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Difference Between Scotch And Whiskey

whiskyScotch vs Whiskey

Scotch is whiskey made is Scotland, Britain. Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage distilled from grain containing 40 to 50 % of alcohol by volume.

The other very interesting fact is that Scotch Whisky is always written without the ‘e’ whereas whiskey is always spelt with an ‘e’. In United Kingdom Scotch is just called whisky. When a whisky is ordered it is assumed that a scotch is required. If one wants anything else it needs to be specified. In rest of the world it is known as just Scotch.

Scotch must conform to the regulations of ‘The Whisky Act 1988’ passed by the parliament of United Kingdom. The act makes it illegal to sell Whiskey as Scotch Whisky if it does not conform to the standards laid down by this act. The act specifies that the Scotch needs to be distilled at a Scottish distillery strictly in accordance with the procedures specified by this law. It also specifies that it must be distilled to an alcoholic strength of less that 94.8% and must not be bottled at an alcoholic strength of less than 40%. It also specifies that the scotch must be matured in oak casks in Scotland for not less than three years and a day. The permitted ingredients in scotch are water and grain fermented by adding yeast. Caramel for color may be added. This is fermented in oak casks.

Whiskey on the other hand produced worldwide must conform to the national standards of the country of production. Whiskey may be produced by any of the local methods that are popular and from the ingredients that are popular but Scotch will only be produced in one of the four methods. These are single malt, vatted malt, blended and single grain.

Scotch would generally have a very light and smooth taste as compared to the other whiskies and hence is preferred at social gatherings as a drink acceptable to all.

1.Scotch is whisky made in Scotland, Britain while Whiskey can be made anywhere in the world.
2.For Scotch the word Whisky is always spelt without the alphabet e.
3.Scotch must be as per the standards and rules laid down in The Whisky Act 1988.
4.Scotch is generally lighter and smoother in taste than other whiskies.

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