not green), and covered with small white crystals. It has a strong scent, and usually can be smelled from more than one foot away if the containing bag is opened. Because the plant is very dense, and the buds are intact, the weed has to be ripped from the stems.

As for the bad weed, you can easily identify it with these physical qualities: It is extremely dry and shaky. The weed does not have to be broken up as much, since it’s very loose. The seeds are very easily combustible when exposed to a flame. As well, in regards to its effects, bad weed will get you high for only ten to twenty minutes, and will cause paranoia followed by a headache.

Chemical qualities in the body

In medical circles, it is widely accepted that the use of marijuana does not lead to long-term cardiovascular ailments for people who are normal. That said however, it’s worth noting that smoking marijuana, often in large quantities, causes alterations in the heart and blood circulation. This is typical of stress, which may worsen any cardiovascular problems that were pre-existing. Ailments like coronary disease and hypertension, in particular, are made worse.

The use of marijuana was found to act as a gateway drug to other stronger, more addictive drugs. In fact, studies show that the very stringent rules against the use of marijuana are the single greatest factor that pushes addicts towards harder drugs, such as heroin and cocaine. Studies actually showed, that when marijuana use was partially legalized in the Netherlands, in the 1970’s, the use of harder drugs like cocaine and heroin significantly decreased, despite a noticeable increase in marijuana use.

Good weed has sticky hairs and a strong scent, while bad weed has dry stems that are loose and easy to break.
Good weed is very dense, and the seeds are not easily removed; while bad weed has shaky stems, and the seeds are easily removed.
Bad weed causes paranoia and headaches, whereas good weed does not.

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1 Comment

  1. It is not true that ‘bad’ marijuana causes ‘paranoia’ and ‘good’ marijuana doesn’t. All types of cannabis contain several chemicals which affect the users state of consciousness.

    The reaction that a user has to those chemicals (whether from potent or low potency plants) will be the same (albeit weaker with poor quality cannabis) all things being equal.

    I would think that it is fair to say that a novice user will be more likely to get paranoia symptoms when using strong marijuana as the effect is stronger and more likely to cause panic.

    Heavy users of cannabis rarely get negative effects from their use as their psychology is accustomed to the range of effects it has.

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