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Difference Between Apache and Tomcat


The most prevalent use of the internet today is browsing. People all around the world find information by accessing data from other computers through their browser; but beyond that, people know very little. In order to communicate with the host computer, the browser would need to request pages from a http server that is run on the host computer. It would then be responsible for finding and providing you with the right pages.

An excellent and very popular web server around today is the Apache web server. It allows people who want to set-up their own web server to do so with very little trouble. Installing the Apache web server is the most basic thing you can do to support html and other related software.
The next step is to install more software that complements the web server like PHP or Tomcat.

Tomcat is another piece of software that is meant to enhance the usability and interactive experience that users experience with your website. Because Tomcat is also a server and it is also made by Apache, it is usually confused with the web server made by Apache. Just keep in mind that although they are both servers that are meant for use in the Internet, they also have separate and distinct roles to play.

Tomcat is a server that is meant to run applications that were written in Java and JSP (Java Server Pages). Java and JSP applications are type of scripts that can create dynamic tom-cat-serverpages much like PHP can. These scripts are then run on a Tomcat server where it can be accessed. It is open source software just like all the software created by Apache, and since it is open source it is also free. Tomcat offers a lot of advantages over its main competitor JRun one of which is hassle free installation; a lot of complaints have surfaced involving JRun installation.

If you are putting up a web server and you intend to have Java or JSP support on it, you might want to look at the offering that Apache has. The fact that they are made by the same group of people reduces the chances of encountering problem while operating scripts. Tomcat is currently the best at what it does and the Apache web server has also been recognized as a very competent and stable server to run. The features and stability alone are enough to sway anyone who wants to start their own servers, but the fact that both are free makes the offer irresistible.

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