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IT and ICT must not be confused with each other because they are two different fields. The industry of Information Technology (IT) which involves computers, software, networking and other IT infrastructures to help relay or manage information is very important in modern-day living as seen primarily in big companies or corporations that run multi-billion-dollar ventures. So IT helps strengthen companies with the existence of a set of IT personnel that are equipped with servers, database management systems, and security measures for protecting confidential information about the company. Without IT, all of the company’s important data can easily be compromised by many outside attackers and hackers alike.

In an IT department, there are several specialists like a system administrator, IT manager, network engineer, computer programmer, and other IT experts that are all tasked with different specific roles. The core services of IT are summarized as giving tools that hasten company productivity, automates business processing, establishes a way to connect effectively with valuable customers or clients, and also the basic core service of supplying information. The more specific sub-tasks included in these core services are installing programs or computer software, building computer networks, designing an effective electronic system, and also managing an entire bulk of information in the form of databases.

“ICT,” completely known as “Information Communications Technology,” is more inclined to the education setting. In the more general sense, ICT is described as using computers and other digital technologies to aid individuals or institutions in handling or using information.

ICT is used in the academe for the benefit of the individual or the institution which is smaller in size than the ones handled by IT professionals in bigger industries. ICT can be as simple as utilizing audiovisual equipment for learning at school, the use of electronic telephony and other devices that help transmit information across the campus. Since 1997, ICT has also been recognized as the incorporation of telephony and audiovisual devices in computers. This direction helped academic institutions cut down the cost of operations, most especially in the removal of traditional telephone networks.


1.“IT” is “Information Technology” whereas “ICT” is “Information Communications Technology.”
2.IT is an industry in itself which employs the use of computers, elaborate networks, computer software, and other digital or electronic devices for managing and communicating information.
3.ICT is mainly used in the academic setup while IT is used in more complex and bigger organizations such as companies and large corporations.

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  32. This is not correct. ICT stands for Information and Communications Technology. It was first coined when communications technologies, like telephones, radio, etc., became digital and merged into the IT departments in organisations. Therefore, the IT departments were no longer managing only information technologies but communication technologies as well.

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