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Difference Between HomePod Mini and Echo Dot

It’s true! We live in an era of “Smart” things and the Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting people with smart devices, fundamentally changing the way we live. Thermostats, smart cameras, coffee makers, robot vacuums, smart speakers – you name it. Today, smart homes are incomplete without smart home devices, particularly smart speakers. And when it comes to smart speakers, big names like Amazon and Apple lead the race with their signature offerings – the Amazon Echo Dot and the HomePod Mini. But which one would you prefer?

HomePod Mini

The HomePod Mini is the Apple’s answer to Amazon’s Echo devices, including the Echo Dot. The HomePod Mini is the smaller version of the original full-sized HomePod, which Apple discontinued in 2021 in order to focus their efforts on the new HomePod Mini. It delivers superior sound quality in a smaller package. You get Siri and seamless integration with all your Apple devices. The HomePod Mini comes integrated with Siri, Apple’s own virtual assistant.

Echo Dot

The Echo Dot is Amazon’s latest addition to the Echo family of smart speakers voice-controlled by Alexa. Like the original Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot is a smart speaker with integrated Alexa support and great music features. It can control smart home devices like thermostats, smart lights, smart security cameras, smart plugs, and more. It can play music from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and a dozen of other music streaming services.

Difference between HomePod Mini and Echo Dot


– Let’s start with the basics first – the visual aesthetics. Both the smart speakers look fairly similar with the same spherical form factor. The HomePod Mini, however, is 0.2 inches smaller than the Echo Dot, but both have the same 3.9-inch width. The Echo Dot has four physical buttons at the top, all of which are a different shape. Apple has gone with the touch display with its HomePod Mini for basic functions like volume up and down, play and pause. The Echo Dot has one auxiliary port on the back, something which the HomePod Mini lacks.


 – Both the devices have their own set of pros and cons when it comes to music features. Apple edged out Amazon in terms of music quality; it certainly packs a great sound in a relatively small body. The HomePod Mini has Apple Music where the Echo Dot has Amazon Music among other music streaming services. But you have to have an Apple device like an iPhone or an iPad to control the HomePod Mini. The Echo Dot supports multiple devices. But multiple devices doesn’t really mean it’s better.


– Price is one of the major deciding factors when it comes to anything, let alone a smart speaker. That being said, the HomePod Mini costs nearly $100 whereas the Echo Dot is just $50, which is half of the HomePod Mini’s. So, practically you can buy two Echo Dots for the price of the HomePod Mini. So, Echo Dot is clearly the winner in the pricing category.

Smart Features 

Talking about connectivity, Amazon is compatible with over 85,000 devices which is way over Apple, which on the other hand, supports around 500 HomeKit devices. But when it comes to privacy, nobody beats Apple. Apple has strong policies regarding privacy, which is the reason why there is only limited number of devices in the Apple HomeKit ecosystem. Amazon Echo has tons of video doorbell options, most of which work with Alexa. However, there are not a lot of options with the Apple HomeKit.

HomePod Mini vs. Echo Dot: Comparison Chart

HomePod MiniEcho Dot
The HomePod Mini has superior sound quality.Echo Dot is not as good as the HomePod Mini in terms of sound quality.
HomePod Mini features a touch display.Echo Dot has four physical buttons at the top.
Apple supports around 500 HomeKit devices.Amazon is compatible with over 85,000 devices.
The HomePod Mini costs nearly $100.The Echo Dot is $50, half the price of HomePod Mini’s.
The HomePod Mini supports Apple’s Siri.The Echo Dot has Amazon’s Alexa.


If sound quality is a major selling point for you, then you should definitely go for the HomePod Mini because it is high quality music packed in a smaller package. However, both the devices are fairly good and can fill a room nicely with good music. However, with the Echo Dot, you can tweak the EQ settings to your liking or preferences. At higher volumes, the Echo Dot sounds a bit distorted, more than the HomePod Mini. Price is the factor where the Echo Dot clearly shines because you can actually buy two Echo Dots for the price of a HomePod Mini. So, if you’re happy with the Apple’s ecosystem, you’re going to love the HomePod Mini.


Is Amazon Echo better than HomePod?

Both the devices are fairly good and can fill a room nicely with good music. At higher volumes, the Echo Dot sounds a bit distorted, more than the HomePod Mini. The HomePod Mini is the best option, if you’re happy with the Apple ecosystem.

Is HomePod mini worth it?

The HomePod Mini has better music, better privacy policies, and better design. However, it supports a limited number of devices. Whether HomePod Mini is worth it or not is purely subjective. If you love the Apple ecosystem, the HomePod Mini is your best bet.

Can I use Alexa on HomePod mini?

The HomePod Mini is only compatible with iOS devices such as an iPhone or an iPad. The Mini is tied to the Apple ecosystem. So, it doesn’t support Alexa for obvious reasons.

Is Apple discontinuing the HomePod mini?

Well, not anytime soon. In 2021, Apple discontinued the original HomePod in order to shift their focus on the smaller HomePod Mini.

Can you play Spotify on HomePod mini?

Unfortunately, HomePod Mini does not fully support Spotify as of now.

What is Apple’s equivalent to Amazon Echo?

The HomePod Mini is the Apple’s equivalent to Amazon Echo.

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