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Difference Between HomePod and Alexa

The HomePod is essentially Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo and Alexa, but uses the Siri personal assistant to listen to and follow your voice commands. HomePod is a smart Bluetooth speaker system whereas Alexa is more like Siri but for smart devices other than the Apple’s ecosystem. However, Apple stopped selling the HomePod in its retail stores starting early June 2021. Apple now sells the HomePod Mini to compete with other popular smart speakers and of course, the Siri. It’s a tough competition between Siri and Alexa. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

What is a HomePod?

The HomePod is the original smart speaker system from the house of American technology giant Apple, which was a late arrival to the smart speaker market. Apple first announced its first smart speaker at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in June 2017. It was the first in the Apple’s smart speaker lineup. The HomePod is basically the Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo and Alexa, Amazon’s own virtual assistant. The HomePod uses Siri to do a lot of things such as play music, set alarms and reminders, search for information on the web, read your text messages, set calendar appointments, and much more. After four long years, Apple discontinued the HomePod in 2021 in order to focus its efforts on the new HomePod Mini.

What Is Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and virtual assistant available on more than 100 million devices from Amazon and over 85,000 smart devices including smart lights, smart switches, thermostats, and more. It was initially used in the Amazon’s smart speaker line, particularly the Amazon Echo. Alexa simply listens to your voice commands to play music, deliver news and sports scores, scour the web for information, set alarms and reminders, order a pizza, control your smart devices, and so much more. Alexa is basically an artificial intelligence program designed to mimic human though process and actions. It can be used on Amazon Echo devices and smartphones, and it can power an entire smart device ecosystem.

Difference between HomePod and Alexa


– In terms of hardware, HomePod is Apple’s original smart speaker integrated with Apple Music, Apple’s streaming music service. Apple announced the HomePod in 2017 and after four years of successful run, discontinued it in 2021, focusing its efforts on the new, smaller and cheaper HomePod Mini. Siri controls the HomePod similar to how Alexa controls Amazon Echo and other smart home devices.


– The HomePod was designed to revolutionize music listening experience and it managed to do so by combining a smart speaker system with incredible sound. It banks heavily on sound quality, thanks to its own driver and the smart 7 tweeter array, and of course, the upward facing woofer that just blows you away. Amazon, with the Echo speaker uses Alexa to play music and control a range of smart home devices. Features and functionalities of both Siri and Alexa are on par. But when it comes to the ability to connect seamlessly with multiple devices, Alexa certainly wins over Siri.


 – Alexa is definitely one of the leading digital voice assistants which can react to different voices and all the services and information delivered by Alexa are cloud-based, similar to Siri. Amazon has a range of smart speakers, so many that it can be hard to keep up which one is which. Like Alexa, the HomePod uses Siri to do a lot of things such as play music, set alarms and reminders, search for information on the web, and more.


 – Both Alexa and Siri are superb AI powered voice assistants. Siri responds to your voice commands and queries more naturally, better than any other voice assistant out there. However, Siri is tied to the Apple’s ecosystem meaning it only works on Apple devices. Alexa, on the other hand, supports a range of devices and many music streaming services including Amazon Music and Spotify, more than Siri.

HomePod vs. Alexa: Comparison Chart


In a nutshell, comparing HomePod with Alexa is like comparing Apple with oranges. HomePod is Apple’s original Siri-powered smart speaker system that was designed to reinvent the way we listen to music. The HomePod is essentially Apple’s answer to Amazon Echo and Alexa. But, Apple discontinued the HomePod in 2021 in order to focus its efforts on the new HomePod Mini. Alexa, on the other hand, is a cloud-based AI-powered voice assistant that controls the Amazon Echo line of speakers and tons of other smart home devices. Alexa is like Siri, but is not restricted within the Apple ecosystem.

Is HomePod better than Alexa?

HomePod is not available anymore because Apple stopped the production of its original HomePod starting 2021.

Is HomePod compatible with Alexa?

HomePod doesn’t give you that functionality to add the smarts of Alexa to your smart speaker system. So, it’s a hard NO!

Is HomePod louder than Alexa?

The HomePod delivers superior audio quality and even at higher volumes, it doesn’t sound distorted like the Echo speakers do. Louder or not, but the HomePod sounds better.

Why is HomePod discontinued?

Apple stopped selling the HomePod to focus their attention and efforts on the smaller and cheaper HomePod Mini, the latest in the HomePod lineup.

Is Apple HomePod worth buying?

Apple discontinued the original HomePod in 2021, so you cannot get your hands on one in 2022. If you love all things Apple, then HomePod Mini is your best bet in 2022.

Who is better Siri or Alexa?

Siri responds to your voice commands and queries more naturally. According to multiple sources, Siri performs really well in delivering accurate results. However, Siri is tied to the Apple ecosystem. Alexa supports a multitude of devices, thousands of them, probably more.

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