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It is hard to imagine a world without computers. From the time they were first introduced, they have greatly influenced people’s lives like no other electronic gadget has. Today, even little kids can operate computers and know how to use the different software available.

This is due to the fast development of computers. While, before there were only giant computers, today there are personal computers in the form of desktops and laptops. Some handheld computers are also available for consumers.

Two of the biggest computer hardware and software producers are Apple and IBM. Their rivalry has led to the wide availability of computers today. They feature different operating systems in their computers with the intention of making computer use easier for consumers.


Apple is an American corporation that produces electronics, computer software, and personal computers. It was established on April 1, 1976 and has been called the most admired company in the United States and the world.

Its Macintosh or Mac line of computers has produced some of the most popular hardware products in the computer industry, including the iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Its software products are also well known like the OS X operating system, iTunes media browser, iLife suite, iWork suite, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, Logic studio, and the mobile operating system, iOS.

The Mac computers were the first users of GUI, consumer-level graphics that makes them user friendly. Users didn’t have to know computer language in order to use Mac computers. Users have the ability to drag files to and from folders placed on the desktop. Mac computers also come in more elegant designs.


A PC is generally a computer that can be operated directly by an individual. It can be a desktop, laptop, or a palmtop computer. IBM is one of the leading personal computer producers in the world.

The disk operating system of IBM computers is supplied by Microsoft Corporation which introduced the Windows operating system. Although it was not a true operating system but was an add-on for DOS, it paved the way for the PC’s entry into the world of graphical user interface (GUI).

PC’s are less expensive compared to Macs, which is why they are more widely used by consumers today. Another reason is because most software available today works on the PC.


1. PC’s are more affordable than Macs.
2. Most software available in the market today work on the PC, while they don’t on the Mac.
3. Macs were the first to use graphical user interface (GUI), which makes personal computers easier to use by the users, while PC’s came in second and copied the Mac.
4. Macs are geared towards more elegant designs, while PC’s are geared towards producing more affordable computers for users.
5. Although they basically operate the same, the main difference is in the quality of their products. Macs are definitely more elegant and durable, while PC’s produce computers that are not as durable as the Macs.

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  1. This is quite a biased article. I’m a true user of both, and I think both have their strengths and weaknesses, but this article does not present any true, objective differences, such as the language of the operating systems, etc…

  2. Wawo it was awesome and was really interesting information thank you very much being a CIVIL Engg student i likes it.

  3. Good article.

    Mention of “IBM” is surprising– IBM is not synonymous with PC anymore. Historically, yes.

    Also, durability is not the essential differentiator between a Mac and a PC, IMHO.

    May want to add that a Mac is also a “PC”, just with its own OS and S/W.

    May want to add to above that in early years people werre buying a standard, which lead to the success of PC’s. Today, folks are buying consumer-electronic devices when they buy a computer, whence the success of different form factors, OS’s, and software (Tablets, Smartphones, e-Readers, Laptops, Netbooks, Desktops, etc. For Os’s; iOs, OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, etc. For Software, MS Office, Google Docs, Apple iWork, iLife, Aperture, etc.).

    The reason why people used more PC’s in the early years of dissemination of personal-computing were productivity related, where (corporate) networks dictated platform choice. People were not buying a Dell or Gateway so much, as they were paying for the ability to create and consume information on mandated platforms (Windows, MS Office, SAP, Lotus, and other proprietary software). In the 90’s a computer was little use if you couldn’t plug in a floppy from a colleague and share work.

    Then media, entertainment, and the net became more important. The reason why volume growth and profitibility is almost all in new platfrms (apple) devices (tablets) and software (Android) is because networks have become weaker, personal choice more influential in device buys.

    Through early 2000’s, people found the network effects that enforced computer choice weaken, one because people were doing more and more non-work related things on a computer. Second, because a computer moved from being a work-appliance (like a fax machine) to a consumer-electronics device (like a walkman). User friendly (eye candy?) design became more important than the opinion of the IT administrator.

  4. Your #2 summary point has been rendered relatively invalid for quite a long time now..

    Almost all windows programs’ output files (MP3, Mp4, PDF, XLS, DOC, etc. even FLV-flash) can ALL be manipulated on Macs natively these days, so there is really no need to run a Windows program on a Mac (or run Mac Programs on your PC).

    However, that being said, with the advent of Virtual Machines, you can choose to RUN windows OS’ on your mac (VMWare Fusion, Virtual Box, etc.), especially since most Mac’s currently have the Intel chipsets.

    So again, that statement has been rendered invalid.
    You CAN run windows programs on your mac.

    Currently though the reverse is not completely true, yet, as you cannot run Mac programs on your PC because Apple has not yet licensed it’s OS to the VM software companies (though there are some hacks available what will allow virtualization of your Mac OS)..

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