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mp3-mp4Mp3(mpeg layer-3 ) and Mp4( mpeg layer-4 ) are both audio compression formats. These two format of audio compression are based on psycho acoustic compression techniques. While they are similar in the history they share, MP4 has done much to progress beyond the common ground that led up to MP3.

Mp3 has gained popularity because of their revolutionary compression capacity. Users were able to compress audio to sizes that were manageable for internet transfer. There are some limitations to MP3 that are insurmountable some have been addressed in later compression formats. These include occurrences particular to echoes and other instances that involve irregular audio. This is a result of the algorithms that are used in the compression technique. Mp3 is based on a compression technique that removes audio data of sound that is not commonly audible to the human ear. The result is a small file size and audio that seems equal in quality to many.

Mp4 was originally targeted at low-speed internet media. It seems well-suited based on its capacity for quality media in rather small files. Despite its humble initial goal mpeg-4 format has proceeded and continues to match some of the more distinct brands of media codecs in the market. Mp4 offers compression for multiple medias including audio, video and new support for mixed medias. It has achieved improved efficiency and efficacy in its compression. Mpeg-4 compression has lent itself to multiple file extensions which has been presented as one explanation of why it hasn’t achieved the notoriety of MP3.

When dealing with psychoacoustic compression you immediately have to consider the fact that audio data is being removed. For many though mp3 and mp4 compression have supplied a quality that is appreciable with a size that makes for convenience. For the future media looks more ubiquitous than ever and mp4 has applied its history of knowledge and experience to providing more audio, video and mixed media than mpeg ever has before at a better quality and in smaller sizes.

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  1. > and Mp4( mpeg layer-4 )

    Wrong. It’s mpeg4 not Layer 4.


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