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As eBooks started to gain mainstream acceptance, many companies started to manufacture and market their own eBook readers. The problem with this is that the lack of a unified standard means that many of them created their own. The advent of ePub aims to create a unified standard for eBooks. As ePub is a format for eBooks, an ePub file is also an eBook.

The main thing that differentiates ePub from many of the other eBook format is that it is an open standard. It is not proprietary in nature and just about anyone can use it without having to pay fees or fear getting sued. Although there some eBook formats that are also open, many are not.

One of the biggest draws that ePub has over other eBook formats is that it is governed by an independent body and not by a company that may have a vested interest. It is not locked tied to products within the same company; thus the same file can be used on a multitude of devices. This is very convenient for publishers as using vendor specific formats would mean that the same eBook needs to be converted to multiple formats in order to make it available for everyone.

One eBook format that shares the non-vendor specific trait of ePub is PDF. What PDF lacks that ePub has is the ability to reflow text in order to fit the size of the screen where it is being viewed. So it doesn’t matter whether you are on the 3.5 inch iPhone or on the 10.1 inch iPad, the ePub would take advantage of the size of the screen. Small screen users benefit from not having to keep zooming in and out and scrolling around while large screen users have the benefit of having more words on-screen at the same time.

Since ePub is much newer than many of the other eBook formats it should take some time before companies start using it as their default format. What ePub has is momentum as many, especially publishers, see the advantage of using ePub over other formats.


1.ePub is a standard used for eBooks
2.ePub is an open standard while other eBooks are not
3.ePub is vendor independent while other eBook formats are not
4.ePub is the same regardless of the platform

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