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  1. Viviane
    March 28, 2013

    While pity involves the belief in the inferiority of the object, compassion assumes equality in common humanity. In pity we could offer substantial help, but perceive ourselves as not being primarily willing to do so. Pity is improper if we have power to alleviate suffering.

    Pity Is Not Love.

    Pity considers the other to be inferior, and is related to contempt.

    In compassion, caring is the basic attitude, a crucial part of love.

    Belief that a person is undeserving of substantial misfortune does not necessarily involve a moral positive evaluation of this person as a whole, or of his past activities.

    Spinoza, for example, argues that “Pity, in a man who lives according to the guidance of reason, is evil of itself, and useless”.

    The bad press received by pity concerns both what pity lacks, namely, actual assistance, and what it implies, wich means, a feeling of superiority and satisfaction with our own position.


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