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Difference Between Oak and Pine

oak-vs-pine_sOak vs Pine

Oak and pine are two wood varieties that are often used to make furniture. There are few similarities between these two wood varieties. So it would be easier to identify which one is oak and which one is pine.

First, oak is hardwood while pine belongs to soft wood varieties. This means that oak is heavier and is more wear resistant. On the other hand, pine is moderately heavy and significantly lighter than oak. However, pine has excellent stiffness which enables it to resist shock.

Oak tree grows very slowly while pine has a faster rate of growth. This characteristic influences the cost of each wood variety. Oak is more expensive because growers invest a lot of time tending the tree. And because pine grows faster, growers are able to sell this wood variety at a cheaper price.

Oak generally has red color. That is why oak furniture usually has darker hues and color schemes. Pine has a cream white color. Some pine varieties are very white while there are also varieties that are yellowish.

Both wood varieties finish quite well. However, oak is normally stained in order to enhance its dark hues while most furniture makers finish pine wood with varnish only to maintain its clean white color.

Oak is used primarily for making traditional furniture. The distinct color and pattern of oak make this wood ideal for traditionally designed furniture. Because oak is stronger and wear resistant, it is also used as flooring and for ship building. Pine on the other hand is used for making modern light furniture. Pine chairs, tables, cupboards, beds, and rocking chairs are very common nowadays.

Oak and pine are both sturdy wood varieties. However, do take note that oak is heavy, dark colored and wear resistant while pine is lightweight, whitish, and can better resist or absorb shock.

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