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Difference Between .45 ACP and GAP Pistols

.45 ACP vs GAP Pistols

When talking about guns, bigger is usually more powerful but not necessarily better. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) pistol is a common weapon that has enjoyed wide acceptance and use. Despite that, there are still many who dream of .45 performance in a smaller form factor. This is the main idea behind the .45 GAP (Glock Automatic Pistol) pistol. The only discernable difference between the two is size as the .45 GAP pistol is much smaller than the .45 ACP. The .45 GAP is often compared to a 9mm pistol.

A smaller gun is very beneficial if you do not want to advertise that you are carrying a firearm. Good examples of this are undercover cops or Secret Service agents who need to still blend in while carrying a service firearm in case of trouble. In fact, the development of the .45GAP was spurred by the request of some government agencies for a more compact form.

The ammunition used in .45 GAP pistols is shorter than those in .45 ACP pistols while still retaining the same diameter and bullet weight. The shorter overall length makes it possible to have a smaller grip. Many are confused about the compatibility between these two types of ammunition since they are of the same caliber. It is worth noting that the two are not interchangeable. A .45 ACP round would not fit into a .45 GAP pistol, and forcibly inserting one and firing can cause damage to the gun. Although a .45 GAP round may fit into a .45 ACP pistol, it is fairly dangerous to do so as the bullet was not designed for it, and the shorter case length creates a bigger gap to the rifling barrel.

In order to achieve the same velocity and stopping power of the .45 ACP, .45 GAP rounds operate at a much higher pressure similar to .45 ACP +P (overpressure ammunition). The increased pressure inside the barrel provides greater acceleration and more energy to the bullet. The downside of this is cost as .45 GAP rounds are more expensive than .45 ACP rounds.


1.ACP pistols are bigger than GAP pistols.
2.GAP pistols are preferred by some government agencies.
3.GAP pistols have smaller ammunition than ACP pistols.
4.GAP pistols operate at a higher pressure than ACP pistols.
5.GAP rounds cost more than ACP rounds.

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  1. I’ve read a few of your firearm related articles now, and all of them share the same common theme. You don’t seem to have a clue what you are talking about. In reference to this particular article, .45 ACP / GAP are caliber and ammunition. There is no such thing as a .45 ACP pistol, it is a Glock or Walther or Kimber pistol, and it is chambered in .45 ACP / GAP caliber.

    The few articles I’ve read have been of varying levels of useful information, like the Walther PPK vs. PPK/S article was relatively informative (despite a few hilarious generalizations), while this one is completely useless to basically anyone. If anything, this will confuse people more and they will be going into their local gun stores asking for a .45 ACP pistol and look like some complete idiots, especially when they say “O well that’s what I read on the interwebs!?!?”.

    Technology seems to be more of your wheelhouse, although you won’t be getting any job offers from the GeekSquad anytime soon, but if you’re going to continue to post these firearm comparisons, please hire or at least consult someone that knows a safety from a de-cock lever, before you get somebody killed with simple misinformation.

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