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Tigers come from the Feline family, or family of cats. Its scientific name is Panthera Tigris. It is one of the ‘four largest cats’ in the genus Panthera. The earliest remains of tiger s were found in China, about 2 million years ago. Tigers are said to be the descendants of a saber-tooth tiger. There are different species of tigers, known as the Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, Indochinese tiger, Malayan tiger, South China tiger and Sumatran tiger. Most of these species are considered endangered, while some are possibly already extinct.

Panther’s, or better known as Black Panthers, also come from the Feline family. Its scientific name is Felis Concolor. Several species of these variants are the Wild Black Panther (Black Panther in Latin America), Black Jaguars (Black Panther in Asia and Africa), and Black Jaguar, or Black Cougar (Black Panther in North America).

Behavior and Characteristics

Tigers have an orange-brown fur color, with distinct black stripes. They have white fur on their stomach. These colors help them blend in with the environment, making it easy for them to catch their prey. Tigers are fast and heavy, with a weight of about 110 ‘“ 300 kg, and can grow up to 10 ft tall. The largest tiger among its kind is the Siberian tiger. Tigers are also extremely territorial. They mark their territory by spraying their urine onto the ground and plants, or by making scratch marks on the trees. They will kill any animal, even humans, trespassing their territory.
Tigers also have very sharp claws, and can leap very high, up to 30 feet. Tigers are also excellent swimmers. They can swim across the rivers and streams. They love to cool down in these waters, and that’s why they can often be seen relaxing in these areas. Tigers also communicate in the same way as domestic cats. A tiger’s lifespan is up to 22 years.

Black Panthers are also large cats, but not as large as tigers. They weigh only about 29-90 kg, and grow up to 9 ft tall. They are very melanistic, with a super black or brown fur color. They have long and powerful legs, which they use to climb trees. They also have large paws, but they are very soft, which makes them a ‘silent-predator’. Black Panthers have an average speed of 45 km/h.
Black Panthers communicate with each other through signs and vocalizations, used mostly for maintaining home ranges, and signaling mates. They mostly live in tropical rain forests and marsh lands. Black Panthers can live up to 20 years.


Tigers are extremely good hunters. They hunt alone, unlike other animals, which hunt in groups. When they are closing in for the kill, it only takes them seconds to seize their prey. They will then bite the neck until it’s prey is dead. After they have killed their prey, tigers will usually drag the body to an area with dense cover, and then feed. Tigers are carnivores. Their favorite preys are deer and wild boar. After a satisfying meal, tigers can rest for several days without feeding.
Black Panthers are also carnivores. Their favorite foods are deer’s, raccoons and armadillo. Panthers are like nocturnal creatures. They usually rest during the day and search for food at night. This is an advantage for them, as they are dark black in color. When Black Panthers hunt, they either stalk, or ambush their prey. When they are close enough to their prey, they grab their victim by the throat, or sometimes just simply slap them hard enough on the head, breaking the skull. Black Panthers can also catch fish in the streams with their powerful paws.


Tigers are lonely creatures, except when they mate or feed their cubs. They don’t really have a breeding season, but usually, male tigers are ready to mate at the age of 5, and female tigers are ready to mate at the age of 3 ½. Tigers usually make a variety of howls and whines during the courting process. When they decide to mate, they will usually engage in the act several times, for a couple of days.
It usually takes 16 weeks before the cubs are born. Tigers can have up to 4 cubs at a time. Cubs are blind when they are born. They feed from their mother, and hunt with their mother, until they are old enough to go out on their own, at the age of 1-2 years.

Black Panthers reach earlier sexual maturity. They are ready to mate at 2 years of age. Like tigers, panthers also live alone. They only meet with female panthers to mate. When a female panther is ready for mating, she will make sawing noises to attract the male, or leave scent markings for the males to follow. Black panther cubs are born after 90-105 days. Panthers usually have 2-3 cubs, but can sometimes have more.
The mother stays with the cubs, and the male Panthers leave to go and be on their own again. After 10 days, the cubs can open their eyes and have a glimpse of their surroundings. The mother can then go out and find food for them. This is also the time that they are vulnerable to predators, as they are still young, and not strong enough yet, to fend for themselves.


1. Tigers have an orange-brown color with black stripes, while Black Panthers have a dark black or brown color.

2. Tigers are larger than panthers. Tigers weigh between 110-300 kg, with a height of up to 10 ft, while panthers only weigh between 29-90 kg, with a height of up to 9 ft.

3. Tigers usually hunt for food during the day, while panthers hunt during the night.

4. Black Panthers can climb on trees with their powerful claws.

5. Tigers are more territorial than panthers.

6. Male tigers are ready to mate at 5 years of age, while panthers are ready to mate at 2 years of age.

7. Tiger cubs are born after 16 weeks or 112 days, while panthers are born after 90-105 days.

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  1. I think the author of this article doesn’t realize that a Tiger is a panther.

    Tigers, Lions, Jaguars, and Leopards are all panthers.

    He seems to also be confused about what a black panther is.

    Black Panther is used to describe a Leopard or Jaguar that has what appears to be a completely black coloration due to a recessive gene. This condition is called Melanism, and causes the leopard/jaguar fur to be a really dark brown wherever they usually have lighter colors. If you look closely in sunlight, you can actually see the spots on these cats.

    • Although cougars (mountain lions, pumas) are called panthers in Florida, they are not true panthers, and there is very little evidence for “black” cougars. Although tigers, lions, jaguars and leopards are all in the genus Panthera, usually only the black leopards or jaguars are called panthers. Since jaguars live in Mexico, and historically have been occasionally found in south Texas, it is more likely that any black panthers found in the USA would be jaguars. Historically there have also been true black tigers, but they are very rare. Most so called black tigers are striped tiger with larger black stripes than orange or white.

  2. The scientific name of the tiger is Panthera tigris (with underline or italicized). Notice that the second name, the species name, is never capitalized. Too bad most school are not teaching this any more.

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