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dvi-adapterDVI vs AGP

AGP is a shortened term of Accelerated Graphics Port. It is a popular interface specification as developed by Intel. AGP is designed to enable your computer to communicate with the graphics card in very dedicated way. The graphics card is a hardware that supports all the graphics that are involved in your computing experience. The AGP is simply an interface to enhance both the look and speed of your computer.

AGP accelerates the processing of 3D computer graphics. To lessen confusion, the AGP is simply a slot on a main board where an AGP graphics card is compatible to. Additionally, AGP can be integrated in main boards. In that case, a separate graphics card is no longer needed.

DVI, as in Digital Visual Interface, is a relatively new video interface standard. This type of interface provides an enhanced visual quality particularly on digital displays such as flat panel LCDs and digital projectors. The standard is designed for transmitting uncompressed digital video data to a digitally ready display. When it comes to compatibility, it works well with HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and in analog mode VGA (Video Graphics Array).

DVI has an ability to convert analog signals into digital signals; therefore, both new and old types of displays are compatible.

Nevertheless, DVI is developed to maximize the video quality of LCDs and some modern video graphics card. Ultimately, it will replace the old VGA method where conversion of signals takes place, sacrificing speed and clarity of the resulting display in monitors. Graphic cards recognizes the reliability and popularity of this new interface that they are now including both VGA and DVI output port to their products. We are somehow in a transition period and in an ideal world, VGA will be completely phased out and obsolete.

Basically, DVI is more on the standard of a cable and its ends called plugs. Other hardware may just support it or not by either having a ready output port or otherwise. Whether AGP or PCIe, graphic cards nowadays, are often in support of this interface.


1. DVI is a type of connection between video cards and displays, like LCD monitors and CRTs, while AGP is a type of connection or bus slot used between main boards and video cards.

2. DVI is more on cable and plug specifications while AGP is an interface specification on main boards and a graphics cards.

3. DVI standards take care of the display output in terms of signals (digital and analog) while AGP takes care about the communication between the computer and the graphics card by making it dedicated.

4. DVI will make digital displays work optimally while AGP is designed to help the computers performance.

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