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Difference Between XD and XDM Polymer Pistols

XD vs XDM Polymer Pistols

The XD and XDM are polymer framed semi-automatic pistols being sold by Springfield Armory but are manufactured in Croatia. The “XD” stands for “extreme duty,” and many gun users can attest to its ruggedness. The XDM is basically a branch of the XD line that presents quite a handful of improvements. The XD and XDM have their own variants with different types of ammunition.

One key improvement in the XDM model is the use of a longer match grade barrel. While the XDs have 3 or 4-inch barrels, the XDMs have 3.8 and 4.5-inch barrels. An exception to this is the XD Tactical which has a 5-inch barrel. The longer the barrel, the more accurate the pistol should be as it gives the bullet more rifling time and a truer trajectory.

Another major difference between the XD and XDM pistols is the number of rounds that can be contained in a magazine. In this regard, XDM pistols win over the XD since it can have more rounds per magazine. The actual difference varies between pistol variants but can range anywhere from two to four bullets more. It is worth noting, though, that selling the XDM is illegal in California. The main reason behind this is not the weapon but a California law that prohibits pistols from having more than ten rounds per magazine. Because certain XD pistols have available magazines with a capacity of ten bullets, they are, therefore, legal to sell in California. It’s just a matter of time, though, before Springfield releases magazines that comply with the ten-round rule.

A nice touch to the XDM line is the addition of changeable back straps with a couple already included. Back straps aren’t really essential or even needed for the pistol to work; it just adds some comfort when held in the hand. The changeable back straps give the user some choices and the ability to replace it when it has worn out.

The last difference between XD and XDM pistols is the price as the XDM is pricier compared to the XD. However, many people have said that the XDM is worth it as the improvements and additional items (i.e. speed loader and many more) more than makes up for the price.


1.The XDM is a branch of the XD polymer pistols.
2.The XDM has a longer and better barrel than the XD.
3.The XDM typically holds more rounds than the XD.
4.The XDM is currently illegal in California while the XD isn’t.
5.The XDM has changeable back straps while the XD doesn’t.
6.The XDM costs more than the XD.

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