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Difference Between Microsoft Visio 2007 Standard and Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional

Microsoft Visio 2007 Standard vs Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional

Microsoft Visio is a diagramming application developed for Microsoft’s own Windows platform. It allows the creation of diagrams, flowcharts, and general visualization of any work process. The 2007 version of Microsoft Visio is available in two packages; the standard and professional versions. The biggest difference between the two versions is the presence of the Data Link, Data Graphics, and Data Refresh features in the professional version but not in the standard.

The three features stated above provide the user with an automated way of linking your data to your diagrams. The data can also be associated to certain shapes and symbols and located for the appropriate entry for easier recognition. The data can also be refreshed automatically and the applicable formatting applied without needing to manually do so in the diagrams. Automatic formatting typically occurs in colors and other visual cues.

Different features for the professional and standard versions only started with Microsoft Visio 2007. Older versions had the same exact graphics engine, and the only discriminating factor is the amount of content that you get in either version. The difference in content continues with Microsoft Visio 2007.

The first content that comes preloaded in Microsoft Visio 2007 Professional is the PivotDiagram template. It works with the new feature of Visio 2007 Professional to make the data integration even easier.

Other content includes:

Value Stream Map Template
Information Technology Infrastructure Library Template
Network Diagram Templates
Web Development Templates
Software Development Templates
Architectural plans, engineering schematics, facilities management, and database modeling

As you can clearly see, the content is aimed at certain tasks that are very different from each other. If your work deals with any of the content specified above, it would be very advantageous to get the Professional version of Microsoft Visio 2007. It can greatly simplify the task and speed up the process of planning and preparation of what you intend to do.


1.The professional version has the Data Link, Data Graphics, and Data Refresh features while the standard version doesn’t.
2.The professional version has more content than the standard version.

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